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7 Benefits Of Avocado

Avocado – Fruit or Vegetable?

An Avocado is one of those types of food that is informally either classified as a fruit or a vegetable. They are in fact a fruit and come in green and purple colors. They are very nutritious, effectively a meal in themselves. Here in this article we look at some specific benefits of eating Avocados.

Before we start looking at some of the key benefits of Avocados it is worth mentioning that Avocados take from 7-10 days to ripen. You want to make sure you eat them ripe! The different types of avocado can look quite different from one another.


7 Benefits of Eating Avocados

Now lets look at 7 specific benefits of adding avocados to your weekly meals:

#1. Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance

This is because avocado has monosaturated fats which speed up your metabolic rate. It’s overall fat, nutrients and sense of fullness prevent eaters from eating other things. Indeed some people will eat an avocado with some added foods such as corn and salad.

Alternatively you add some cooked lean bacon and sour cream if you prefer a non-vegetarian option. Grilled chicken and any fruit – mango, pineapple or even apricot goes well with an avocado salad.

If you don’t want to bother cutting up a whole avocado you can also buy the paste which can be just as tasty and much easier to carry to work or on picnics. Still nothing beats the natural goodness of a whole avocado as it is!

avocado salad

#2. Prevention of Strokes & Heart Attacks

Due to the high levels of Potassium contained in fruits such as Avocados eating them regularly will help keep both strokes and heart attacks away. The reason for this is that they contain high levels of vitamins C, E and betacarotene.

These three agents are one of the main ways the human body can prevent these diseases occurring by their presence in conjunction with Iron and Copper, other antioxidants and enzymes. They act on the free radicals that can potentially cause cancer cells.

#3. Cancer Prevention

In the same way the trace minerals, vitamins and enzymes prevent heart disease and stroke incidence, they also are anti-carcinogenic by attacking the free radicals that morph the cells to form cancer.

stuffed avocado

#4. Blood Pressure

Avocados may be used to control or lower high blood pressure due to their high levels of Potassium.

#5. Cataract & Macular degeneration Prevention

Due to the high levels of caretenoids as mentioned earlier, Avocados are a way of preventing eye deterioration and cataracts.

#6. Prevent Bad Breath

Surprisingly avocado is the best natural remedy for bad breath, the source of which is in the intestine.

avocado pregnancy

#7. Healthy Child

When pregnant women eat vitamin B in Avocados also known as folic acid they reduce the incidence of child defects such as spina bifida.

Having mentioned the benefits of Avocados it is necessary to warn those of us who are diabetes 2 type to eat them in moderation. This is because they have some sugar that can suppress insulin production. That does not mean you can’t have them since other health experts have differing views.

It is perhaps best to not have Avocados every day but instead a couple of times a week, providing you mix in foods with sugar-lowering properties or low in sugar.

Other than that go ahead and enjoy nature’s elixir, a fruit that can be combined in a vegetarian dish, combined with roast chicken to offset the flavour or with corn and beans or with nachos (low fat of course!).

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