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August 22 Famous Birthdays

August 22 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born AUGUST 22 belong to the zodiac sign Leo. You are someone who is able to give their time to make sure other people are taken care of. They’d make a steadfast employee or leader.

On a personal and on a work level, they understand people and can sympathize with their associates, friends and family when they come to them for a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. A position in social services would suit them best.


Famous celebrities born on August 22 have a real talent for discovering what’s on the inside of people and bringing out the best in them. Not everyone can do this, they know so, consider this as a gift from the gods. There are times when they can’t be your normal pleasant self and they are capricious.

However, they love it when people return their devotion. People are naturally drawn to them as they are extremely humble but captivating people. Normally, they are self-determining and free individuals.


Famous people born on AUGUST 22nd are Leos who are concerned with other people and how they feel. They are however, opinionated and intolerant. Unpredictable, they have the ability to charm others. It’s part of their mysterious appeal. They are open to new ideas.


August 22 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

22 August Good Traits:

  • Generous
  • Loyal
  • Leader
  • Radiant
  • Delightful
  • Realistic
  • Devoted
  • Bold
  • Steadfast
  • Sensitive

22 August Bad Traits:

  • Bossy
  • Opinionated
  • Smug
  • Impatient
  • Ruthless
  • Moody
  • Irrational
  • Temperamental

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August 22 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, 1967, Movie Actor
Agustin Pichot, 1974, Rugby Player
Alexander Bogdanov, 1873, Scientist
Alexander Chekhov, 1855, Novelist
Alfred Gough, 1967, Screenwriter
Alison Smith, 1954, Radio Host
Alyssa FamilyFunPack, 2006, YouTube Star
Amanda Reason, 1993, Swimmer
Amanuel Richards, 1987, Comedian
Andray Blatche, 1986, Basketball Player
Andrea Perez Meana, 1987, TV Show Host
Andreas Voutsinas, 1932, Movie Actor
Andres Calamaro, 1961, World Music Singer
Andrew Wiedeman, 1989, Soccer Player
Andrew Wilson, 1964, TV Actor
Angelu De Leon, 1979, TV Actress
Annie Proulx, 1935, Novelist
Ari Stidham, 1992, TV Actor
Ashfaq Ahmed, 1925, Playwright

Austin Evans, 1992, YouTube Star
Avinash Sachdev, 1986, TV Actor
Aya Sumika, 1980, TV Actress
Ayden, 1996, Pop Singer
BeautyByCamryn, 2004, Instagram Star
Beckanne Sisk, 1992, Dancer
Beenie Man, 1973, Rapper
Benny Behanan, 1952, Politician
Bill O’Connell, 1953, Pianist
Bill Parcells, 1941, Football Coach
Bob Wall, 1939, Movie Actor
Bobby Laurie, 1984, Blogger
Bobby Norris, 1986, TV Actor
Brady Allen, 2003, Movie Actor
Brandon Adams, 1979, Movie Actor

august-22-famous-birthdaysBrayden Schenn, 1991, Hockey Player
Brian Macwhinney, 1945, Scientist
Brooke Dillman, 1966, Comedian
Carl Yastrzemski, 1939, Baseball Player
Casper Christensen, 1968, Comedian
Chad Marshall, 1984, Soccer Player
Chanelle Price, 1990, Runner
Chariz Solomon, 1989, TV Actress
Charles Francis Jenkins, 1867, Scientist
Charles Halleck, 1900, Politician
Chester Commodore, 1914, Cartoonist
Chiranjeevi, 1955, Movie Actor
Chris Akrigg, 1984, BMX Rider
Chris Dawson, 1979, Soccer Player

Chris Wylde, 1976, Comedian
Christopher Williams, 1967, R&B Singer
Chuck Brown, 1936, Guitarist
Chuck Junior, 1993, Model
Cindy Williams, 1947, TV Actress
Claude Debussy, 1862, Composer
Claudia Tripp, 1998, YouTube Star
CodComedyBryson, 1994, YouTube Star
Collin Raye, 1960, Country Singer
Colm Feore, 1958, Movie Actor
Cory Gardner, 1974, Politician

Courtney Gains, 1965, Movie Actor
Coya Knutson, 1912, Politician
Dakota Goyo, 1999, Movie Actor
Dan Antopolski, 1972, Comedian
Darrin Jackson, 1963, Baseball Player
David Chase, 1945, TV Producer
David Marks, 1948, Rock Singer
Debbi Peterson, 1961, Drummer
Deborah Sasson, 1959, Opera Singer
Deng Xiaoping, 1904, World Leader
Denton Cooley, 1920, Doctor
Devoleena Bhattacharjee, 1990, Soap Opera Actress
Diana Bulimar, 1995, Gymnast
Diana Madison, 1982, TV Show Host
Diana Nyad, 1949, Non-Fiction Author
Diana Sands, 1934, Stage Actress
Dom Craik, 1993, Guitarist
Dom Kennedy, 1984, Rapper
Donna Jean Godchaux, 1947, Rock Singer
Dorothy Parker, 1893, Poet
Dua Lipa, 1995, Pop Singer
Ed Petrie, 1978, Comedian
Edward Howland Robinson Green, 1868, Entrepreneur
Elisabeth Murdoch, 1968, Family Member
Enes Kaya, 1984, TV Show Host
Eric L. Haney, 1952, Screenwriter
Erik van der Luijt, 1970, Pianist
Erika Hebron, 1986, Model
Erin Unger, 1992, Pop Singer
Eurelijus Zukauskas, 1973, Basketball Player
Federico Macheda, 1991, Soccer Player
Ferran Rull, 1997, TV Actor
Gary Lee Conner, 1962, Guitarist
Gene Davis, 1920, Painter
George Canyon, 1970, Country Singer
George Herriman, 1880, Cartoonist
Giada De Laurentiis, 1970, Chef
Ginamarie Zimmerman, 1980, Reality Star
Gordon Liu, 1955, Movie Actor
Greg Forbes, 1950, Scientist
Gregory S. Forbes, 1950, Scientist
Gwen Ballinger, 1960, Family Member
GZA, 1966, Rapper
Harold Solomon, 1952, Tennis Player
Heidi Lenhart, 1973, TV Actress
Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1908, Photographer
Henry Maudslay, 1771, Entrepreneur
Henry Suzzallo, 1875, Teacher
Holly Dunn, 1957, Country Singer
Honor Blackman, 1925, Movie Actress
Howie Dorough, 1973, Pop Singer
Ian Mitchell, 1958, Guitarist
Israel Broussard, 1994, Movie Actor
Ivan Amodei, 1966, Magician
Jackie Geary, 1977, TV Actress
Jacques Lipchitz, 1891, Sculptor
Jahova, 1992, YouTube Star
Jahri Evans, 1983, Football Player
Jake Dudman, 1997, YouTube Star
James Corden, 1978, Comedian
James Debarge, 1963, R&B Singer
James Kirke Paulding, 1778, Novelist
James Pecora, 2000, Vine Star
James Smith, 1990, Instagram Star
Jasmine Waltz, 1982, TV Actress
Jean Garcia, 1969, TV Actress
Jedidiah Willis, 1999, Bassist
Jeff Stinco, 1978, Guitarist
Jenna Leigh Green, 1977, TV Actress
Jennifer Finnigan, 1979, TV Actress
Jessica Andreatta, 1991, Reality Star
Jey Uso, 1985, Wrestler
Jimmy Uso, 1985, Wrestler
Joe Connelly, 1917, Screenwriter
John Lee Hooker, 1917, Guitarist
John Martin Lindstrom, 1980, R&B Singer
John Moynahan, 2007, Family Member
Jon Gooch, 1984, DJ
Jon Hill, 1988, Drummer
Jonathan Morris, 1972, Religious Leader
Jorge Diaz, 1983, TV Actor
Jorge Linares, 1985, Boxer
Joshua Fox, 1991, YouTube Star
Juan Carlos Medina, 1983, Soccer Player
Juan Croucier, 1959, Guitarist
Julian Walker, 1992, Movie Actor
Kaelyn Pannier, 2003, YouTube Star
Kayla Tompkins, 1987, Family Member
Keiko Kitagawa, 1986, Movie Actress
Keith Powers, 1992, Model
Kether Donohue, 1985, Movie Actress
Kidd Kraddick, 1959, Radio Host
Kristen Wiig, 1973, TV Actress
Laura Breckenridge, 1983, TV Actress
Layne Staley, 1967, Rock Singer
Lee Dainton, 1973, Skateboarder
Lee Sheppard, 1974, Cartoonist
Leiko Ikemura, 1951, Sculptor
Leni Riefenstahl, 1902, Movie Actress
Leona Paraminski, 1979, Movie Actress
Liane Valenzuela, 1986, Vine Star
Lloyd Powell, 1888, Pianist
Logan Pause, 1981, Soccer Player
Lucille Ricksen, 1910, Movie Actress
Luke Russert, 1985, Journalist
Lulu Antariksa, 1995, TV Actress
Mahmood Rahman, 1982, Guitarist
Mallory Merk, 2000, Model
Marc Bohan, 1926, Fashion Designer
Mario Abreu, 1919, Painter
Mark Williams, 1959, Movie Actor
Masatoshi Shima, 1943, Scientist
Mats Wilander, 1964, Tennis Player
Mel Hein, 1909, Football Player
Michael Gudinski, 1952, Entrepreneur
Michael Langham, 1919, Director
Michaela Carrozzo, 1999, TV Actress
Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, 1983, Pop Singer
Mila Mason, 1963, Country Singer
Mitchell Langerak, 1988, Soccer Player
Mohamed Sanu, 1989, Football Player
Mosharraf Karim, 1972, TV Actor
Mrunal Thakur, 1992, TV Actress
Mwepu Ilunga, 1949, Soccer Player
Natalia Barbu, 1979, Rock Singer
Ned Hanlon, 1857, Baseball Manager
Nicole Cross, 1993, YouTube Star
Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., 1934, War Hero
Olli Maatta, 1994, Hockey Player
Omar Ghonim, 1994, Vine Star
Pac, 1986, Wrestler
Paloma Jimenez, 1983, Model
Paul Colman, 1967, Guitarist
Paul Gottlieb Nipkow, 1860, Entrepreneur
Paul Molitor, 1956, Baseball Player
Peter James, 1948, Novelist
Pilita Corrales, 1939, Pop Singer
Puru Chibber, 1990, TV Actor
Randall Cobb, 1990, Football Player
Ray Bradbury, 1920, Novelist
Raymonde de Laroche, 1886, Pilot
Rebecca Rolls, 1975, Soccer Player
Regina Taylor, 1960, TV Actress
Ricardo Hurtado, 1998, TV Actor
Richard Armitage, 1971, Movie Actor
Rick McCallum, 1954, Film Producer
Rick Yune, 1971, Movie Actor
Rickard Lindvall, 1993, Drummer
Ricky Lynn Gregg, 1961, Country Singer
Riley Burruss, 2002, Family Member
Roberto Alatriz, 1988, YouTube Star
Rod Brasfield, 1910, Country Singer
Rodrigo Nehme, 1982, TV Actor
Rodrigo Santoro, 1975, Movie Actor
Roland Orzabal, 1961, Guitarist
Ross Marquand, 1981, TV Actor
Sam Muchnick, 1905, Wrestler
Samantha Hernandez, 1992, Reality Star
Sarah Champion, 1977, TV Show Host
Sean Rash, 1982, Bowler
Sekou Sundiata, 1948, Poet
Sesugh Uhaa, 1987, Wrestler
Seyed Mohamad Mousavi, 1987, Volleyball Player
Shane Cross, 1986, Skateboarder
Shane Withington, 1958, TV Actor
Shannon Flynn, 1996, Soap Opera Actress
Sheree Murphy, 1975, Soap Opera Actress
Sombhu Mitra, 1915, Playwright
Sophia Tolstaya, 1844, Family Member
Sp4zie, 1989, YouTube Star
Stephen Ireland, 1986, Soccer Player
Steve Cradock, 1969, Guitarist
Steve Davis, 1957, Snooker Player
Steve Kroft, 1945, News Anchor
Stevie Ray, 1958, Wrestler
Sulem Calderon, 1990, Model
Summer Nazif, 1994, Poet
Sylva Koscina, 1933, Movie Actress
Taylor Hewitt, 1996, Pop Singer
Tim Hicks, 1979, Country Singer
Tori Amos, 1963, Rock Singer
Trevone Boykin, 1993, Football Player
Trey Gowdy, 1964, Politician
Ty Burrell, 1967, TV Actor
Tyce Diorio, 1970, Dancer
Valerie Harper, 1939, TV Actress
Vernon Reid, 1958, Guitarist
William Richards, 1793, Politician
Yasmim Senna, 1992, Instagram Star
Zach Lilley, 1994, YouTube Star


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