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Animus Dream Meaning

Animus In Your Dream – Meaning, Interpretation And Symbolism

What Does Animus Dream Mean in Reality?

Animus means connecting to your masculine side as a woman. These masculine traits often manifest in dreams. Animus dream might have negative and positive connotations depending on how you view yourself and your duties in your waking life.


Dreaming of animus manifests in the different male persons you interact with, such as your uncles, friends, cousins, brothers, lovers, and male friends. These men are responsible for shaping the direction your life will take. Their influence in your life will manifest in your dreams, and you will find ways of leading your life in the right direction based on their guidance and advice. However, be careful not to take up negative energies from them.

Animus Dream Interpretations

According to the animus dream analysis, this dream means that you should adopt positive energies from the male figures in your life. This way, you will live your life making the right decisions. If you allow negative influence to take over, you will regret your decisions because they will keep dragging you back to a place you seem to be drowning all the time.


The animus dream symbol reveals that you will make wise decisions through rational thinking once the animus is activated in your life. Seeing an animus in your dream means doing things that are good for you and having a clear judgment. In all you do, focus on the positive things that will benefit your life. Do not be afraid of taking risks. Challenge yourself and lead your life towards an upward trajectory.

Dreaming of animus signifies that you should balance the feminine and masculine traits in your waking life. Do not let one dominate the other. However, you should not neglect the traits that make you better. Use your positive influence to build a life for yourself that you will be proud of.

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