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How To Calculate Your Ideal Body Ratio?

How To Calculate Your Ideal Body Ratio?

Right now, I bet you can name three mainstream diet plans that promise weight loss fast and easy, right? The world is obsessed with that sort of fast-result body image changer. This article discusses how to really find your ideal bodyweight, and not rely on some Hollywood diet secrets.

The human body is amazing, head to toe. Nothing about your body is mundane – every little bit of it does something, and when your body’s parts all act well together, you are healthy and happy. The rampant problem of obesity, however, is a constant threat, because being unhealthy causes energy blockages and inhibits psychic and magical works from being as powerful as they could be. How, then, can you find the ideal body weight at which your energy flows the singular best?

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Start with numerology, but a slightly more practical version. Your body’s ratios are very important! If your ratios in your body are off, then the chances that your meridians are blocked or kinked or twisted is extremely high. Here’s how to find your current ratios, and see if they are in a proper range.

Start by measuring around your hips. That’s not the top of your pelvic bone, where you wear your jeans – your hips are down on the outside of your legs, at the widest point of your lower body. This generally will include your butt. That’s your hips-measurement. Next, do your waist – that’s almost always the horizontal line that circles your stomach area and crosses through your navel. It may be easier to have someone else take these measurements for you.

The waist-to-hip ratio is a measure of health in a human, and is a ratio, not a specific number. For men, a ratio of .85 to 1 is considered healthy, and for women, .72 to .89 is a target number. For example, here are a few ratios and their health values.

Male – Hips 36 Waist 30 = .833 ratio. This person is perhaps sightly underweight.
Female – Hips 40 Waist 36 = .9 ratio. This is just barely outside the target number, and is considered healthy.
Female – Hips 34 Waist 24 = .705 ratio. This person is definitively underweight.
Male – Hips 40 Waist 44 = 1.1 ratio. This person is overweight and could stand to adjust his ratio.

It is massively important to recognize that every person’s body is different, but that as a rule, most people follow the same ratios. The media today very clearly states that you must be skinny to be pretty, and there are activist groups that encourage being overweight.

The truth is that neither of these groups are healthy, and both of them are wrong. The most healthy human is one in the middle path, who is neither under nor overweight, and who eats properly and exercises both their body and their mind.

Of course, there are many more factors that make a person healthy, many more calculations that could be done, but the most basic ratio for beginning to be as healthy as you can get is to observe and begin to work toward obtaining a ratio that is within a healthy range.

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