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Bedroom Art With Good Feng Shui

What Kind Of Art in the Bedroom Is Good Feng Shui?

Room Goals

A bedroom is a place of relaxation, romance, and tranquility. A well-designed bedroom can inspire couples to feel more romantic and arouse their passion. If not, the relationship can be reduced to a friendly handshake that isn’t that romantic. Let’s discuss what kind of art or painting represents good Feng Shui in the bedroom.


If the bedroom is a place of activity, such as sports, work, hobbies, or other interests, it is not as quiet as it should be. There is a fine line between creating a bedroom that inspires you and a bedroom you spend your time in.


Painting or Art for the Bedroom Based on Good Feng Shui Principles

One of the first areas is art. Feng Shui has strict rules about the bedroom and the art that goes into it. From time to time, I see bedrooms during the Feng Shui consultations, and works of art look like everything that is better left outof the rest of the house. The symbolism of art in the exhibited space is not considered, like the winter scene in a wedding room. This can fill the room with wrong messages. Bbbbrrrrr …….


The bedroom must display a message that inspires the person (or person) occupying the room. Works of art must reflect their taste, interests, and desires and simultaneously follow the Feng Shui guidelines. This ensures that negative or inappropriate messages do not interfere with the bedroom’s main purpose: rest, romance, and relaxation.


Look at all the bedrooms in the house. Determine whether they are inspiring and whether they make suitable statements for the room. For example, a creepy Spiderman poster that looks like Spiderman is jumping off a wall can create a creepy bedroom for boys.

Or pictures of children in a wedding room generate too much “child energy” and can be uncomfortable for romance, reducing the marriage’s passion. Next, follow the guidelines for Feng Shui accounts, e.g., removing mirrors and images of dragons and deities or malicious animals.

Sleep is when we need to be best protected and cared for. So it makes sense to ensure that your bedroom supports you, your family, and your relationship.

Feng Shui Art in the Nursery or Kid’s Bedrooms

  • Avoid wild animals and creepy characters.
  • Place bright and happy pictures in the nursery
  • Show pictures of skills and learning, e.g., images of globes and books or any kind of learning experience
  • DO NOT hang pictures of water, lakes, or oceans
  • Avoid images of religious subjects such as crosses or religious figures

  • Choose positive animal pictures, such as horses (good for boys), that look happy, strong, and unafraid. Turtles are also useful. Avoid frogs as frogs that can “eat” anything in the room.
  • Have photos of parents in children’s rooms to encourage better behavior and respect
  • Clouds are prevalent in children’s rooms. Make sure that the child’s head is not covered by clouds if there are clouds on the ceiling. This creates “clouds over the head” and can cause several difficulties. (The same applies to adult bedrooms.)

Feng Shui Art in Adult Bedrooms

  • For couples, you should include photos of couples (geese, ducks, chairs, vases, etc.) to encourage interaction
  • Avoid images of heavenly deities, religious figures, etc.
  • Avoid images of individual items that suggest a single person
  • Avoid pictures of flowers and plants unless someone is sick. Plants and pictures of plants or flowers will make couples argue.
  • Have pictures of love, like being in a hug, a tasteful act of affection
  • DO NOT have photos of children in the bedroom. You already have enough “childhood.” Have a place in the house that is only dedicated to you and your partner.

  • If you are single, ensure you have a picture in the bedroom representing the energy you want to attract. That is, a single woman looking for a man should hang up a picture that shows a man or has a strong man in the scene.
  • Place a picture of an open field on the wall opposite the bed to create opportunities for yourself. It shows that your way of life is open with no obstacles.

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