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Famous Events For February 6

Famous Events For February 6 – Today In History

February 6: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – February 6  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 6th Feb 1508: Maximilian I was on this day crowned as Holy Roman Emperor.
2. 6th Feb 1677: King Henri de Bourbon of Navarra becomes the leader of the Huguenots.
3. 6th Feb 1626: The peace of La Rochelle was signed by the rebels of Huguenot and France.
4. 6th Feb 1651: On this day Cardinal Mazarin flees Paris.


18th Century – What Happened on February 6 – The 1700s

5. 6th Feb 1716: England and Netherlands on this day renewed their alliance.
6. 6th Feb 1778: France on this day recognized the US and signed a treaty of aid in Paris, which was the first US treaty.
7. 6th Feb 1778: England declares war on France on this day.
8. 6th Feb 1788: The constitution was ratified by Massachusetts. It became the 6th state to ratify the constitution.

19th Century – February 6 This Day That Year – The 1800s

9. 6th Feb 1815: On this day the first railroad charter was issued by New Jersey.
10. 6th Feb 1819: The Freeport Harbor Singapore was founded by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles on this day.
11. 6th Feb 1920: On this day the US population was announced at 9,638,453. Blacks constituted 18.4% of the population.


12. 6th Feb 1832: In retaliation to piracy U.S. ship destroys Sumatran village on this day.
13. 6th Feb 1832: First appearance of cholera at Edinburgh in Scotland.
14. 6th Feb 1836: Charles Darwin and HMS Beagle reach Tasmania in Australia on this day.
15. 6th Feb 1861: The first storm warning for ships was issued by English Admiral Robert Ritzroy on this day.
16. 6th Feb 1861: The first meeting of the provincial Congress of the Confederate States of America was held on this day.
17. 6th Feb 1862: Ulysses S. Grant begins his military campaign in Mississippi on this day.
18. 6th Feb 1862: There was a naval engagement between USS Conestago and CSS Appleton Belle in the Tennessee River on this day.
19. 6th Feb 1862: On this day Fort Henry in Tennessee was captured by Genera; Ulysses S. Grant.
20. 6th Feb 1865: Robert E Lee was on this day appointed Confederate General in Chief.
21. 6th Feb 1867: The Peabody Fund was formed on this day to promote Black education in the South.
22. 6th Feb 1869: The first picture of Uncle Sam with chin whiskers was published by Harper’s Weekly on this day.
23. 6th Feb 1891: Dalton gang on this day commits the first great train robbery.
24. 6th Feb 1899: This day marks the end of the Spanish-American war. A peace treaty was ratified by the Senate.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day February 6th – The 1900s

25. 6th Feb 1900: The Boers vs British battle of Vaalkrans was fought in South Africa.
26. 6th Feb 1902: The Young Women’s Hebrew Association for formed on this day in New York.
27. 6th Feb 1904: The war between Russia and Japan began on this day.
28. 6th Feb 1911: In Turkey great fire destroys downtown Constantinople/Istanbul.
29. 6th Feb 1911: The official Rolls-Royce Mascot, a silver-winged animal called “The Spirit of Ecstasy”, was chosen on this day. It is being used as the hood ornament of the car.
30. 6th Feb 1911: On this day the first old age home was established in Prescott Arizona.
31. 6th Feb 1918: Women aged 30 and above are granted voting rights in Britain.
32. 6th Feb 1919: The Seattle general strike began on this day. It continued for five days.
33. 6th Feb 1920: On this day the League of Nations administrates Saarland.
34. 6th Feb 1921: On this day movie “The Kid” starring Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan was released.
35. 6th Feb 1922: The Washington Naval Arms Limitation was signed on this day by the U.S., U.K., France, Italy, and Japan.
36. 6th Feb 1922: Cardinal Achlle Ratti was on this day elected Pope Pius XI.
37. 6th Feb 1926: The first doughnut-making machine was launched on this day by a company called Trausch Bakery in Dubuque, Iowa.
38. 6th Feb 1932: The first Olympic dog sled race was held on this day, in Lake Placid, New York. (Demonstration sport).


39. 6th Feb 1933: Hurricane in the Pacific caused a 34 m high wave. This is the highest recorded wave (not Tsunami).
40. 6th Feb 1933: The 20th amendment became effective from this day. The president’s term begins in Jan and not in March.
41. 6th Feb 1933: An Ocean wave of height 112 feet was observed near Manila on this day.
42. 6th Feb 1935: On this day Turkey held its first election which allowed women to vote.
43. 6th Feb 1936: This day marks the opening of the 4th Winter Olympic Games in Germany.
44. 6th Feb 1937: On this day K Elizabeth Ohi became a lawyer. She was the first Japanese-US female lawyer.
45. 6th Feb 1938: A series of freak waves struck Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. The waves pulled people back into the sea. Nearly 250 people were rescued. Five people lost their lives.
46. 6th Feb 1941: British troops on this day conquered Benghazi in Libya.
47. 6th Feb 1943: Singer Frank Sinatra debuted on the “Your Hit Parade” program on the radio.
48. 6th Feb 1943: Lt. General Dwight D. Eisenhower on this day became the commander-in-chief of the Allied forces in North Africa.
49. 6th Feb 1943: The first Spitfire was in action on this day above Darwin, Australia, Mu Ki-46 was shot down.
50. 6th Feb 1945: On this day Russian Red Army crossed the river Oder.
51. 6th Feb 1948: The first radio-controlled airplane was flown on this day.
52. 6th Feb 1951: Nuclear test performed by the US at its Nevada Test Site Argonne Atomic Lab to demonstrate lax security.

53. 6th Feb 1951: A commuter train, The Broker, derailed and slid down an embankment in Woodbridge, New Jersey. 85 people lost their lives in the accident and several were injured.
54. 6th Feb 1952: Queen Elizabeth II annexes the British throne succeeding King George VI.
55. 6th Feb 1953: Control on wages and some consumer goods was lifted in the US on this day.
56. 6th Feb 1954: On this day Mercedes introduced its 300SL coupe. This car was far more advanced than any other, powered by a 6-cylinder engine, and was capable of 155 mph. Only 1400 units were produced.
57. 6th Feb 1956: The “Daily Defender” begins publishing on this day in Chicago.
58. 6th Feb 1956: Tomatoes were thrown at the French Premier Guy Mollet in Algiers.
59. 6th Feb 1958: A British European Airways flight crashed just after takeoff from Munich Airport. Eight players of the Manchester United soccer team with 15 others died in the accident.
60. 6th Feb 1959: Titan ICBM was successfully test-fired.
61. 6th Feb 1964: Cuba shut off the freshwater pipeline to the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay demanding the release of 36 Cuban fishermen held in Florida jail.
62. 6th Feb 1964: France and Great Britain sign an accord to build a channel tunnel.
63. 6th Feb 1967: Albania witnesses a Cultural Revolution on this day.
64. 6th Feb 1968: The US bombing in North Vietnam was on this day condemned by the Dutch 2nd Chamber.

65. 6th Feb 1968: The 10th Winter Olympics was held on this day in Grenoble, France.
66. 6th Feb 1971: The Irish Republican Army shot a British gunner dead. Robert Curtis was the gunner and he was the first British soldier to die during the “Troubles”.
67. 6th Feb 1971: British Army shot and killed a Catholic civilian Bernard Watt during street disturbances in Ardoyne, Belfast.
68. 6th Feb 1973: A demonstration was held by 40,000 civil servants against higher pension contributions.
69. 6th Feb 1974: President Nixon urged Congress to approve a comprehensive national health insurance plan.
70. 6th Feb 1974: The US House of Representatives on this day started preparing grounds for impeachment of President Nixon.
71. 6th Feb 1974: Due to the oil crisis, the Dutch set a speed limit of 100 km.
72. 6th Feb 1975: A nuclear test was performed by the US at their Nevada Test Site.
73. 6th Feb 1977: On this day Alain Prieur jumps his motorcycle over 16 buses, a distance of 65 m.
74. 6th Feb 1978: Snowstorm hits New England and parts of Rhode Island. There was 54” of snow.
75. 6th Feb 1979: The death sentence of Premier Bhutto was affirmed by the Supreme Court of Lahore.

76. 6th Feb 1983: On this day the trial of former Gestapo commandant Klaus Barbie for war crimes during World War II began.
77. 6th Feb 1984: West Beirut was taken over by the Lebanese army by Muslim militiamen.
78. 6th Feb 1987: On this day no-smoking rules took effect in US federal buildings.
79. 6th Feb 1988: On this day the USSR performed the nuclear test in Eastern Kazakh.
80. 6th Feb 1989: On this day solidarity leader Lech Walesa begins negotiating with the Polish government.
81. 6th Feb 1990: Groundbreaking for the new $102 million stadium began on Baltimore Orioles.
82. 6th Feb 1992: The Sami people belonging to the far northern Nordic countries have an official day today, celebrating their existence.
83. 6th Feb 1994: Costa Rica elects Jose Maria Figueres as its president on this day.
84. 6th Feb 1994: Martti Ahtisaari was on this day elected president of Finland.
85. 6th Feb 1995: It was revealed by a letter not intended to be made public that airport security cutbacks were to be made. Concern was expressed by people including Dr. Jim Swire, who lost his daughter in an airport bombing in 1988.
86. 6th Feb 1998: Washington National Airport on this day was renamed Ronald Reagan National Airport.
87. 6th Feb 1998: Mary Kay Letourneau a former teacher 36 years of age violated probation by seeing the 14-year-old father of her baby and was sentenced to 7 years.

21st Century – February 6  This Day In History – The 2000s

88. 6th Feb 2001: Ariel Sharon becomes the new prime minister of Israel registering a landslide victory.
89. 6th Feb 2004: In a terrorist attack in Russia, an explosion ripped through a Moscow subway car during rush hour killing 41 people. Chechen separatists were blamed for the attack.
90. 6th Feb 2005: On this day Tony Blair marked 2,838 days as British Prime Minister. He was the longest-serving British Prime Minister.
91. 6th Feb 2006: Stephen Harper on this day was sworn in, in Ottawa, as the Prime Minister of Canada, two weeks after the general elections.

92. 6th Feb 2006: The Attorney general on this day told senators that spying on Americans’ phone calls and emails abroad would be necessary as part of the war on terror.
93. 6th Feb 2007: President George Bush on this day provided large funding for the National Parks Service which will be celebrating its centenary in 2016.
94. 6th Feb 2007: A genealogist on this day said that Barack Obama has some ancestral ties to the White House from his mother’s side.
95. 6th Feb 2008: Severe thunderstorms with tornados sweep across Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky and Alabama. At least fifty people lost their lives.
96. 6th Feb 2012: An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 hits near the central Philippines. 43 people were dead.
97. 6th Feb 2012: Queen Elizabeth II marks the 60th anniversary as British monarch. She was only the second to do so.
98. 6th Feb 2013: A massive earthquake of magnitude 8.0 struck off the Solomon Islands coast. Nine people died in the quake.

99. 6th Feb 2014: Peace negotiations begin between the Taliban and the Pakistani government.
100. 6th Feb 2016: ABC hosted a debate of eight Republican presidential candidates in Goffstown, New Hampshire on this day.

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