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Dating Tips for College Students

Must-Know Dating Tips for College Students

College is not only a place for studies; all college-goers know this fact too well. We all look forward to college life because college brings new experiences, adventures, learning, and new relationships. The long corridors in the college premises are the perfect location to stumble across your dream man/woman. College romance is fresh, naive, and exciting. College provides the best playground for playing dating games. The various essential dating tips for college students are listed below to get your college dating game on point.


Dating Tips for Every College Student:

1. Do not enter the dating scenes within the first month of joining college

When you enter college, you are filled with this dire need to have a partner around you. The feeling becomes more robust when all you can see are lovey-dovey couples roaming hand in hand around you. Quite naturally, you will want to dive headlong into the dating arena. However, refraining from acting in haste will prevent you from repenting later. As a freshman, you already have too many new things on the plate to taste, and it is better to take one bite at a time. Make new friends, explore your surroundings, and adjust to your new routines. You can only get your date game strong when you have settled comfortably in your new surroundings.


2. Keep long-distance relationships away from your plate

Love in college is in itself a roller-coaster ride. Don’t make things more complex for you by making things long distances. Long-distance relationships are immensely tough and can only work out when you have already established a strong foundation for your relationship. Long-distance relationships should remain a far-fetched thought only for someone just getting to know college life and relationships.


3. Avoid jumping up the stairs too quickly

Every relationship follows a particular path. Depending on several factors, the approach might be a meandering one or a straight one. Let love follow its natural course. Don’t try to force things in your relationship. Time is a precious investment in all relationships. Give yourself and your partner the time to know each other and fall in love accordingly. Refrain yourself from taking things too seriously. Just because your relationship status changed from single to dating does not mean you have to start thinking about marriage and kids. Take your own time and let your partner do the same too. Your focus should be on finding true love and not finding one.


4. Don’t be shy to express your feelings

If you like someone, say it! The worst that can happen is rejection. But if you fear rejection, it will always act as a deterrent in your dating sojourn. Your feelings may not always be reciprocated, but if you look at the brighter side, you can still make a good friend.

5. Make wise decisions about hookups and physical intimacy

Hookups don’t work for everyone. Your preferences in love and relationships can differ significantly from those of your friend. Just because your friend enjoys having those random hookups and one-night stands, it does not necessarily mean that you will like it too. Maybe you are the kind of person looking for things more severe than those casual sexual encounters. Try and figure out the type of love you are seeking. If you are still unsure, there’s no harm in trying your hand at the hookup game for once. If you like it, keep proceeding. Otherwise, it’s not too late to back out.

The same rule applies to physical intimacy too. Being in a relationship does not imply that you must instantly go to bed together. If you wish to maintain abstinence or wait a while, let your partner know about it. If you are okay with getting physically intimate with your partner, don’t forget to take safety precautions.

6. Don’t make your world revolve around your partner only

New relationships demand a lot of time and effort. It usually happens that our partner becomes our topmost priority. Giving your partner that importance is no harm, but do not forget to live your own life. Your love should not be the reason that draws you away from your friends and family and disconnects you from the world. Remember that your friends and family should have equal importance in your life. Nevertheless, they came earlier in your life.

7. Break up is not the end of your world

Success is not final; failure is not fatal; the courage to continue counts. Your life does not stop due to one failed relationship. Shedding a bucketful of tears will only trouble your eyes and put your health at stake. If your relationship does not make you happy, you don’t have to bear it. Learn to accept your mistakes and move forward in your life. Better things will come by.

8. Be in love with yourself

You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first; you can’t give what you haven’t got. When you start loving yourself, you will realize your value and not settle for something you don’t deserve. Do not change yourself entirely for the sake of your partner. If the one you are dating loves you, they will accept you the way you are.

Dating Tips for College Students: Conclusion

Lastly, keep your priorities clear. Don’t lose sight of your primary goal while playing the dating game. Remember that relationships will last only when your life is on the right track. Now you have all the dating tips for every college student.

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