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February 10 Famous Birthdays

February 10 Famous Birthdays

Do you share your birthday with famous people born on February 10? IF YOU ARE BORN ON FEBRUARY 10, then you have a thirst or a need to be successful. However, this Aquarius is not selfish. They tend to use their money for the betterment of others.

That makes those famous people born on 10 February one unique individual who is admired by many. Some of those admirers want to get close in more ways than one. But they have no chance.


It is suggested that famous people born on February 10 are a “commitaphobic”. Anyone couldn’t ask for a better friend than them or a lover as they tend to put a lot of energy into those that they love. Being married doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be tied down to a ball and chain. It could actually prove to be an asset to their world.


Being active if you share this famous birthday, you don’t have to worry about your looks or your weight. However, you should take the time to relax more. You have a tendency to stress over things you shouldn’t. Try meditation or yoga as a means of escape.

IF YOUR BIRTH DATE IS FEBRUARY 10th like some other famous people, your birthday astrology says that you are unique, loyal and sometimes unconventional. The hobbies of these February 10 famous people could create some valuable resources. Possibilities are endless, as a matter of fact. But they should lower some of their guards to receive their rewards.


February 10th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

10th February Good Traits:

  • Ambitious
  • Generous
  • Faithful
  • Leader
  • Radiant
  • Smart

10th February Bad Traits:

  • Quirky
  • Jealous
  • Impatient
  • Unyielding

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February 10th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Thomas, 1975, Screenwriter
Abdulaziz Bakr, 1994, YouTube Star
Abdullah Bakr, 1994, YouTube Star
Adam Armstrong, 1997, Soccer Player
Adrienne Adams, 1906, Illustrator
Alan Hale Sr., 1892, Movie Actor
Alan McInally, 1963, Soccer Player
Albert Merriman Smith, 1913, Journalist
Alex Gordon, 1984, Baseball Player
Alexander Herrmann, 1844, Magician
Alexander Payne, 1961, Director
Allie Reynolds, 1917, Baseball Player
Allie Sherman, 1923, Football Coach
Amanda Hendrick, 1990, Model
Amelia Tyler, 1981, TV Actress

Anastasia Ashley, 1987, Surfer
Anna de Souza, 1982, Journalist
Annie Wood, 1971, Game Show Host
Anthony Louis, 1995, Hockey Player
Arvi Parbo, 1926, Entrepreneur
Audra McLaughlin, 1992, Country Singer
Barrie Ingham, 1932, Stage Actor
Barry Sloane, 1981, TV Actor
Ben Hornby, 1980, Rugby Player
Ben Oglivie, 1949, Baseball Player
Bernard Scott, 1984, Football Player
Bert Kalmar, 1884, Songwriter
Bertolt Brecht, 1898, Playwright
Bikram Choudhury, 1946, Young Adult Author
Bill Tilden, 1893, Tennis Player
Blake Masters, 1970, Screenwriter
Blanca Reyes Callahan, 1986, Rock Singer
Bob Iger, 1951, Business Executive
february-10-famous-birthdaysBobby Czyz, 1962, Boxer
Bobby Portis, 1995, Basketball Player
Boris Pasternak, 1890, Novelist
Bradley Colburn, 1987, YouTube Star
Brent Everett, 1984,
Brian Lawler, 1972, Wrestler
Bryan Dobson, 1960, TV Show Host
CalebCity, 1996, Vine Star
Carlos Jimenez, 1976, Basketball Player
Carson Boatman, 1994, Movie Actor
Cervena Fox, 1991, Model
Cesare Siepi, 1923, Opera Singer
Charles Henri Ford, 1913, Poet
Charles Lamb, 1775, Children’s Author
Charles Sawyer, 1887, Politician
Charlotte Tilbury, 1973, Makeup Artist
Charlotte Vega, 1994, TV Actress
Chick Webb, 1905, Drummer

Chloe Grace Moretz, 1997, Movie Actress
Choi Sooyoung, 1990, Pop Singer
Chris Ethridge, 1947, Bassist
Christina Parie, 1996, Pop Singer
CJ Anderson, 1991, Football Player
Claire Goose, 1975, TV Actress
Cliff Burton, 1962, Bassist
Clive Wilmer, 1945, Poet
Cody Stoerck, 1994, YouTube Star
Connor Beales, 1997, Family Member
Craig Campbell, 1979, Country Singer
Curley Boo Johnson, 1965, Basketball Player
Daniel Antunez, 1986, Soccer Player
Daniele Pantano, 1976, Poet
Danny Blanchflower, 1926, Soccer Player

Darren McMullen, 1982, TV Show Host
Daryl Johnston, 1966, Football Player
Daryl Palumbo, 1979, Metal Singer
Dave Pietro, 1964, Saxophonist
David Aldridge, 1965, Sportscaster
David E. Talbert, 1966, Playwright
Devon Alexander, 1987, Boxer
Diamond Stone, 1997, Basketball Player
Don Omar, 1978, Rapper
Donald Burton, 1934, Stage Actor
Doris Deakin, 2014, Family Member
Dr. Alex Comfort, 1920, Doctor
Ed Dudley, 1901, Golfer
Edward Kwon, 1971, Chef
EL Konigsburg, 1930, Children’s Author
Elfego Baca, 1865, Law Enforcement Officer
Elizabeth Banks, 1974, Movie Actress
Elliot Paul, 1891, Screenwriter
Emily Morris, 1982, Movie Actress
Emma Roberts, 1991, TV Actress
Eric Dill, 1981, Pop Singer
Erika Vianey, 1998, YouTube Star
Ernest Deakin, 2014, Family Member
FaZe Kay, 1996, YouTube Star
Fleur Adcock, 1934, Poet
Francesca Neri, 1964, Movie Actress
Frank Moore Colby, 1865, Essayist
Garrett Reisman, 1968, Astronaut
George Stephanopoulos, 1961, TV Show Host
Giuseppe Ungaretti, 1888, Poet
Glenn Beck, 1964, TV Show Host
Greg Norman, 1955, Golfer
Ha Seok-jin, 1982, TV Actor
Harold Hughes, 1922, Politician
Harold Macmillan, 1894, World Leader
Harris B. McDowell Jr., 1906, Politician
Harry Beaumont, 1888, Director
Helen Willetts, 1972, Radio Host
Henry Krips, 1912, Composer
Herb Pennock, 1894, Baseball Player
Hiroki Kuroda, 1975, Baseball Player
Holly Willoughby, 1981, TV Show Host
Howard Spring, 1889, Journalist
Iafeta Paleaaesina, 1982, Rugby Player
Ira Remsen, 1846, Entrepreneur
Ivan Pavelic, 1908, Swimmer
Ivri Lider, 1974, Pop Singer
Jack Kyle, 1946, Rugby Player
Jade Ramsey, 1988, TV Actress
Jakub Kindl, 1987, Hockey Player
Jason Olive, 1972, TV Actor
Jason Roberts, 1982, Guitarist
Jay Pickett, 1961, TV Actor
Jeff Adrien, 1986, Basketball Player
Jerry Goldsmith, 1929, Composer
Ji Suk-jin, 1966, Comedian
Jim Cramer, 1955, TV Show Host
Jimmy Francis Durante, 1893, Comedian
Johann Peter Pixis, 1788, Pianist
John Calipari, 1959, Basketball Coach
John Farrow, 1904, Director
John Franklin Enders, 1897, Scientist
John Hampshire, 1941, Cricket Player
John Hynes, 1975, Hockey Coach
John Suckling, 1609, Poet
Johnny Helms, 1935, Trumpet Player
Jonas Maciulis, 1985, Basketball Player
Jordan Maron, 1992, YouTube Star
Josh Akognon, 1986, Basketball Player
Josh Jackson, 1997, Basketball Player
Josh Rosen, 1997, Football Player
Joyce Grenfell, 1910, Movie Actress
Judith Anderson, 1897, Stage Actress
Juicetra, 1987, YouTube Star
Jurga Seduikyte, 1980, Rock Singer
Justin Gatlin, 1982, Runner
Karen Fukuhara, 1992, Movie Actress
Keeley Hawes, 1976, TV Actress
Kelvin Hoefler, 1994, Skateboarder
Kenny Leon, 1956, Director
Kim Hyo-jin, 1984, Movie Actress
Kool Savas, 1975, Rapper
Kristi Leskinen, 1981, Skier
Lafayette Morgan, 1931, Politician
Lance Berkman, 1976, Baseball Player
Larry Adler, 1914, Composer
Laura Dern, 1967, Movie Actress
Lauren Mote, 1997, TV Actress
Lee Carson, 1999, YouTube Star
Lee Hsien-Loong, 1952, Politician
Lee Wulff, 1905, Non-Fiction Author
Lenny Dykstra, 1963, Baseball Player
Lenox Tillman, 1995, Instagram Star
Leon Clarke, 1985, Soccer Player
Leonard Zhakata, 1968, World Music Singer
Leontyne Price, 1927, Opera Singer
Leozaur, 1997, YouTube Star
Lexi Atkins, 1992, Movie Actress
Lexi Thompson, 1995, Golfer
Liam Hendriks, 1989, Baseball Player
Lisa Marie Varon, 1971, Wrestler
Lisa McPherson, 1959,
Logan Swann, 1975, Rugby Player
Lon Chaney Jr., 1906, Movie Actor
Lord Charles Beresford, 1846, War Hero
Lorena Rojas, 1971, Soap Opera Actress
Louise Arbour, 1947, Politician
Lukevlogs, 2002, YouTube Star
Lusia Harris, 1955, Basketball Player
Lyle Beniga, 1984, Dancer
Madhabi Mukherjee, 1942, Movie Actress
Makenzie Vega, 1994, TV Actress
Manuel Noriega, 1934, Criminal
Mark Spitz, 1950, Swimmer
Martha Lane Fox, 1973, Entrepreneur
Marty Nothstein, 1971, Cyclist
Mary McGarry Morris, 1943, Playwright
Matt Irwin, 1980, Photographer
Mauro Nakada, 1996, YouTube Star
Max Brown, 1981, TV Actor
Max Kepler, 1993, Baseball Player
Mia Khalifa, 1993,
Michael A Sheehan, 1955, War Hero
Michael Apted, 1941, Director
Michael McKell, 1959, TV Actor
Mike Ribeiro, 1980, Hockey Player
Miroslav Blazevic, 1935, Soccer Coach
Misha Bryan, 1992, Rapper
Mohammed Iqbal Khan, 1981, TV Actor
Monica Church, 1995, YouTube Star
Mr. Scruff, 1972, DJ
Naor Zion, 1973, Comedian
Natalie Bennett, 1966, Politician
Natasha St-pier, 1981, Pop Singer
Neva Patterson, 1920, Movie Actress
NickTheBullsFan, 1997, YouTube Star
Nigel Olsson, 1949, Drummer
Nikita Ramsey, 1989, Movie Actress
Noor Neelofa, 1989, TV Actress
Olga Lehmann, 1912, Graphic Designer
Olin Howland, 1886, Movie Actor
Orlando Scandrick, 1987, Football Player
Paul J. Wright, 1955, Lawyer
Paul Millsap, 1985, Basketball Player
Paul Waggoner, 1979, Guitarist
Petar Mazev, 1927, Painter
Peter Allen, 1944, Songwriter
Peter Purves, 1939, TV Show Host
Peter W Kaplan, 1954, Journalist
Philip Glenister, 1963, Movie Actor
Pinklon Thomas, 1958, Boxer
Rachael Kathryn Bell, 1993, TV Actress
Radamel Falcao, 1986, Soccer Player
Rafig Aliyev, 1942, Engineer
Randi Rahm, 1970, Fashion Designer
Ricardo Clark, 1983, Soccer Player
Richard Corrigan, 1964, Chef
Rob Czar, 1981, YouTube Star
Rob Houchen, 1991, Stage Actor
Robert Keith, 1898, Movie Actor
Robert Marve, 1989, Football Player
Robert Shearman, 1970, Playwright
Robert Wagner, 1930, Movie Actor
Roberta Flack, 1937, R&B Singer
Rosalyn Dance, 1948, Politician
Ross Powers, 1979, Snowboarder
Roxanne Pulitzer, 1951, Family Member
Royston Ellis, 1941, Poet
Ruben Mateo, 1978, Baseball Player
Rufus Reid, 1944, Bassist
Salif Diao, 1977, Soccer Player
Sam Graddy, 1964, Runner
Samantha Hoopes, 1991, Model
Samantha Shaw, 1957, Politician
Sarah Lincoln Grigsby, 1807, Family Member
Scarlet Gruber, 1989, TV Actress
Scott Elrod, 1975, Movie Actor
Selcuk Inan, 1985, Soccer Player
Seulgi, 1994, Pop Singer
Shelby Church, 1995, YouTube Star
Sherif Gaber, 1993, Activist
Shorty Rossi, 1969, Reality Star
Sidney Bryan Berry, 1926, War Hero
Son Na-eun, 1994, Pop Singer
Stella Adler, 1901, Stage Actress
Stephanie Beatriz, 1981, TV Actress
Takahashi Hideki, 1944, TV Actor
Terry Kay, 1938, Novelist
Theo McKenzie-Hayton, 2004, Dancer
Thomas Ruff, 1958, Photographer
Thomas Schweich, 1960, Politician
Tiffany Espensen, 1999, TV Actress
Tina Thompson, 1975, Basketball Player
Travis Walton, 1953,
Ty Law, 1974, Football Player
Tyshawn Johnson, 1999, Vine Star
Uzo Aduba, 1981, TV Actress
Vanessa Da Mata, 1976, Pop Singer
Vic Fuentes, 1983, Metal Singer
Viktor Troicki, 1986, Tennis Player
Vince Gilligan, 1967, Screenwriter
Vladimir Bartol, 1903, Novelist
Walter A Brown, 1905, Sports Executive
Walter Brattain, 1902, Scientist
Walter Perkins, 1932, Drummer
William Allen White, 1868, Politician
William F. Woodington, 1806, Sculptor
William Holman, 1981, Reality Star
Willy Robinson, 1956, Football Coach
Yara Shahidi, 2000, Movie Actress
Yuja Wang, 1987, Pianist
Zaza Pachulia, 1984, Basketball Player
Zoe Herdt, 1996, YouTube Star

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