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August 23 Famous Birthdays

August 23 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 23 are something else. When it comes to carrying on a conversation they can go! It’s hard to get a word in with them. Their jokes make listening to them awfully enjoyable. They have a gift. They know how to turn a vision into a working piece of art.

Having their share of ups and downs, they can make something out of nothing. In short, they are truly imaginative and creative. It is said that they are straightforward. They don’t beat around the bush when they have something to say.


However, famous August 23 celebrities can turn right around and make that same person smile and make them feel glad to know them. Generally, Virgos born on this day are good looking individuals who attract both men and women.

Normally, they take good care of their body and have sound mental health. As a parent, they would probably be a little strict on their children. Nonetheless, they will cherish and love them.


Famous people born on AUGUST 23rd could be considered meticulous. One thing is for sure… they are ingenious and hard-hitting. They have the capacity to make a big difference in someone’s life. It is said that this Virgo celebrity is dedicated to their children.


August 23 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

23 August Good Traits:

  • Daring
  • Meticulous
  • Loyal
  • Devoted
  • Enterprising
  • Graceful
  • Honest
  • Attractive
  • Funny
  • Giving
  • Caring
  • Organized

23 August Bad Traits:

  • Impatient
  • Arrogant
  • Aggressive
  • Pushy
  • Hypersensitive
  • Insecure

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August 23 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Kozak, 1983, Playwright
Adam Rupp, 1982, Country Singer
Agustin Viana, 1983, Soccer Player
Alan Roscoe, 1886, Movie Actor
Alan Tam, 1950, Pop Singer
Alana Mansour, 2003, TV Actress
Alejo Igoa, 1996, YouTube Star
Alenka Gotar, 1977, Pop Singer
Alex Johns, 1966, Film Producer
Alexandra Roach, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Alexandre Desplat, 1961, Composer
Alice Glass, 1988, Pop Singer
Amanda Allison, 1985, YouTube Star
Amanda Dilks, 1995, Model
Andra, 1986, Pop Singer

Andrew Rannells, 1978, Stage Actor
Andrius Mamontovas, 1967, Guitarist
Annie Ilonzeh, 1983, TV Actress
Ant, 1967, TV Actor
Antonia Coello Novello, 1944, Doctor
Asha Negi, 1989, TV Actress
Ashley Williams, 1984, Soccer Player
Aubrey Willis Williams, 1890, Activist
August Ames, 1994,
Ava Bianchi, 2005, TV Actress
Barbara Eden, 1931, TV Actress
Bilal, 1979, Rapper
Bill Haslam, 1958, Politician
Bob Crosby, 1913, Rock Singer

august-23-famous-birthdaysBob Peck, 1945, Movie Actor
Bobby Diamond, 1943, TV Actor
Bobby G, 1953, Pop Singer
Bobby Watson, 1953, Saxophonist
Bone Crusher, 1971, Rapper
Brad Mehldau, 1970, Pianist
Brandyn Burnette, 1990, Pop Singer
Breanna Conrad, 1989, Reality Star
BreeAnn Barbie, 1993, YouTube Star
Brendan Jackson, 1935, Pilot
Brent Owens, 1989, Chef
Brett Morris, 1986, Rugby Player
Britney Haynes, 1987, Reality Star
Brittney Lee, 1983, Artist
Bryten Goss, 1976, Painter

Cameron Erving, 1992, Football Player
Carl Hagelin, 1988, Hockey Player
Carl Pohlad, 1915, Entrepreneur
Caroline Manzo, 1961, Reality Star
Casey Blake, 1973, Baseball Player
Casey Shane, 1995, Baseball Player
Cathy Stgeorge, 1954, Model
Cedella Marley, 1967, Rock Singer
Charles Busch, 1954, Movie Actor
Charles Paul, 1902, Composer
Charley Boorman, 1966, Movie Actor
Charlotte Smith, 1973, Basketball Player
Chingo Bling, 1979, Rapper
Chris Fowler, 1962, Sportscaster
Chris Galya, 1987, TV Actor
Chrissy Costanza, 1995, Pop Singer

Christopher Parsons, 1932, Film Producer
Clare Grant, 1979, TV Actress
Clement Gibson, 1900, Cricket Player
Cortez Kennedy, 1968, Football Player
Cris Morena, 1950, TV Producer
Dara Howell, 1994, Skier
Darren Collison, 1987, Basketball Player
Davey Muise, 1984, Metal Singer
David Boyd, 1924, Painter
David Gore, 1996, TV Actor
David Wolf, 1956, Astronaut
Dean Deleo, 1961, Guitarist
Durianrider, 1977, YouTube Star
Eddy Brewerton, 1991, Punk Singer
Edgar Lee Masters, 1868, Poet
Edwyn Collins, 1959, Rock Singer
Eliza Pineda, 1995, TV Actress
Erik Stolhanske, 1968, Movie Actor
Erin Foster, 1982, TV Actress
Eugene Lanceray, 1875, Sculptor
Eugene Rousseau, 1932, Saxophonist
Ewelina Lisowska, 1991, Composer
Felix Mitchell, 1954, Criminal
Fernanda D’avila, 1985, Model
Flori Mumajesi, 1982, Pop Singer
Gary Hoey, 1960, Guitarist
Gary Mabbutt, 1961, Soccer Player
Gauhar Khan, 1981, Model
Gene Kelly, 1912, Movie Actor
Geoff Capes, 1949, Shot Putter
George Cox Junior, 1911, Cricket Player
George Davis, 1870, Baseball Player
George Kell, 1922, Baseball Player
George Papashvily, 1898, Sculptor
Georges Cuvier, 1769, Scientist
Giuseppe Meazza, 1910, Soccer Player
Glen Johnson, 1984, Soccer Player
Gloria Pires, 1963, TV Actress
Grant Knoche, 2002, Pop Singer
Greg Glienna, 1963, Screenwriter
Greg Murphy, 1972, Race Car Driver
Hanane El Khader, 1994, Pop Singer
Henry Lee Lucas, 1936, Criminal
Hugh Douglas, 1971, Football Player
Hugo Pierre Gausserand, 1995, Journalist
Hunter Hughes, 1987, YouTube Star
Ida Siekmann, 1902,
Imani Knox, 2001, Family Member
Jaime Lee Kirchner, 1981, TV Actress
James Hynes, 1955, Novelist
James Rolph, 1869, Politician
James Van Praagh, 1958, TV Producer
Jason Hetherington, 1970, Rugby Player
Jay Mohr, 1970, TV Actor
Jean Darling, 1922, Stage Actress
Jeannie Elias, 1954, Voice Actor
Jeff Manto, 1964, Baseball Player
Jelena Rozga, 1977, Pop Singer
Jennifer Abel, 1991, Diver
Jeremy Lin, 1988, Basketball Player
Jeremy Schaap, 1969, Sportscaster
Jermaine Hopkins, 1973, TV Actor
Jim Leavelle, 1920, Law Enforcement Officer
Jim Murphy, 1967, Politician
Jimi Jamison, 1951, Pop Singer
Jimmy McKinney, 1983, Basketball Player
Joanne Froggatt, 1980, TV Actress
Joey Cramer, 1973, Movie Actor
John Adler, 1959, Politician
John Cipollina, 1943, Guitarist
John Rocha, 1953, Fashion Designer
Jon Cooper, 1976, Hockey Coach
Jose Tunon, 1999, Pop Singer
Josh Morris, 1986, Rugby Player
Juan Manuel Marquez, 1973, Boxer
Julian Casablancas, 1978, Rock Singer
Julian Nott, 1960, Composer
Julio Franco, 1958, Baseball Player
Julius Mendez, 1990, YouTube Star
Jusuf Nurkic, 1994, Basketball Player
Kate Markgraf, 1976, Soccer Player
Katherine Winston, 1996, Pop Singer
Kathleen Deleasa, 1994, Blogger
Katie Shade, 1996, Vine Star
Keith Moon, 1946, Drummer
Kenny Wallace, 1963, Race Car Driver
Kevin Ryan, 1934, Rugby Player
Kim Feenstra, 1986, Model
Kimberly Jackson, 1995, Family Member
Kimberly Kim, 1991, Golfer
Kimberly Matula, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
KK, 1968, World Music Singer
Kobe Bryant, 1978, Basketball Player
Kutti Hari, 1990, Comedian
Laura Flores, 1963, TV Actress
Laura Lux, 1984, DJ
Lawrence Frank, 1970, Basketball Coach
Layla Iskandar, 1984, World Music Singer
Lee Roy Reams, 1942, Movie Actor
Lewis Nordan, 1939, Novelist
Lexi Luca, 1990, Pop Singer
Lianne La Havas, 1989, Folk Singer
Lil Lonnie, 1995, Rapper
Lil Yachty, 1997, Rapper
Louie Kelcher, 1953, Football Player
Louis XVI, 1754, Royalty
Luis de Matos, 1970, Magician
Luis De Matos, 1970, Magician
Lydia Reed, 1944, TV Actress
Maho Udo, 1987, Dancer
Mara Teigen, 1994, Model
Marc Broude, 1984, Musician
Marian Seldes, 1928, Movie Actress
Maribelle Anes, 1995, R&B Singer
Marie Noe, 1928, Criminal
Mark Hudson, 1951, Music Producer
Mark Ingram Sr., 1965, Football Player
Mark Russell, 1932, Comedian
Martial Solal, 1927, Pianist
Marty York, 1980, Movie Actor
Michael Taliferro, 1961, Movie Actor
Moritz Moszkowski, 1854, Composer
Nancy Dell’Olio, 1961, Reality Star
Nanda Malini, 1943, World Music Singer
Natalie Coughlin, 1982, Swimmer
Neil Cicierega, 1986, Comedian
Nelson DeMille, 1943, Novelist
Nicole Bobek, 1977, Figure Skater
Nicole Luellen, 2000, YouTube Star
Nigel Sylvester, 1987, BMX Rider
Nikki Gil, 1987, Pop Singer
Nurberxo, 1985, YouTube Star
Olga Govortsova, 1988, Tennis Player
Oliver Hazard Perry, 1785, War Hero
Ozzy Lusth, 1981, Reality Star
Pablo Atchugarry, 1954, Sculptor
Pablo Montero, 1974, Pop Singer
Park Chan-wook, 1963, Director
Patricia McBride, 1942, Dancer
Pete Wilson, 1933, Politician
Peter Paul Wyngarde, 1928, TV Actor
Pino Presti, 1943, Bassist
Queen Noor, 1951, Royalty
Raquel Ayala, 1993, Vine Star
Raul Cubas Grau, 1943, Politician
Raul Cubas Grau, 1943, Politician
Ray Ferraro, 1964, Hockey Player
Ray Park, 1974, Movie Actor
Rex Allen Jr., 1947, Country Singer
Rex Grossman, 1980, Football Player
Richard Sanders, 1940, TV Actor
Rick Springfield, 1949, Rock Singer
Rik Smits, 1966, Basketball Player
Ritchie Neville, 1979, Pop Singer
River Phoenix, 1970, Movie Actor
Rob Bell, 1970, Religious Author
Robert Alcala, 1943, Criminal
Roberto Daubuisson, 1944, Politician
Roger Avary, 1965, Director
Roger Greenaway, 1938, Songwriter
Rudy Ruettiger, 1948, Football Player
Saira Banu, 1944, Movie Actress
Sam Horrigan, 1981, Movie Actor
Samantha Chapman, 1977, YouTube Star
Scott Caan, 1976, TV Actor
Sean Marks, 1975, Basketball Player
Seth Brooks Binzer, 1974, Rock Singer
Seth Curry, 1990, Basketball Player
Shaun Ryder, 1962, Rock Singer
Shelley Long, 1949, TV Actress
Shelly Fairchild, 1977, Country Singer
Sinn Sisamouth, 1932, World Music Singer
Skipp Sudduth, 1956, TV Actor
Skyler Gordy, 1986, Rapper
Skyler Page, 1989, Voice Actor
Sol Kerzner, 1935, Entrepreneur
Sonny Jurgensen, 1934, Football Player
Sonny Jurgensen, 1934, Football Player
Souad Massi, 1972, World Music Singer
Stacy Hinojosa, 1983, YouTube Star
Steve Edwards, 1948, TV Show Host
Steve Garrigan, 1988, Rock Singer
Steve Park, 1967, Race Car Driver
Stormie Lynch, 1967, Family Member
Sun Mingming, 1983, Basketball Player
Sway Calloway, 1970, Rapper
Syd Buller, 1909, Cricket Player
Tanmoy Bose, 1963, Composer
Tasos Mitropoulos, 1957, Soccer Player
Tate Lovett, 2000, YouTube Star
Tatsuya Amano, 1990, Drummer
Taysom Hill, 1990, Football Player
Ted Jessup, 1960, TV Producer
Teddy Nelson, 1939, Country Singer
Tex Williams, 1917, Country Singer
Thomas Arthur Steitz, 1940, Scientist
Thor Blanchez Färlöv, 1999, Pop Singer
Tony Bill, 1940, Director
Trenton Woodley, 1987, Rock Singer
Trevor Wright, 1982, TV Actor
Trickywi, 1993, YouTube Star
Trixie Mattel, 1990, Reality Star
TYT Sirius, 1997, YouTube Star
Vaani Kapoor, 1988, Movie Actress
Valeria Lukyanova, 1985, Model
Vera Miles, 1930, Movie Actress
Vicky Leandros, 1949, Pop Singer
Wendy Pepper, 1964, Fashion Designer
Will Cuppy, 1884, Novelist
William Ernest Henley, 1849, Poet
William Zorzi, 1973, Screenwriter
Willy Russell, 1947, Playwright
Yordan Piperkata, 1870, War Hero
Zaijan Jaranilla, 2001, TV Actor
Zaijian Jaranilla, 2001, TV Actor


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