Saturday, July 31, 2021

Celebrity Astrology – Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton

Celebrity Couple Profile – Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton are on a similar emotional wavelength, as both have Sun Signs in the Emotional Elements of Fire and Water. Bill is a Leo, and Hillary is a Scorpio. Like most women, she would be very taken by the fact that Bill’s chart energies produce a very charming and verbally skilled man. There is just something mesmerizing about the way Leo combines with Libra (he has Venus and Mars there).

And, in any Sign, Venus/Mars conjunct has an almost magical quality about it. When the desire nature of Mars blends with the attraction principle of Venus, it makes for great emotional intensity, vitality, and emotional warmth. These people can’t do enough for the people they care about. Is it any wonder that women flock to this man whose magnetic qualities charmed a nation into forgiving him his indiscretions and electing him president – not once, but twice!

Bill and Hillary Clinton both have the majority of their planets in the Western Hemisphere, which causes them to be very needy of love. Hillary also has Venus and Mercury in Scorpio. This Scorpio stellium gives her a great deal of willpower and strength. This has allowed her to put up such a strong front to the world in the face of such personal embarrassment.

Hillary is also very inclined toward self-denial and overlooking things, with her having such high Water influence, which includes her Moon in the non-confronting Venusian Water Sign of Pisces. There is a real capacity to look the other way when she does not wish to deal with something that would cause her great pain. And, this high Water emphasis – particularly her Pisces Moon – makes her very forgiving – often too forgiving.

However, with her Mars in Leo, once she does confront, she would do it with genuine Fire passion! Not to mention that her Mars is conjunct with Bill’s Sun in Leo to produce a real potential for combativeness between them. I am sure that over the years with his assorted affairs, and indeed when Bill finally confessed regarding Monica Lewinsky, and so publicly humiliated her, they would have had some very intense emotional interaction.

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