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Cancer As A Mother Personality Traits

A Cancer Mother Personality Traits

The Cancer woman is the epitome of motherhood. There is no greater joy than carrying and giving birth to a child.

Family means everything to the Cancer mother’s personality traits and she will keep them happy at all costs!


This could give way to an overprotective and overbearing mother without the proper support from the ladies in her life.


Cancer Mother – Positive Personality Traits

The #1 Mother

Ahhh, motherhood! If there was an award for THE perfect mother figure among the zodiac, Cancer would win every single time without fail.

The Cancer mother traits show she is in love with each and every moment of being a mother. The love she has for her children is everlasting and she will go to great lengths to let them know that 24/7. Through her hectic daily routine of caretaking, the Cancer mom personality truly embraces the phrase, “a labor of love”.


Cancer moms have a natural desire to be needed by those whom they hold dear. As a result, she tries to do every last thing there is to do for her family. Her biggest fear is the day when her children no longer need her to take them to school, tuck them into bed, or drive them to a slumber party. The poor Cancer woman will do anything for them while she can!


The Cancer female will even take over minor tasks such as tying her children’s shoelaces for them, buttoning up their jackets for them, and cleaning up their toys after playtime is over.

The Cancer mother’s personality traits show that although it is wonderful and sweet that she does everything for her children, she needs to realize that she has to let them learn to do these things for themselves. It is an essential and natural learning process that each individual goes through in their life. There are no exceptions!



When it comes to family gatherings most people, either love it or they don’t. Cancer mothers practically lead the “I love family gatherings” party in this case. She will even offer to host, cook, decorate, and plan all that she can handle to make it a success.

The Cancer mother’s characteristics show that family means the world to her and surely, she does not want that to go unnoticed. The joy she receives from being around a loving family is akin to being in heaven. Family traditions are also very important to the Cancer mother.

The handing down of her great great grandmother’s wedding gown, her great aunt’s jeweled brooch, the big Thanksgiving dinner, you name it. Being the sentimental woman that she is, you can be sure that she will pass on the traditions for generations after her.

Cancer Mother – Negative Personality Traits

Mother Knows Best

Cancer women have the astounding ability to be perfectly in sync with their children’s emotions and wants. This provides a great sense of security for the children around her. The Cancer mother’s personality traits show that she will never fail to be there when they scrape their knee, get their feelings hurt by a friend, or even when they just want a cookie.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to the Cancer mother’s overprotective characteristics. Her children may grow up to be that spoiled little princess down the block demanding gifts left and right and throwing tantrums when she does not get what she wants immediately.

The Cancer mother’s traits show that she may need some guidance from the women in her life to set things straight and be less protective! This applies tenfold when her mood swings come into play. When things get tough for this Cancer parent, it is hard to predict what her temperament will be from one moment to the next.

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