Super Moon in Taurus: Love is the Truth

Meaning of Super Moon in Taurus

This full moon in Taurus is an epic event as it is the biggest super moon we will see for a while and the biggest since 1948. Super moons have a heavier energetic impact as they are closer to earth than a usual moon phase and this one is very, very close to the earth.

Because the moon represents our emotional self, we too will be up close and personal with our truest emotions and spiritual nature. Taurus energy loves to be in the moon so although it will be a very emotional ride in the next few days, we will be able to sort through our emotions, values, and the character we want to carry with peace, patience, and strength.

This moon will be at 22 degrees opposite the sun in Scorpio at 22 degrees. Scorpio represents transformation and healing, Taurus zodiac represents love, worth, and beauty. With this full moon, you will be examining what needs to remain constant in your life and what needs healing (change). This moon is also making a pretty close aspect to Chiron, the planet of wounds, and deep healing. This means a reevaluation of your wounds pertaining to worth and your moral code.

The moon will also be making an aspect to Pluto. This will double the desire for healing in you. Again, it may be a struggle to face yourself but the energy to examine your emotional self and heal is there. As you declare your worth to the universe with affirmations, you will bring in very visible and conscious transformation.

Taurus ruler of Venus will be in Capricorn. Capricorn is known to put its heart in what is stable and real and so you will be finding yourself being pretty serious about relationships and finances.

Remember, integrity is beautiful! As you declare your worth to the universe with affirmations, the equivalent should manifest in the form of career advances, money opportunities, and deepening of connections.

Other aspects include Mercury in Sagittarius expanding the mind and Mars in Aquarius pushing us towards our highest aspirations for society.

As you clear out the values that are not true to you, you can fall in love with who you really are in your heart and what you are capable of being. Take note of the beauty within you and others and know that has always been there. Take note of the love in you and others, and know that it is the only truth of the super moon in Taurus.

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