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December 15 Famous Birthdays

December 15 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 15 are generous and loving Sagittarius. Their parents or parental role models have taught them to live within spiritual and moral guidelines which seems to have stuck with them throughout their lifetime. They have these ideals instilled in their mindset.


Changing this would mean diverting to a different lifestyle and this typically won’t work for them. Because of their values, they are a valuable contribution as a humanitarian. Famous celebrities born on December 15 feel a certain way about helping other people achieve their goals by finding the right resources in which to better their lives.


Sometimes their goals are not as visible as they would like. In order to accomplish this, they may have to work long and hard but they don’t mind. In turn, they gain a reputation that rewards them with respect and admiration.


At home with your friends and family, famous people born on December 15 are relaxed. They can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Normally, they have a great sense of fun and people pack their back yard for the wonderful parties. They seem to love the attention. However, they are a natural when it comes to people.

Famous people born on DECEMBER 15th are energetic Sagittarius who believe in seeing the positive side of things. Their cheerful attitude carries them a long way. However, they can be restless but they enjoy their freedom. Usually, they shoot straight from the hip… seemingly without feeling.

December 15 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

15 December Good Traits:

  • Amusing
  • Friendly
  • Charming
  • Intelligent
  • Inventive
  • Instinctive
  • Creative
  • Successful
  • Logical
  • Pioneer

15 December Bad Traits:

  • Intimidating
  • Proud
  • Restless
  • Bored
  • Showoff
  • Private
  • Obstinate

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December 15 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Cresswell, 1989, Soccer Player
Acey Slade, 1974, Guitarist
Adam Brody, 1979, TV Actor
Adriana Esteves, 1969, TV Actress
Alan Freed, 1921, DJ
Alana Haim, 1991, Guitarist
Alex Cox, 1954, Director
Alex Lima, 1988, Soccer Player
Alex Reckard, 1995, YouTube Star
Alex Solowitz, 1979, Movie Actor
Alex Watson, 1992, Family Member
Alexandra Stevenson, 1980, Tennis Player
Alexandra Tydings, 1972, TV Actress
Alfred E. Woodward, 1913, Lawyer
Alina Eremia, 1993, Rock Singer
Ami Kawai, 1967, TV Actress
Andrea Di Stefano, 1972, Movie Actor
Anwesha Datta Gupta, 1993, World Music Singer

AP Carter, 1891, Country Singer
Apryl Jones, 1986, Reality Star
Ariane Williams, 1982, Reality Star
Art Howe, 1946, Baseball Manager
Babul Supriyo, 1970, World Music Singer
Baichung Bhutia, 1976, Soccer Player
Barry Harris, 1929, Pianist
Bella Potente, 1989, Model
Bella Rosenfeld, 1895, Painter
Bernard Lige Austin, 1902, War Hero
Bethan Leadley, 1995, YouTube Star
Betty Smith, 1896, Novelist
Boaz van de Beatz, 1988, DJ
Bobby George, 1945, Darts Player
Brendan Fletcher, 1981, TV Actor
Brooke Fraser, 1983, Rock Singer
Byron Cage, 1962, Gospel Singer
Camilla Luddington, 1983, TV Actress
Carlton Gary, 1952, Criminal
Carmine Appice, 1946, Drummer
Cassandra Harris, 1948, Movie Actress
december 15 famous birthdaysCatalina Otalvaro, 1991, Model
Cavetown, 1998, YouTube Star
Celina Cercado, 1995, Pop Singer
Chandler Canterbury, 1998, Movie Actor
Chantal Petitclerc, 1969, Paralympian
Charles Abner Powell, 1860, Baseball Player
Charlie Cox, 1982, Movie Actor
Chico Mendes, 1944, Entrepreneur
Chris Bingham, 1971, Race Car Driver
Chris D’Lacey, 1954, Novelist
Chris Ganoudis, 1992, Pop Singer
Chyka Keebaugh, 1968, Reality Star
Cindy Birdsong, 1939, R&B Singer
Clarence Delgado, 2004, TV Actor
Clint Lowery, 1971, Guitarist
Courtney Hicks, 1995, Figure Skater
Curtis Young, 1981, Rapper
Da TRUTH, 1977, Rapper
Damon Thomas, 1970, Music Producer
Dani Rey, 1998, Pop Singer

Daniel Ochefu, 1993, Basketball Player
Dave Clark, 1942, Drummer
David Johnston, 1989, Guitarist
Dayami Padron, 1988, Model
Delon Armitage, 1983, Rugby Player
Denise OliviaHas2Moms, 1984, YouTube Star
Desmond Bryant, 1985, Football Player
DJ Forbes, 1982, Rugby Player
Dominic Bowden, 1977, TV Show Host
Don Johnson, 1949, TV Actor
Donna Brazile, 1959, Journalist
Donutsandpizza, 1996, YouTube Star
Earl Wolff, 1989, Football Player
Eddie Palmieri, 1936, Pianist
Edele Lynch, 1979, Pop Singer
Edmund Gettier, 1927, Philosopher
Edward Coles, 1786, Politician
Elizabeth Pitcairn, 1973, Violinist
Ellie Cornell, 1953, Movie Actress
Elton Gardner Jr., 2000, Instagram Star

Emily Head, 1988, TV Actress
Emma Lockhart, 1994, Movie Actress
Eric Young, 1979, Wrestler
Erika Tham, 1998, TV Actress
Eunice Cho, 1991, TV Actress
Flamesman1, 1995, YouTube Star
Florence Ortiz, 1971, TV Actress
Frank Thomas, 1898, Football Coach
Frankie Dettori, 1970, Horse Jockey
Friedensreich Hundertwasser, 1928, Architect
Garrett Wang, 1968, TV Actor
Gary Mason, 1962, Boxer
Gene Hong, 1976, Screenwriter
Geoff Stults, 1977, TV Actor
George B. Post, 1837, Architect
George O Gore II, 1982, TV Actor
George O. Gore II, 1982, Movie Actor
Giorgia Piscina, 1993, Bodybuilder
Greg Abbey, 1962, Voice Actor
Gustave Eiffel, 1832, Engineer
Hans Carossa, 1878, Autobiographer
Hayley Quinn, 1986, YouTube Star
Helen Slater, 1963, TV Actress
Henri Becquerel, 1852, Scientist
Henry Santos, 1979, World Music Singer
Hillary Lauren Levine, 1986, Film Producer
Hossam Ghaly, 1981, Soccer Player
Ida Haendel, 1928, Violinist
Imani, 1971, Rapper
J Paul Getty, 1892, Entrepreneur
Jaclyn Forbes, 1997, YouTube Star
Jahlil Okafor, 1995, Basketball Player
Jaira Miller, 1997, Dancer
Jamie Heaslip, 1983, Rugby Player
Jason Upton, 1973, Gospel Singer
Jeev Milkha Singh, 1971, Golfer
Jeff Chandler, 1918, Movie Actor
Jeffrey Wittek, 1989, Vine Star
Jehue Gordon, 1991, Hurdler
Jeremy Fisher, 1976, Folk Singer
Jermaine Shute, 1984, Rapper
Jesse Belvin, 1932, R&B Singer
Jesse Lingard, 1992, Soccer Player
Jim Gates, 1950, Scientist
Jim Leyland, 1944, Baseball Manager
Jimmy Nelson, 1928, TV Actor
John Ancrum, 1984, Rapper
John Kramer, 1956, Darts Player
John L. Burton, 1932, Politician
John Lee Hancock, 1956, Screenwriter
John R. Allen, 1953, War Hero
Jon Sandman, 1989, Twitch Star
Josh Feldman, 1999, Movie Actor
Josh Norman, 1987, Football Player
Julie Taymor, 1952, Director
Junsu, 1986, Pop Singer
Justin Calen Chenn, 1982, Screenwriter
Karen Sarahi Gonzalez, 1982, Makeup Artist
Kasey Rogers, 1925, TV Actress
Kathleen Blanco, 1942, Politician
Keavy Lynch, 1979, Pop Singer
Kevin Cameron, 1979, Baseball Player
Keylor Navas, 1986, Soccer Player
Kim Junsu, 1986, Pop Singer
Kim Richards, 1984, YouTube Star
Kortney Ryan Ziegler, 1980,
Lady Leshurr, 1988, Rapper
Laila Bagge Wahlgren, 1972, Film Producer
Lauren Shippey, 1987, Family Member
Lavanya Tripathi, 1990, Movie Actress
Lawrence Funderburke, 1970, Basketball Player
Lois Long, 1901, Journalist
Lorenzo Mendez, 1986, World Music Singer
Lucien DenArend, 1943, Sculptor
Luna Sobrino, 1998, Instagram Star
Madysyn Rose, 2001, YouTube Star
Mandy Jiroux, 1987, YouTube Star
Mark Warner, 1954, Politician
Martin Skrtel, 1984, Soccer Player
Mary Skeaping, 1902, Dancer
Maude Apatow, 1997, Movie Actress
Maurice Wilkins, 1916, Scientist
Max Green, 1984, Bassist
Maxwell Anderson, 1888, Playwright
Mayra Dias Gomes, 1987, Novelist
Melanie Chartoff, 1948, TV Actress
Messy Mya, 1988, Rapper
Michael Le Vell, 1964, Soap Opera Actor
Michael Shanks, 1970, TV Actor
Michelle Dockery, 1981, TV Actress
Miguel Angel Garcia, 1987, Boxer
Mike Huttlestone, 1986, YouTube Star
Mike McAlary, 1957, Journalist
Mo Vaughn, 1967, Baseball Player
Mohamed Farrah Aidid, 1934, Politician
Molly Price, 1966, TV Actress
Mouli Ganguly, 1982, TV Actress
Muriel Rukeyser, 1913, Poet
Najoua Belyzel, 1981, Pop Singer
Natasha Wilona, 1998, Soap Opera Actress
Necati Sasmaz, 1971, TV Actor
Ned Brower, 1978, Drummer
Nehe Milner-Skudder, 1990, Rugby Player
Neil McDermott, 1980, Soap Opera Actor
Nero, 37, Politician
Nichole Bloom, 1989, Movie Actress
Nick Beggs, 1961, Bassist
Nick Buoniconti, 1940, Football Player
Noelle Foley, 1993, Family Member
Oscar Niemeyer, 1907, Architect
OTF Nunu, 1992, Rapper
Paul Kaye, 1964, Comedian
Paul Simonon, 1955, Bassist
Perri Kiely, 1995, Dancer
Peter Andreas Munch, 1810, Historian
PJ Byrne, 1974, Movie Actor
Priscilla Mennella, 1985, Reality Star
Rachel Bootsma, 1993, Swimmer
Rachel Brosnahan, 1990, TV Actress
Raina Kabaivanska, 1934, Opera Singer
Ralph Ineson, 1969, TV Actor
Randy Parton, 1953, Country Singer
Ray Eames, 1912, Architect
Reginald Hudlin, 1961, Director
Rene Dupree, 1983, Wrestler
Rick Law, 1969, Cartoonist
Rodney Bingenheimer, 1947, DJ
Rodney Harrison, 1972, Football Player
Ronnie Radke, 1983, Rock Singer
Rudolf Vonlaban, 1879, Dancer
Sara Driver, 1955, Director
Sattar Bahlulzade, 1909, Painter
Scott Devours, 1966, Drummer
Sendi Skopljak, 1991, Blogger
Sergio Pizzorno, 1980, Guitarist
Sete Gibernau, 1972, Motorcycle Racer
Shamoy Persad, 1994, Model
Sheaden Gabriel, 2003, Dancer
Spike Mendelsohn, 1980, Chef
Stan Kenton, 1911, Pianist
Stefania Lavie Owen, 1997, TV Actress
Steven Bridges, 1991, Magician
Steven N’zonzi, 1988, Soccer Player
Stuart Townsend, 1972, Movie Actor
Swan Fyahbwoy, 1979, DJ
Tee Stunna, 1990, Rapper
Teresa May, 1966, Model
Thaao Penghlis, 1945, TV Actor
Tim Conway, 1933, TV Actor
Tim Reynolds, 1957, Guitarist
Tony Beets, 1959, Reality Star
Tracy EleventhGorgeous, 1982, YouTube Star
Trish Thuy Trang, 1980, Pop Singer
Vanessa Arias, 1992, TV Actress
Wang Hao, 1983, Table Tennis Player
William Link, 1933, Screenwriter
William Orbit, 1956, Music Producer
William Yeon, 1994, Vine Star
Yoo Seung-jun, 1976, Pop Singer
Zee Avi, 1985, Pop Singer
Zenta Maurina, 1897, Essayist


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