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Gargoyle Dream Meaning

Seeing a Gargoyle in Your Dream – Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

What Does a Gargoyle in Your Dream Mean in Your Waking Hours?

A gargoyle is a representation of a demon placed on buildings and structures and pointed outwards to ward off evil. Gargoyles are guardians of protection. A gargoyle in your dream signifies fears in your waking life that hinder you from living your best life. It is high time you address them. Share your fears with the people around you, and they will help you to get over them.


Dreaming of gargoyles mean that you might face severe consequences and embarrassment from your own actions. Before doing anything, think about the same and take the necessary and right steps. Do not be impulsive in your decisions. Weigh the pros and cons before going ahead with anything.

The gargoyle dream symbol calls on you to protect your achievements and keep negative thoughts from your mind. Take the proper steps in life and do what is good for you. Allow people to help you and welcome divine guidance into your life. With the help of your guardian angels, your dreams will become a reality.

Dreaming of someone you know being a gargoyle means that you are being watched. Someone close to you is keeping track of what is happening in your life. Be careful and watch out for jealous people. Do not allow anyone to ruin your reputation because your success threatens them.


Did you dream of a gargoyle chasing you? Be aware of your enemies. They will not rest until they ruin your life. Do not give them the satisfaction of seeing you suffer. Show them that you know what they are up to and work hard to crash their plans of destroying you.

According to the gargoyle dream analysis, a gargoyle biting you in your dream signifies losing something important in your waking life.

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