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Dating A Professor: A Good Idea For Students

7 Reasons For Dating Your Professor

Almost every school, including higher institutions, prohibits a student-teacher relationship; nonetheless, it doesn’t make it an abomination. Schools institute such laws for moral reasons and for sanity to prevail. So in contrast to school rules, you can date your professor, but don’t get caught. Here are some good reasons for dating a professor.


1. They Don’t Pretend to Know Everything

Since Professors are learned people with great life experience, they read widely and know something about almost everything. But however, they don’t pretend to know everything. They consider themselves as students who are still learning.


So, therefore, don’t lord over students as they pick some ideas from them. So you will have the chance to teach your professor things he didn’t know.


2. Professors are Smart and Intelligent

Dating a professor who is a brainy person full of life experiences, open-mindedness, and well-learned makes life beautiful. They are always in the learning process seeking to explore different avenues in their field of teaching. Some Professors are also open to new ideas and suggestions. You can share ideas and learn a lot as you date a professor.


3. You Can See Him Anytime You Want

Many people complain of being so far from their partners due to their busy schedules. Then you wouldn’t witness this when you date a professor if you can always get to meet your partner on campus officially or unofficially. You can make an excuse to meet him at his office after lessons.

4. You Can Have Undue Favours

Having undue favors is one of the reasons schools prohibit student-teacher relationships. But can this be avoided? No, because one bakes bread and eats stones. You can receive favors like private tutoring, being previewed to questions, and getting high marks.

5. They are Financially Sound

Professors receive very good pay and have other benefits like accommodation, allowances and the school takes care of their utility bills.


Most of them also serve as visiting professors to other institutions adding to their monthly home take. You wouldn’t have money problems when dating a professor.

6. They Have Job Security

I have never heard of an unemployed professor. Some of them are unable to meet their hectic demands. There are a lot of universities out there waiting for their services. They leave this job today, and another is awaiting them.

Professors communicate for a living. Tutoring more than 200 students at a time in a lecture hall is not an easy task, but they do this easily. You can count on him for great and insightful conversations.

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