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handshake Dream Meaning
Hhandshake Dream Meaning

Meaning Of In Handshake Dream, Interpretation And Symbolism

What Does a Handshake in Your Dream Mean?

Did you recently dream about a handshake? This dream is a sign that you are focused on making something great of your life. You will meet people that will influence your life positively. Also, you will explore new opportunities that will open you up to things beyond your capabilities. In such an instance, you need to challenge yourself.


This dream is a reassurance message from your subconscious mind. Be confident with the decisions you make now, and do not doubt yourself even for a second. Dreaming of a handshake is symbolic of starting something new to see you get ahead in life.

Handshake Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of a Handshake

Dreaming of shaking someone’s hands is a sign that you need to fix something going wrong in your waking life. In partnership with like-minded people, you will be able to come up with lasting solutions to your problems.

Shaking hands with a business partner in your dream signifies expanding your partnership and exploring new possibilities.


This dream might also mean honoring your promises. Always remain true to your words, and people will respect you for the same.

Dreaming of a handshake is also a sign that you should be welcoming to the people in your life, whether you are on good terms or not.

Dreams About Shaking Hands with Your Enemy

According to the handshake dream analysis, this dream means that you will soon resolve your problems with someone. This person might be your loved one, a colleague at the workplace, or a friend. Peace and harmony will take over where instability and conflict have dominated for a long time.


Dream About Shaking Hands with a Dead Person

This dream is a sign that you will receive bad news that will change the course of your life. It might also signify bad health.

Shaking Hands with a Man or Woman in Your Dream

The handshake dream symbol, in this case, signifies taking matters into your own hands and leading your life in the right direction. Also, shaking hands with a woman signifies a new love affair for singles.

Dreaming of Hands

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