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Why He Chose Her Over You: Top 6 Reasons

What happens When He Chooses Her Over You?

“I am over you” is a hurtful phrase that a beautiful damsel tries to avoid like the plague. However, it’s better to let bygones be earlier than waiting for an engagement ring forever. Curiosity killed the cat, so don’t try to meddle with his life if he chooses her over you. So, to fill up the puzzle of why he left you might be a daunting task. I know opposites attract, but relationship rules sometimes are meant to be broken. Something is amiss if you still love him and he doesn’t reciprocate. Let’s see why he chose her over you.


I am not writing this article to express how you feel but to explain why he left in the first place. As you scroll further, you’ll find an inner strength that will allow you to let go of the past heartaches. If you are in this state, read on.

Before you meet with him, note that you had an independent life. Nevertheless, you were untouchable and unaffected by anything. So, a relationship shouldn’t be a matter of knuckling your nerves.*


Did He Choose Her Over You? What Are You Missing?

1. She’s More Confident

In pursuit of looking for “the one and only,” men love girls or women who ooze with confidence. It could be that you constantly complained about cutting your long hair or losing a few bounds. You might be busy discussing your thoughts with him, not knowing he likes a content partner. Probably his new catch accepts her flaws. Her credibility and poise weakened his macho, where he preferred to spend more time with her than with you.


In other words, guys treasure a more positive-minded partner than someone who brings in negative thoughts 24/7. With this high tech, keep it low and don’t bother him with something that doesn’t seem to have an end.

2. He Chose Her Over You: She’s composed

As regards the dating world, men fall in love more with a browbeat partner. I am not implying that you should pressure him to the brim. Don’t get me wrong. While on a first date, try to compose yourself and tickle him with loads of questions. Note that you don’t know his next intention.


I know you want him to show you the right path in your relationship but not too soon. If you do this, he will choose HER from you repeatedly.

Another thing, if you are a nagging type, stop. Men hate nagging damsels to the brim. If it’s speaking your mind, so be it but don’t nag. You probably hate to sink your teeth when he chooses her over you.

3. Social Style Is Something Else

When it comes to love, men fall in love more with a social damsel. Don’t expect to complement if he’s an indoor person and you are a party and hype type. Instead, he would look for someone who rejuvenates his boredom rather than being with a party freak. If you love him, it won’t hurt a dime to let go of some of your favorite things and hobbies. Either way, don’t try to change your real trait because boredom will overrule you.

4. She’s a Relationship Material

At first, you thought that you had already melted his heart, and to your surprise, you didn’t score half of your mark. It could be that you gave him some of your vibes, like the plague, that he still wants to avoid. The outcome made him believe that he’s not that into you. Perhaps you are a moody type; he always thirsts for a more composed and subtle girl.

It doesn’t matter; the point of the issue is that he missed something while you were still dating. Sorry, but it’s too late to change his mind right now. He has already decided that you aren’t relationship material.

5. He Chose Her Over You: Attractive inside and out

I am not saying that you aren’t. You could have the most curvaceous body that he likes. However, he wants a more attractive partner not only physically but inside. Even if his new catch seems to score seven out of ten beauties, you can’t weigh his other trait. It is more than just your looks. Keep that in mind.

6. She Gives Him Time

He might love you to the moon and back, but if you try to compete with him, he will get attracted to someone else. The terrifying thing that a man hates is losing his freedom. He will give you another turn if your actions don’t rhyme at a glance.

Another thing, if you are always on the nag about who’s the head of your relationship, it’s time to change before it’s too late. At times disputes may arise from one corner to the next but try to meet in the middle. Being aggressive won’t lead you to a win-to-win relationship.


Okay, he has left you with a broken heart, and you need to move on. To do this without regrets, follow the below steps:

Create a fun time by valuing your alone time more. Try to get over him by finding something interesting to do. Note that this isn’t the time to look for a new catch.

Don’t try to play second when he already chose another one as his first. Always be upfront with your choices.

Always believe that something good is coming in your way, probably a better, loving, caring, and understanding guy.

Don’t try to think that you’ll come to change his mind; once it’s done, it is done. It’s all but his choice, so don’t meddle with his affairs and life’s choices. Begging him will define you as a desperate kind of girl.

Above all, know that you are valuable. If he doesn’t see that in you, someone else will sooner or later.

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