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Dating A Hunter: 6 Things To Watch Out

6 Things To Watch Out For When Dating A Hunter

Dating a hunter comes with many benefits. Aside from enjoying fresh Meat, hunters are very caring and protective. No one can mess with you when you have a hunter as a partner. I believe you understand what I mean to say. So what does it take to date a hunter? If you are considering dating a hunter, here are some things to watch out for.


What It Means If You Are Dating A Hunter

1. They Have Two Favourite “Dates.”

Don’t get it twisted because I am not talking about the regular dates, you know. No, it is not about the regular dates at your favorite bar or restaurant. I am talking about the dates for lifting the ban on bows and guns. Hunters are always waiting for these two important dates to be able to start hunting. During these periods, don’t expect to see him home on weekends. He may be chasing a deer in the forest.


2. Less Attention and Loneliness During Hunting Seasons

Your all-caring Mr. Prince’s charming partner will suddenly change during hunting seasons. He will give you less attention and time because he will focus on hunting than you. This can hurt but be sure that things will normalize when the season ends. He will indeed be compensating you with a game.


3. He May Take You with Him if you are dating a hunter

Your partner would want you to join him on one of his hunting trips. He wouldn’t be doing this to impress you or show your talent, but for you to have an experience of what hunting entails. You will have the chance to appreciate his interest, and he will love that gesture. This can make you spend more time together as you enjoy nature at its best.


4. The Show of Devotion

Hunters are very devoted, and you will witness this when you date one. Aside from being devoted to hunting, he will be very loyal to you.

5. Getting Him a Gift can be Easy

Getting your partner a present during his birthday or Christmas can be easy. You already know his interest, so why don’t you get him something related to the interest.

You can buy him new hunting gear or even a gun. He will appreciate this more and will never forget you when using them for hunting.

6. You Wouldn’t Need to Buy Meat

You will have your favorite game packed in the freezer throughout the hunting season and even after it. So you wouldn’t have to spend on Meat for a long time if you are dating a hunter. You will have more to share with your friends.

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