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Famous Events For July 26

Famous Events For July 26 – Today In History

July 26: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 26 Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 26th July 1267: The inquisition to combat heresy was formed under Pope Clement IV.
2. 26th July 1305: Pope Clement V recognized Henry VII as King of Rome.
3. 26th July 1497: “Edward IV’s son” Perkin Warbeck’s army landed in Crock today.
4. 26th July 1499: Curacao Island was discovered by Spanish conquistador Alonso de Ojeda.


5. 26th July 1519: The Royal Charter for West Coast South America was received by Francisco Pizarro.
6. 26th July 1524: The Scottish parliament declared James V fit to govern.
7. 26th July 1588: Johan Hawkins, the English Admiral knighted for his action against Armada.
8. 26th July 1656: The Dutch painter Rembrandt Van Rijn declared that he was insolvent.
9. 26th July 1663: The papal territory Comtat Venaissin was invaded by French troops.
10. 26th July 1678: England and Netherlands signed a treaty, sending an ultimatum to France.
11. 26th July 1759: In New York about 11,000 British troops drove out a token French garrison of 400 from Fort Ticonderoga.


18th Century – What Happened on July 26 – The 1700s

12. 26th July 1760: Austrian troops occupied Fort Glatz Silezie.
13. 26th July 1775: The United States Post Office was created by US Continental Congress in Philadelphia under Benjamin Franklin.
14. 26th July 1788: New York ratifies the US Constitution becoming the 11th state to do so.
15. 26th July 1790: The Funding Act 1790 was passed by the US Congress today. The act made the federal government responsible for debts incurred by the states.

19th Century – July 26 This Day That Year – The 1800s

16. 26th July 1803: The Surrey Iron Railway, probably the world’s first public railway, started functioning in South London.
17. 26th July 1805: Earthquake struck Naples in Southern Italy and Calabria in South West of Italy. An estimated 25,000 people died in the quake.


18. 26th July 1826: Riots broke out in Vilnius, Lithuania. Many Jews died in the riots.
19. 26th July 1835: The first sugarcane plantation was started In Hawaii.
20. 26th July 1847: A miniature train for children to ride, the first of its kind was built by Moses Gerrish Farmer.
21. 26th July 1847: The Liberian Declaration of Independence was signed today. This made Liberia a Sovereign nation independent of the American Colonization Society.
22. 26th July 1858: Baron Leonel de Rothschild, a Jew, was elected to the British Parliament making him the first Jew to be so elected.
23. 26th July 1865: New Zealand shifts its capital from Auckland to Wellington today.
24. 26th July 1866: Canoe Club opened in England.
25. 26th July 1878: Richard Wagner, a poet and American west outlaw, who called himself “Black Bart” got away after stealing a safe box from a Wells Fargo stagecoach. The empty box was recovered later with a taunting poem inside.


26. 26th July 1887: The first book in Esperanto, an international auxiliary language was published today.
27. 26th July 1891: France annexed Tahiti today.
28. 26th July 1896: The Vitascope Hall which is widely recognized as the world’s first permanent, for-profit movie theater opened in New Orleans today.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 26th – The 1900

29. 26th July 1902: In a cricket test match played at Old Trafford, Australia beat England by 3 runs today.
30. 26th July 1903: Horatio Nelson Jackson and Sewell K Crocker completed the 1st automobile trip across the United States (From San Francisco to New York).

31. 26th July 1908: Charles Joseph Bonaparte, the United States Attorney General ordered for the immediate staffing of Chief Examiner, which was renamed later as Federal Bureau of Investigation.
32. 26th July 1914: Winston Churchill, the First Lord of Admiralty ordered the British navy to remain.
33. 26th July 1915: The International School for Wijsbegeerte (which is the Dutch word for philosophy) for formed today.
34. 26th July 1916: The US registered a protest against the “blacklist” issued by the British forbidding trade with some 30 US firms today.
35. 26th July 1917: J. Edger Hoover was today appointed to the US Department of Justice.
36. 26th July 1926: The National Bar Association was incorporated today.
37. 26th July 1926: The government of the Philippines sought a plebiscite of independence from the US today.
38. 26th July 1928: In the heavyweight boxing championship, Gene Tunney beat Tom Heeney by Technical Knock Outs in 11 for the heavyweight boxing title.

39. 26th July 1936: The Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) decided to intervene in the Spanish Civil War.
40. 26th July 1937: The battle of Brunet ended in the Spanish Civil War.
41. 26th July 1938: NBC makes the first broadcast of “Young Widder Brown”.
42. 26th July 1941: The first batch of Dutch Austrians depart Hague today.
43. 26th July 1941: The US today placed an embargo on the export of oil to Japan.
44. 26th July 1942: Roman Catholic Churches protest against the stand of Dutch Bishops against the spread of Judaism.
45. 26th July 1943: Arrival of Otto Skorzeny’s commando group in Rome.
46. 26th July 1944: Japan launches a suicide attack on US lines in Guam.
47. 26th July 1944: The US launched an offensive at St-Lo. 2nd Armored Division occupied St Gilles.

48. 26th July 1945: After the landslide victory of the Labor Party in the general elections Clement Atlee became the Prime Minister of Britain.
49. 26th July 1945: US, Britain, and China demand the Japanese surrender in the Potsdam Declaration during World War II.
50. 26th July 1945: US ultimatum disregarded by the Japanese government.
51. 26th July 1945: Physicist Raemer Schreiber along with Lt Col Peer de Silva left the Kirtland Army Airfield to transport the Plutonium core for the A-bomb to the island of Tinian where the assembly of the bomb to be done.
52. 26th July 1946: Aloha Airlines commenced service to Honolulu International Airport.
53. 26th July 1947: The National Securities Act 1947, establishing the Department of Defense, CIA, National Security Council, and Joint Chiefs of Staff was signed by US President Truman today.
54. 26th July 1948: CBS’s Bob Howard Show was the first show of the network with a black host.

55. 26th July 1948: Executive Order Number 9981, desegregating the US armed forces, directing “equality of treatment and opportunity” in the military was signed by President Harry Truman today.
56. 26th July 1951: Netherlands ended state of war with Germany.
57. 26th July 1953: Fidel Castro led the attack on Moncada Barracks, intending to spark a revolution in Cuba met with failure.
58. 26th July 1953: A crackdown on the residents of Short Creek in Arizona for the enforcement of anti-polygamy law was ordered by Arizona Governor John Howard Pyle today.
59. 26th July 1956: President Gamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt announced a plan to nationalize the Suez Canal which triggered the “Suez crisis”.
60. 26th July 1957: USSR, launched its first intercontinental multistage ballistic missile today.
61. 26th July 1965: the Republic of Maldives gained independence from Britain today.
62. 26th July 1974: France performed a nuclear test on Mururoa atoll today.
63. 26th July 1977: The USSR performed an underground nuclear test today.
64. 26th July 1981: In Venezuela 2 climbers fell 550 m down the cliff near Angle Falls.
65. 26th July 1982: US Delta Rocket launches Canada’s Anik D1 Comsat today.

66. 26th July 1882: While fighting a fight scene for the movie Coolie, Indian film star Amitabh Bachchan sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized.
67. 26th July 1990: The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed today by US President George H W Bush and came into effect.
68. 26th July 1993: A Boeing 737-500 crashed in South Korea killing 66 people.
69. 26th July 1999: The two-month-long fighting between India and Pakistan in the Kargil war came to an end today.

21st Century – July 26 This Day In History – The 2000s

70. 26th July 2005: NASA launched Discovery its first scheduled flight mission after the disaster of Columbia in 2003. This was the Space Shuttle program STS 114 mission.
71. 26th July 2005: The city of Mumbai in India received 99.5 cm of rain within 24 hours which brought the city to a standstill for two days.
72. 26th July 2007: The 40th San Diego Comic-Con International opened at the San Diego Convention Center today.
73. 26th July 2012: At least 200 people are reported killed in violence in Syria.
74. 26th July 2012: In Iraq, 19 people were killed and a helicopter was destroyed in an insurgent attack in Baqubah.

75. 26th July 2014: Taghrooda won the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth stakes.
76. 26th July 2014: Israel rejected a long-term ceasefire which does not include the destruction of Hamas tunnels but agreed to a 12-hour ceasefire. Palestinian casualties in the Gaza Strip exceeded 1000.
77. 26th July 2014: After a Shanghai meat dealer sold out-of-date meet fast food chains which included Mcdonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken, the government of China suspended the dealer’s operation and arrested the dealer and his associates.
78. 26th July 2017: US President Donald Trump overturned the Obama era changes and announced a policy banning transgender people from military service.
79. 26th July 2017: Customs officials in Los Angeles reported finding 3 live king cobras inside potato chips cans.
80. 26th July 2018: Facebook suffered the worst loss in a single day that any public company has suffered on the stock market losing 19% or $119 million in market value.

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