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Crystal Meditation to Open The Third Eye

Third Eye Meditation with Crystals

Hello friends I hope that you all have been enjoying our blog discussion series on opening up the third eye. Today we are going to take last week’s discussion on the meditation exercises and amp that up a notch with some discussion on how to use crystals to do that. Today here we are going to look at how to incorporate crystal meditation to open up your third eye chakra. So let’s get to it!

The first and most obvious questions will be what crystals should you use? Anything that has the color of the third eye chakra, or any subsidiary color, will be a great starting point to balance your third eye and open it up.

You can even put on clothing with this color for the same effect. So the colors you are looking for are amethyst, purple, indigo, and violet in crystals. I find the best crystals for work with the third eye are, in no specific order, amethyst itself, spirit quartz, and rose quartz. I often have a little bit of everything on when I am doing third-eye work.


Crystal Meditation

Different Kinds  Of Crystals

Collect a bunch of different kinds of crystals, there is no wrong one to use. I like to wear bracelets with my crystals, but loose ones are just as effective. If you have loose ones you can place them on your chakra centers as shown in the picture above.


If you want to put an amethyst or spirit quartz directly on your third eye while you meditate that can be a very effective tool as well.

And that’s pretty much it, my friends. Much easier than you thought, right? That’s because it is! Before you go into the meditation exercise we discussed in last week’s feature you want to make sure that the crystals you use are fully charged as well.

Once you have your crystals fully charged, place them on your body where you want and begin your meditation exercise. And as you clear your intent and pray for your blessings, do enjoy.

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