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December 14 Famous Birthdays

December 14 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 14 are extremely active Sagittarius… even while you are sleeping. They will not rest until the job is done. Whatever their goals are, they are sure to begin work on them. But sometimes, they let too much pile up and don’t get a chance to finish what they start before they are on to the next one.


When it’s time to relax, they are likely to be where the fun is. They bring the sunshine and the bubbly. Their friends enjoy their company. Happy hour would not be the same without them. It’s a shame though that with everyone around them seem to get noticed the most.


Famous December 14 celebrities are a magnetic force. And some can’t help but to be envious of them and their internal beauty which shines brightly on the outside. Working out and eating right has a lot to do with their glow and attitude. Normally, they don’t take time off due to illness. They take care of themselves and prefer a holistic approach to health care.


Famous people born on DECEMBER 14th are friendly individuals. They have the ability to be pliable so they may give the impression of being indecisive. This Sagittarius person believes in setting goals but is unpredictable. However, they have a soft heart.

December 14 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

14 December Good Traits:

  • Friendly
  • Ambitious
  • Humble
  • Optimistic
  • Flexible
  • Pleasant
  • Curious
  • Driven
  • Charismatic

14 December Bad Traits:

  • Fickle
  • Tactless
  • Hurtful
  • Rough
  • Stubborn
  • Overindulgent

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December 14 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Pantaleon, 1992, Pop Singer
Abby Cates, 2000, Instagram Star
Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, 1946, Politician
Abdullah Ghuman, 1993, YouTube Star
Adelina Ismajli, 1979, World Music Singer
Adrian Burk, 1927, Football Player
Agustin Casanova, 1993, World Music Singer
Al Thompson, 1978, Movie Actor
Alan Kulwicki, 1954, Race Car Driver
Aleisha McDonald, 1996, YouTube Star
Aletta Ocean, 1987,
Alex Gaskarth, 1987, Rock Singer
Alfred Bestall, 1892, Cartoonist
Alfred Lennon, 1912, Family Member
Alice Ripley, 1963, Stage Actress
Aline Bernardes, 1988, Model
Allan K., 1958, Game Show Host
Amber Chia, 1981, Model
Ana Maria Polvorosa, 1987, TV Actress

Andrew Younghusband, 1970, TV Show Host
Anthony Douglas, 1986, YouTube Star
Anthony Mason, 1966, Basketball Player
Aphra Behn, 1640, Playwright
Archie Kao, 1969, Movie Actor
Arvo Valton, 1935, Screenwriter
Ashlan Gorse, 1980, TV Show Host
Austin Coleman, 1983, BMX Rider
B-Bomb, 1990, Pop Singer
Barbara Ferreira, 1996, Instagram Star
Baylor Barbee, 1981, Entrepreneur
Bela B., 1962, Rock Singer
Ben Kay, 1975, Rugby Player
Beth Orton, 1970, Folk Singer
Bill Buckner, 1949, Baseball Player
Biswajit Chatterjee, 1936, Movie Actor
BKS Iyengar, 1918, Teacher
Bob Paris, 1959, Bodybuilder
Brendan Hunt, 1983, Activist
Brian Dalyrimple, 1975, R&B Singer
 december 14 famous birthdaysBrian Gay, 1971, Golfer
Budd Johnson, 1910, Saxophonist
Calvyn Justus, 1995, YouTube Star
Carlos Sarabia, 1975, World Music Singer
Catherine Coleman, 1960, Astronaut
Cecil Payne, 1922, Saxophonist
Celia Weston, 1951, TV Actress
Charles Seeger, 1886, Composer
Charles Wolfe, 1791, Poet
Charley Trippi, 1921, Football Player
Charli Palumbo, 1996, Family Member
Charlie Hodge, 1934, Guitarist
Charlie Rich, 1932, Country Singer
Chris Brunt, 1984, Soccer Player
Chris Cheng, 1979, Sports Shooter
Chris Corradino, 1998, Dancer
Chris Heisey, 1984, Baseball Player
Chris Waddle, 1960, Soccer Player
CJ Snare, 1959, Rock Singer

Clark Terry, 1920, Trumpet Player
Cliff Williams, 1949, Bassist
Cory Conacher, 1989, Hockey Player
Craig Biggio, 1965, Baseball Player
Craig McMorris, 1991, Snowboarder
Cynthia Gibb, 1963, TV Actress
Dan Dailey, 1915, Stage Actor
Dan Gargan, 1982, Soccer Player
Dave Nilsson, 1969, Baseball Player
Debbie Lee Carrington, 1959, Movie Actress
Dee Wallace, 1949, Movie Actress
DeFord Bailey, 1899, Country Singer
Dene Michael, 1956, Pop Singer
Dennenesch Zoude, 1966, TV Actress
Devin Gardner, 1991, Football Player
Devon Turqmelon, 1996, Twitch Star
Dick Wagner, 1942, Guitarist
Didier Zokora, 1980, Soccer Player
Dilma Rousseff, 1947, Politician
Dino Stamatopoulos, 1964, TV Actor
Divyanka Tripathi, 1984, TV Actress

DJ Priest, 1999, DJ
Dobri Hristov, 1875, Composer
Don Franklin, 1960, TV Actor
Don Hewitt, 1922, TV Producer
Douglas Brinkley, 1960, Teacher
Drew Dennis Dix, 1944, War Hero
Drew Fickett, 1979, MMA Fighter
Edward T. Welburn, 1950, Business Executive
Edward Tatum, 1909, Scientist
Elena Barolo, 1982, Movie Actress
Elena Grinenko, 1976, Dancer
Elisa Sednaoui, 1987, Model
Elyse Knox, 1917, Movie Actress
Emma Ferreira, 1975, Multimedia Artist
Emma Jane Lang, 1990, Reality Star
Ernie Davis, 1939, Football Player
Etienne Tshisekedi, 1932, Politician
Evan McKeel, 1994, Pop Singer
Fally Ipupa, 1977, Pop Artist
Frances Bavier, 1902, TV Actress
Francis Bavier, 1902, TV Actress
Frederick Worlock, 1886, Movie Actor
Gary James, 1960, Drummer
George VI, 1895, Royalty
Ginger Lynn, 1962,
Grayson Dewolfe, 1997, Rock Singer
Greg Hemphill, 1969, TV Actor
Grzegorz Komincz, 1993, eSports Player
Hal Williams, 1938, TV Actor
Hanni Wenzel, 1956, Skier
Harry Atmore, 1870, Politician
Harvey Sid Fisher, 1940, Comedian
Hawk Koch, 1945, Film Producer
Hayden Calnin, 1989, Folk Singer
Helle Thorning Schmidt, 1966, Politician
Helle Thorning-schmidt, 1966, Politician
Henry Bennett, 1886, Politician
Herbert Feigl, 1902, Philosopher
Inga Drozdova, 1975, Model
Isaiah Pead, 1989, Football Player
Jack Cafferty, 1942, Journalist
Jack Trevor, 1890, Movie Actor
Jackie Mandel, 1984, Family Member
Jackson Rathbone, 1984, Movie Actor
Jade Bryce, 1988, Model
Jakub Blaszczykowski, 1985, Soccer Player
James Bruce, 1730, Novelist
James Fletcher, 1990, TV Actor
Jamie Peacock, 1977, Rugby Player
Jane Birkin, 1946, Movie Actress
Janette Scott, 1938, Movie Actress
Jared Garfield, 1990, Soap Opera Actor
Jen Chae, 1984, YouTube Star
Jesse Garcia, 1982, TV Actor
Jim Roland, 1942, Baseball Player
Jimmy Doolittle, 1896, War Hero
Jimmy Doolittle, 1896, War Hero
Joey Gray, 1983, TV Actor
John Cochrane, 1986, YouTube Star
John Lurie, 1952, Composer
Johnny Chapman, 1967, Race Car Driver
Jon Elia, 1931, Poet
Jonathan Holmes, 1986, YouTube Star
Jose Luis Castillo, 1973, Boxer
Joshua Dionisio, 1994, TV Actor
Joshua Rush, 2001, Movie Actor
Juan Camilo Zuniga, 1985, Soccer Player
Julian Tocker, 1988, Dancer
June Taylor, 1917, Dancer
Jurre Otto, 1998, Pop Singer
Justen Harden, 1994, Vine Star
Justin Furstenfeld, 1975, Rock Singer
KaDee Strickland, 1975, TV Actress
Karey Kirkpatrick, 1964, Screenwriter
Karl Conrad, 1988, YouTube Star
Karley Scott Collins, 1999, TV Actress
Kelley Armstrong, 1968, Novelist
Kenny Brown, 1992, YouTube Star
Kiari Cephus, 1991, Rapper
King Tee, 1968, Rapper
Kyle Shanahan, 1979, Football Coach
Lachie Henderson, 1989, Australian Rules Footballer
Lauren Boyle, 1987, Swimmer
Laurence Naismith, 1908, Movie Actor
Leanne Mitchell, 1983, Pop Singer
Lee Remick, 1935, Movie Actress
Leland Chapman, 1976, Reality Star
Leon Botstein, 1946, Composer
Lester Bangs, 1948, Journalist
Libby Powell, 1992, Model
Lillian Randolph, 1898, TV Actress
Linda Hopkins, 1924, Stage Actress
Lori Piestewa, 1979, War Hero
Louis Marshall, 1856, Lawyer
Lovemore Majaivana, 1954, World Music Singer
Lucero Rios, 1996, Instagram Star
Lynne Marie Stewart, 1946, TV Actress
Malcolm Hall, 1947, Fashion Designer
Margaret Chase Smith, 1897, Politician
Marilyn Cooper, 1934, Stage Actress
Mariusz Wach, 1979, Boxer
Mark Herras, 1986, TV Actor
Martha Davis, 1917, Stage Actress
Mason Disick, 2009, Reality Star
Matthew McNulty, 1982, Movie Actor
Max Topplin, 1989, TV Actor
Michael Murphy, 1996, TV Actor
Michael Owen, 1979, Soccer Player
Michael Stoyanov, 1970, TV Actor
Michaela Watkins, 1971, TV Actress
Mike Fuentes, 1984, Drummer
Miranda Hart, 1972, TV Actress
Miranda Matthews, 1998, Instagram Star
Miroslav Kraljevic, 1885, Painter
Morey Amsterdam, 1908, TV Actor
Nasser Hejazi, 1949, Soccer Player
Nate Collins, 1987, Football Player
Nate Ebner, 1988, Football Player
Nicol Concilio, 1992, YouTube Star
Nicolas Batum, 1988, Basketball Player
Noelle Beck, 1968, Soap Opera Actress
Norton Schwartz, 1951, War Hero
Nostradamus, 1503, Poet
Onew, 1989, Pop Singer
Paisley Scott, 2007, Reality Star
Pat Burke, 1973, Basketball Player
Patricia Driscoll, 1977, Business Executive
Patty Duke, 1946, Movie Actress
Patty Schnyder, 1978, Tennis Player
Paul Beakman Zaloom, 1951, TV Actor
Paul Eluard, 1895, Poet
Paul Rabil, 1985, Lacrosse Player
Paul Robinson, 1978, Soccer Player
Paula Hellens, 1986, Reality Star
Peter Gade, 1976, Badminton Player
Phineas Newborn Jr., 1931, Pianist
Rachel Cohn, 1968, Young Adult Author
Radu Beligan, 1918, Movie Actor
Raj Kapoor, 1924, Movie Actor
Rana Daggubati, 1984, Movie Actor
Randy Starks, 1983, Football Player
Rebecca Gibney, 1964, TV Actress
Rece Davis, 1965, Sportscaster
Reign Disick, 2014, Family Member
Riya Vij, 1998, Movie Actress
Robert Covington, 1990, Basketball Player
Robert Rolfe, 1985, Drummer
Rocky Ullah, 1989, YouTube Star
Roger Fry, 1866, Painter
Roger Mooking, 1973, Chef
Romain Dumas, 1977, Race Car Driver
Rosalee Ochoa, 1990, Instagram Star
Ryo Miyaichi, 1992, Soccer Player
Sam Burgess, 1988, Rugby Player
Samantha Peszek, 1991, Gymnast
Sameera Reddy, 1980, Movie Actress
Saulius Stombergas, 1973, Basketball Player
Scott Hatteberg, 1969, Baseball Player
Sebastian Gonzalez, 1978, Soccer Player
Seth Degler, 1997, YouTube Star
Shelomi Sanders, 2003, Family Member
Shirley Jackson, 1916, Novelist
Shyam Benegal, 1934, Director
Sol Spiegelman, 1914, Scientist
Soni Singh, 1986, TV Actress
Sophie Monk, 1979, Pop Singer
Spike Jones, 1911, Comedian
Stephen Cook, 1939, Mathematician
Steve MacLean, 1954, Astronaut
Steve Sidwell, 1982, Soccer Player
Tammy Blanchard, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Tata Young, 1980, Pop Singer
Ted Raimi, 1965, TV Actor
Thomas Horn, 1997, Movie Actor
Thuy Trang, 1973, TV Actress
Tia Texada, 1971, TV Actress
Tim Skold, 1966, Bassist
Timothy Colombos, 2004, TV Actor
Tom S Englund, 1973, Guitarist
Tonedeff, 1976, Rapper
Tony Nathan, 1956, Football Player
Tori Kelly, 1992, Pop Singer
Tre Jackson, 1992, Football Player
Troy Brady, 1984, Guitarist
Tycho Brahe, 1546, Scientist
Vanessa Hudgens, 1988, Pop Singer
Vicki Michelle, 1950, TV Actress
Wade Elliott, 1978, Soccer Player
Walter Haynes, 1928, Guitarist
Wilfred Ferguson, 1917, Cricket Player
Xul Solar, 1887, Sculptor
Yvonne Ryding, 1962, Model


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