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Capricorn Mother’s Personality Traits

A Capricorn Mother Personality Traits

The Capricorn Mother’s personality traits will be highly devoted to the family and make sure that the family is financially sound protected. You do not mind working to earn the necessary income for the family.

The Capricorn mother traits show that you are always thinking about the future and will not hesitate to reject the inappropriate demands of your child. Your main objective is to prepare your child to succeed in life. Your child will be taught the value of diligence which will help him in the future.


Capricorn Mother – Positive Personality Traits

Family Oriented

The Capricorn mom trait shows she is highly responsible and proud of her ancestors. You want your child to be aware of the family history and the old traditions. You are very close with your parents and take care of them in their old age.

All your efforts are directed towards upholding the family prestige and keep your parents happy with your achievements in life. Your child will learn from your actions and will have deference for senior family members.


Nurturing Mother

The Capricorn mother’s characteristics show she is by character a sincere person who scrupulously nurtures her child. You are highly devoted to your child and are prepared to forgo your own comforts for the benefit of your child.

The Capricorn mother’s personality traits show that though you appear to be rigid and strong, you are extremely kind with your child when required. You are selfish as far as your child is concerned. With your son or daughter, you are rarely offensive or obstinate, while your behavior with other people will be exactly the opposite.capricorn-mother

Memorable Present for Capricorn Mother

The Capricorn Mother personality has a soft corner for costly jewellery and it will be a perfect gift on special occasions. You will appreciate a nice book or beautiful flowers of your choice.

A visit to an exquisite restaurant for dinner will please you very much. Anything that will evoke good feelings in you will be memorable for you on the occasion.


Capricorn Mother – Negative Personality Traits


The Capricorn female will try to take all the responsibilities and is generally serious about her work. You should stop worrying about minor things and should not make your child feel that life is harsh.


The Capricorn mother traits show that you should inspire your child’s confidence by being lively and putting up a brace in the face of daily challenges. This will make your child optimistic about life.

You tend to be quite strict with your child which will keep your child away from you because of fear. You should love and guide your child when he or she makes a mistake and allow him to learn from the mistakes.

Though you are not overly expressive while showing your love to the child, make your child feel that you are affectionate and he or she is wanted.


The Capricorn Mother’s characteristics show she is fond of showing off her status to the outside world and in the process, family happiness may go for a toss. You should not force your exacting standards on your child and too much discipline may rob the family of real pleasure.

In your quest to make the child top class by indulging in too many extracurricular activities, the child will not have to enjoy the pleasures of being a kid.

Your efforts to surpass other mothers by comparing and competing with them will make you a loner. You must develop a group of helpful friends and enjoy the pleasures of parenting.

Strict Discipline

This Capricorn parent becomes ferocious if she thinks there is imminent danger to her child. While you take the liberty to discipline your child on your own, you will never allow other people to reprimand your child.

You may be attached and affectionate with your child, but your original stubborn nature will be unforgiving if the child makes a mistake. As you are emotionally weak, your love for the child will hurt your feelings when the child acts against your aspirations about him.

The Capricorn mother’s personality traits show she has great expectations about her child and wants the child to triumph over others. Your emphasis will be on excellence when your child is concerned and you try to keep your child happy with all high-quality stuff.

With your strong discipline, you make the child courteous to your relatives and senior people. You cannot be satisfied easily by your child though you are very much concerned about your child. Your teenager may find you to be firm and heartless, but you are pleased with the success of your child.

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