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Famous Events For August 2

Famous Events For August 2 – Today In History

August 2: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – August 2 Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 338 BC Combined forces of Athens and Thebes were defeated by the Macedonian army led by Philip II in the battle of Chaeronea
2. 257 BC Reign of St. Stephen I ended his reign as Catholic Pope
3. 2nd August 1057 1st Belgium elects Frederik van Lotharingen as its first President
4. On 2nd August 1100 the arrow shot by Walter Tyrell while hunting kills King William II of England


5. 2nd August 1542 Flanders vacated by French troops
6. 2nd August 1552 Lutheran religion accepted by Emperor Charles V under the Treaty of Passau
7. 2nd August 1578 Dutch troops defeated Spanish Habsberg at the Battle of Rijmenam (Eighty Years of War)
8. 2nd August 1581 Snellius was named mathematics professor by the Leiden University
9. 2nd August 1610 Hudson Bay was named after Hendry Hudson who entered the bay
10. 2nd August 1665 Expedition against Barbarians by French in Tunis/Algiers
11. 2nd August 1695 British patent was granted to Daniel Quare for his portable barometer

18th Century – What Happened on August 2 – The 1700s

12. 2nd August 1701 New France and North American Indian nations signed the Great Peace of Montreal at the influence of Huron chief Kondiaronk
13. 2nd August 1704 French and Bavarians beaten by Duke of Marlborough at Blenheim
14. 2nd August 1738 in the war against Turkey France offers mediation to Emperor Karel VI


15. 2nd August 1776- United States Declaration of Independence signed
16. 2nd August 1782 Honorary Bridge of Distinction created by George Washington
17. 2nd August 1790 as per the 1st US census, the population was 3,939,214 including 697,624 slaves
18. 2nd August 1791 Nail-making machine patent granted to Samuel and his son
19. 2nd August 1798 French Navy was destroyed by the British Royal Navy under Admiral Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Nile

19th Century – August 2 This Day That Year – The 1800s

20. 2nd August 1802 Consul for Life declared by Napoleon
21. 2nd August 1819 In the US first parachute jump performed
22. 2nd August 1830 Charles X of France relinquishes to favour Duc de Bordeaux, his grandson


23. 2nd August 1831 Belgium was occupied by the Dutch and the Ten-day campaign begins
24. 2nd August 1832 1300 Illinois paramilitary defeat Sauk and Fox Native Americans ending the Black Hawk War in the US: Battle of Bad Axe
25. 2nd August 1858 Mailboxes installed in Boston and NYC streets
26. 2nd August 1858 East India Company Transfers Government of India to British Crown
27. 2nd August 1865 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland published by Lewis Carroll
28. 2nd August 1870 In London, the world’s first underground tube railway, Tower Subway opens
29. 2nd August 1875 In London 1st roller skating area opens
30. 2nd August 1880 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) officially adopted by British Parliament
31. 2nd August 1884 Emma, Dutch Queen chosen as regent
32. 2nd August 1887 Barbed wire patented by Rowell Hodge
33. 2nd August 1892 Prototype of escalator patented by Charles A Wheeler
34. 2nd August 1894 Britain announced Death duties for the 1st time
35. 2nd August 1894 Women’s right to vote for Dutch Society gets royal approval


20th Century – Important Events On This Day August 2 – The 1900

36. 2nd August 1903 Rebellion by Macedonians against Turkey fails
37. 2nd August 1906 19 game AL record win for Chicago White Sox
38. 2nd August 1907 19, debuts by Walter Johnson with Washington but loses to Detroit 3-2
39. 2nd August 1909 Pennies with Lincoln head minted for the 1st time
40. 2nd August 1912 McDermott scores 294 at the 18th US Golf Open at Club of Buffalo NY
41. 2nd August 1914 German ultimatum given to Belgian government
42. 2nd August 1914 Luxembourg defeated by German troops
43. 2nd August 1914 “His Last Bow” – Sherlock Holmes’s adventure takes place
44. 2nd August 1916 Italian warship, Leonardo da Vinci, in Taranto sabotaged and sunk by the Austrians in World War I

45. 2nd August 1918 Siberia to get army from Japan given the repercussions of World War I
46. 2nd August 1920 ‘’Back to Africa” program presented in NYC by Marcus Garvey
47. 2nd August 1921 Black Sox declared not guilty by Chicago jury
48. On 2nd August 1922 Typhoon hit China killing 60,000
49. 2nd August 1928 Peace treaty signed by Benito Mussolini with Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
50. 2nd August 1931 Autonomous status agreed upon for Spanish Catalonia
51. 2nd August 1932 Positron, first antiparticle discovered and photographed by Carl David Anderson, NL
52. 2nd August 1934 Adolf Hitler assumes charge as Commander in charge of the German Army
53. 2nd August 1936 Sylvere Maes of Belgium wins 30th Tour de France
54. 2nd August 1937 Marihuana and its by-products were declared illegal by the Marijuana Act passed in America
55. 2nd August 1938 Dodgers Vs Cardinals – 1st test of yellow baseball

56. 2nd August 1939 Political activity by federal workers forbidden by Hatch Act
57. 2nd August 1940 Charles de Gaulle sentenced to death by Clermont-Ferrand
58. 2nd August 1941 Soviet army divisions (20) at Oeman encircled by German 11 Army
59. 2nd August 1941 Jews in Hungarian Ruthenia ousted
60. 2nd August 1943 In Treblinka armed revolt breaks out
61. 2nd August 1943 PT-boat belonging to Lt John Kennedy sinks at Solomon Islands
62. 2nd August 1944 Diplomatic rapport with nazi-Germany broken by Turkey
63. On 2nd August 1945 Joseph Stalin, Harry Truman, and Winston Churchill ended their Potsdam Conference
64. 2nd August 1953 Singer Betty Jack Davis killed in a car crash
65. 2nd August 1954 Appointment of Tahar Ben Ammar as Prime Minister of Tunisia
66. 2nd August 1955 Nuclear test conducted by USSR
67. 2nd August 1958 Arab Federation dissolved by Jordon and Iraq after 3 months

68. 2nd August 1959 Bob Rosburg shoots a 277 at Minneapolis GC at the 41st PGA Championship
69. 2nd August 1961 In Congo, Cyrille Adula assumes prime ministership
70. 2nd August 1961 Toronto Argonauts (CFL) beaten 36-7 by St Louis Cards (NFL) in Toronto
71. 2nd August 1964 Indonesia gets an export guarantee from the Dutch Government
72. 2nd August 1964 US destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin fired by North Vietnam
73. 2nd August 1965 Vietnam reports about the US losing sent by Morley Safer
74. 2nd August 1966 Transmission by Radio Vila (New Hebrides) begins
75. 2nd August 1967 US launches Lunar Orbiter 5. It enters lunar orbit on 5th Aug
76. 2nd August 1967 In Greenwich, London The Second Blackwall Tunnel opened
77. 2nd August 1967 Film entitled Ïn the Heat of the Night” directed by Norman Jewison shown for the first time
78. 2nd August 1969 At the Hibbing HS Minn 10th reunion, Bob Dylan makes a surprise presence
79. 2nd August 1969 Romania welcomes US President Richard Nixon
80. 2nd August 1970 Nuclear test at Fangataufa Island by France

81. 2nd August 1970 In Northern Ireland during “The Troubles” rubber bullets were used for the first time
82. 2nd August 1972 Gold prices reach $70 an ounce in London – a record hit
83. 2nd August 1973 At the Locarno International Film Festival, the film, “American Graffiti” directed by George Lucas shown for the first time
84. 2nd August 1975 A record temperature of 104F(40C) at Providence, Rhode Island (state record)
85. On 2nd August 1980 86 were killed in a bomb attack by Fascists on Bologna Italy train station
86. 2nd August 1980 Three world swimming record by US swimmers at National Championships
87. 2nd August 1981 LPGA Boston Five Gold Classic won by Donna Caponi Young
88. 2nd August 1982 Movie News by Roger Ebert shown for the first time on ABC FM network
89. 2nd August 1983 Yonkers facing race discrimination and trial by US District Court starts
90. 2nd August 1984 Nuclear Test at Nevada Test performed by the US
91. On 2nd August 1986 Iran offered peace to Saddam Hussein in an open letter
92. 2nd August 1987 Indy car race speed at 171.49 MPH run by Michael
93. 2nd August 1989 Three more moons of Neptune were discovered by Voyager 2 confirmed by NASA
94. On 2nd August 1990 Emir escaped to Saudi Arabia on Kuwait was occupied by Iraq

95. 2nd August 1991 Rick James, Funk singer arrested on sexual torture charges
96. 2nd August 1994 World record run of 3000 m (7.25.11) set by Noureddine Morceli
97. 2nd August 1998 Marco Pantani won the 85th Tour de France

21st Century – August 2 This Day In History – The 2000s

98. 2nd August 2008 Little Brown publishes Breaking Dawn 4th book in the Twilight Saga with a print run of 3.7 million copies
99. 2nd August 2012 In Lahore, Pakistan in a fruit market 23 people were killed after two blasts

100. 2nd August 2013 an ammunition store exploded in Homs, Syria killing 40 persons

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