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October 12, 323 BC

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Athens, Greece

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An ancient Greek tribe, Demosthenes is significantly known for making a gradual change in War and Military industry. He’s a celebrated statesman and overwhelmingly credited for the contribution of the command of language including formal speech. Demosthenes was also a remarkable writer, and his intelligence welcomed him to the world of fame. He delivered robust speeches including Macedon’s development and preservation of Athens.

Childhood & Teen Life

It was around 384 BC when Demosthenes was born. By coincidence, Demosthenes' parents opted to name their child after their father’s name. Well, Demosthenes father was a wealthy merchant in Pandionis. At a tender age, Demos worked hard to let go of speech impediment.

At seven years of age, his father died where he was left as the only heir of his wealth. Sadly, his close family intervened where they misused all that was left for this lad. At 20 years of age, Demosthenes sued the family, and as days went by, he didn’t know that this was a way to improve his public speaking skills. An incredible speechwriter, Isaeus trained the young man first oration skills.



By 361 BC Demosthenes had already owned a seat as a logographer. In short, he worked as a speechwriter under those that got themselves in legal cases. The public didn’t believe that he was once a shy boy. He managed myriads of cases, and this is what paved the way for wealthy clients. His current career opened another door for political line of work.

Close to nine years, Demosthenes worked as a public officer whose work was to file for affluent citizens. From 355 to 541, Demosthenes practiced law, and in between, he found time to write speeches for different clients. His loads of work was against illegal actions including corruption. Corrupt and ill-mannered personals became the center of the target.

“On the Navy” was Demos first political public speech. Other followed including Olynthianics that urged Athens to support Olynthus during the sudden attack by Phillip II. “Second Philippic” was a bitter oration that was mainly targeted for Phillip for not listening to his first proposal. “Fourth Philippics” was released in 341BC. In 336 BC Philip II’s life was ended where Demosthenes became the first person to cheer.


Personal Life & Legacy

Demosthenes' own life isn’t fully known. His wife (name unknown) was a daughter of an Athenian. The duo had a daughter who died at a tender age. In 323 BC, Alexander died, and Demosthenes was summoned by the new King to visit him. Well, the visitation fell in deaf ears where he escaped far away from his local community. It wasn’t that long that he was found dead as his hideouts became known. He died from suicide. Athenians fabricated a statue in his honor.

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