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August 21 Famous Birthdays

August 21 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 21, Clarence Williams, III, Wilt Chamberlin, Kenny Rogers, Loretta Devine, Count Basie, and Serj Tankian share this birthday with you. Your name could be among those stars as the camera is your friend.

Famous August 21 celebrities have the gift of persuasion. They are exceptional individuals but this sometimes goes to their head. Additionally, their needs and demands can make people feel a bit overwhelmed. They prefer days when things go awry. They like to put out the fires that cause discord and interruption.


Deciding on a career field could be confusing for the famous people born on August 21. It would almost be unnatural to find them in a profession that doesn’t show off their talents as an actor, model or as an action reporter.

Not many can stay calm in some of the situations they find yourself in. With this in mind, they would make an awesome manager or director. On the flip side, this Leo can be one destructive individual but mainly they only hurt themselves. Those born on this day could learn to love themselves more. Many of their friends and family believe in them.


Famous people born on AUGUST 21st could be sales person of the year. This person is truly persuasive and would do well in a career of advertising. Their creative skills are exceptional. However, they may not follow through on what they start, leaving projects unfinished.


August 21 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

21 August Good Traits:

  • Flexible
  • Artistic
  • Clever
  • Logical
  • Quick
  • Decisive
  • Persuasive
  • Intellectual
  • Energetic

21 August Bad Traits:

  • Conceited
  • Demanding
  • Destructive
  • Negative
  • Impulsive

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August 21 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abbie Farwell Brown, 1871, Children’s Author
Abel Maldonado, 1967, Politician
Adam Marcus, 1968, Screenwriter
Alan Yang, 1980, Screenwriter
Alex Brooks, 1976, Hockey Player
Alicia Witt, 1975, TV Actress
Alizee, 1984, Pop Singer
Alyssa Bortono, 1998, Dancer
Amber Reynoldson, 2000, YouTube Star
Amy Fisher, 1974, Criminal
Andrew Ornoch, 1985, Soccer Player
Annet Mahendru, 1989, TV Actress
Anthony Boucher, 1911, Novelist

Anton Shipulin, 1987, Biathlete
Archie Griffin, 1954, Football Player
Art Farmer, 1928, Trumpet Player
Asher Brown Durand, 1796, Painter
Ashley Chin, 1982, TV Actor
Aubrey Beardsley, 1872, Illustrator
Augustin-louis Cauchy, 1789, Mathematician
Barun Sobti, 1984, TV Actor
Ben Kilner, 1988, Snowboarder
Ben Tate, 1988, Football Player
Benny Davis, 1895, Composer
Bernhard Germeshausen, 1951, Bobsledder
Betty Archdale, 1907, Cricket Player
Bhumika Chawla, 1978, Movie Actress

august-21-famous-birthdaysBJ Upton, 1984, Baseball Player
Blossom Rock, 1895, TV Actress
Bo Burnham, 1990, Comedian
Boubacar Kone, 1984, Soccer Player
Brad Kavanagh, 1992, TV Actor
Brian Jude, 1971, Screenwriter
Brian Whittaker, 1999, Instagram Star
Brody Jenner, 1983, Reality Star
Brooks Wheelan, 1986, Comedian
Bryce Dejean-Jones, 1992, Basketball Player
Bugs Moran, 1891, Criminal
Burney Lamar, 1980, Race Car Driver
Cameron Argon, 1990, Metal Singer

Carlos Montilla, 1965, Soap Opera Actor
Carlos Pratts, 1986, Movie Actor
Carly Steel, 1987, TV Show Host
Carolyn Leigh, 1926, Songwriter
Carrie-Anne Moss, 1967, Movie Actress
Carson Stalnaker, 1992, YouTube Star
Casey da Silva, 2004, TV Actress
Cathy Weseluck, 1970, Voice Actor
Catt Sadler, 1975, TV Show Host
Chandler Egan, 1884, Golfer
Chantelle Houghton, 1983, Model
Charles C. Rich, 1809, Religious Leader
Charlotte Rutherford, 1993, Photographer
Chris Brasher, 1928, Runner
Chris Schenkel, 1923, TV Show Host
Christian Schad, 1894, Painter

Clarence Williams III, 1939, TV Actor
Cleo King, 1962, TV Actress
Clyde Simms, 1982, Soccer Player
Cody Kasch, 1987, TV Actor
Cole LaBrant, 1996, Vine Star
Collie Buddz, 1984, Reggae Singer
Cory Edwards, 1968, Screenwriter
Count Basie, 1904, Pianist
Craig Counsell, 1970, Baseball Player
Craig Waibel, 1975, Soccer Player
Cristian Varela, 1975, DJ
Cyril Eastlake, 1930, Rugby Player
Daniel Sarafian, 1982, MMA Fighter
Danielle Sharp, 1992, Model
Dante Hughes, 1985, Football Player
David Morales, 1961, DJ
DC Stephenson, 1891, Criminal
Demy, 1991, Pop Singer
Dina Carroll, 1968, Soul Singer
Don Miguelo, 1981, Rapper
Elarica Gallacher, 1989, TV Actress
Erik Hamren, 1986, Baseball Player
Erik Walden, 1985, Football Player
Erin Kelly, 1981, Movie Actress
Esther Cooper Jackson, 1917, Civil Rights Leader
Eve Torres, 1984, Wrestler
FaZe Censor, 1994, eSports Player
Felipe Nasr, 1992, Race Car Driver
Friz Freleng, 1905, Cartoonist
Gavin Tomlin, 1983, Soccer Player
Gilberto Santa Rosa, 1962, World Music Singer
Gillian Sheen, 1928, Fencer
Glenn Hughes, 1951, Rock Singer
Graeme Rooney, 1982, TV Show Host
Greg Wood, 1978, Soap Opera Actor
Gregory Widen, 1966, Screenwriter
Haris Vuckic, 1992, Soccer Player
Harold Reid, 1939, Country Singer
Harry Smith, 1951, TV Show Host
Hayden Panettiere, 1989, TV Actress
Henrik Stenson, 1976, Golfer
Ingrid Veninger, 1968, Director
Irene McCormack, 1938, Religious Leader
Ismael Valdez, 1973, Baseball Player
Jack Buck, 1924, Sportscaster
Jack Weston, 1924, Movie Actor
Jackie Deshannon, 1941, Pop Singer
Jacqueline Emerson, 1994, Pop Singer
Jade Chynoweth, 1998, Dancer
Jae Earley, 1991, Vine Star
Jake Pitts, 1985, Guitarist
James Burton, 1939, Guitarist
James DeAnda, 1925, Civil Rights Leader
James McKinnon, 2000, Instagram Star
James Rogan, 1957, Politician
Jamia Simone Nash, 1996, Pop Singer
Janet Baker, 1933, Opera Singer
Jared Crick, 1989, Football Player
Jarrod Ingram, 1986, Drummer
Jason Eaton, 1982, Rugby Player
Jason Marquis, 1978, Baseball Player
JD Martinez, 1987, Baseball Player
Jeff Clement, 1983, Baseball Player
Jeff Cunningham, 1976, Soccer Player
Jeff Roop, 1973, TV Actor
Jesse James Rutherford, 1991, Pop Singer
Jessica Sykes, 1996, Family Member
Jim McMahon, 1959, Football Player
Jodie Meeks, 1987, Basketball Player
Joe Black, 1995, Rapper
Joe Gorga, 1979, Reality Star
Joe Strummer, 1952, Punk Singer
Joey Degraw, 1973, Pop Singer
John Beck, 1981, Football Player
John Brotherton, 1980, Movie Actor
John Osteen, 1921, Religious Leader
John Wetteland, 1966, Architect
Johnny Reid, 1974, Country Singer
Jon LaJoie, 1980, Comedian
Jon Tester, 1956, Politician
Jonny Gorenc, 1990, Pop Singer
Jose-Maria David, 1944, Sculptor
Joseph McElroy, 1930, Novelist
Julie Etchingham, 1969, Journalist
Kacey Musgraves, 1988, Country Singer
Karekin II, 1951, Religious Leader
Karen Lenehan, 1966, Family Member
Kate Robbins, 1962, Opera Singer
Kayla Lashae, 1992, YouTube Star
Kayla Lusby, 1991, Journalist
Keith Hart, 1952, Wrestler
Kelis, 1979, Pop Singer
Kelley Washington, 1979, Football Player
Kenny Rogers, 1938, Country Singer
Kerser, 1987, Rapper
Kiami Davael, 1986, Movie Actress
Kim Andersson, 1982, Handball Player
Kim Cattrall, 1956, TV Actress
Kim Kibum, 1987, Pop Singer
Kimberly Stewart, 1979, Model
Kristi Angus, 1971, TV Actress
Kyndall Ferguson, 1995, R&B Singer
Lance Deal, 1961, Hammer Thrower
Laura Haddock, 1985, TV Actress
Laura Morante, 1956, Movie Actress
Leonid Hurwicz, 1917, Economist
Lev Alburt, 1945, Chess Player
Liam Howlett, 1971, Bassist
Liezel Huber, 1976, Tennis Player
Loretta Devine, 1949, Movie Actress
Madeline Fuhrman, 1993, Pop Singer
Magnus Carlsson, 1980, Golfer
Marc Evan Jackson, 1970, Comedian
Marci Lawson, 1999, Cheerleader
Marco Gumabao, 1994, TV Actor
Mario Andrade, 1928, Politician
Mark Pender, 1957, Trumpet Player
Mart Crowley, 1935, Playwright
Maxim Knight, 1999, TV Actor
Megan Montaner, 1987, TV Actress
Melissa Schuman, 1984, Pop Singer
Melvin Van Peebles, 1932, Movie Actor
Michael Evans, 1993, Football Player
Michael Wittig, 1976, Guitarist
Mike Candys, 1981, DJ
Molly Long, 1992, Choreographer
Mounir Fakhry, 1945, Politician
Murilo Rosa, 1970, Soap Opera Actor
Nadia Ryann, 2002, YouTube Star
Nathan Jones, 1969, Wrestler
Nathan Vierke, 1998, YouTube Star
Nicholas David, 1981, Soul Singer
Nick Novak, 1981, Football Player
Nicolas Almagro, 1985, Tennis Player
Nigel Pearson, 1963, Soccer Coach
Nikolai Valuev, 1973, Boxer
Orville Gibson, 1856, Entrepreneur
Paris Bennett, 1988, R&B Singer
Park Sun-young, 1976, TV Actress
Pat Hayes, 1944, Scientist
Pat Silver-Lasky, 1906, Screenwriter
Patrice Laffont, 1940, Game Show Host
Patty McCormack, 1945, Movie Actress
Paul Menard, 1980, Race Car Driver
Paul Ritchie, 1975, Soccer Player
Paul Zerdin, 1972, Comedian
Perry Gladstone Christie, 1943, Politician
Pete Weber, 1962, Bowler
Peter Edward Clarke, 1957, Drummer
Peter Weir, 1944, Director
Pierre Koffmann, 1948, Chef
Preston Jones, 1983, TV Actor
Princess Margaret, 1930, World Leader
Raadhika Sarathkumar, 1962, Movie Actress
Rachel Potter, 1984, Stage Actress
Randy Flagler, 1968, TV Actor
Reina Scully, 1988, YouTube Star
Richard Oconnor, 1889, War Hero
RJ Mitte, 1992, TV Actor
Rob Knox, 1989, Movie Actor
Robert Lewandowski, 1988, Soccer Player
Robert Stone, 1937, Novelist
Roberto Marroquin, 1989, Boxer
Robin de Jesus, 1984, Stage Actor
Roi Fabito, 1991, YouTube Star
Ross Philips, 1988, TV Actor
Ross Phillips, 1988, TV Actor
Ruth Manning Sanders, 1886, Poet
Sam Saboura, 1973, TV Show Host
Sana Khan, 1987, Movie Actress
Scott McDonald, 1983, Soccer Player
Scott Surovell, 1971, Politician
Scotty Pope, 1996, Rapper
Seb Carmichael-Brown, 1985, Golfer
Sergey Brin, 1973, Entrepreneur
Serj Tankian, 1967, Metal Singer
Shania Walls, 1999, Pop Singer
Sharon Draper, 1952, Novelist
Shonn Greene, 1985, Football Player
Shy Carter, 1988, Songwriter
Silvia Tcherassi, 1965, Fashion Designer
Simon Katich, 1975, Cricket Player
Skeckles, 2001, YouTube Star
Song Seung-hyun, 1992, Guitarist
Stefani Sarconi, 1992, Instagram Star
Stephanie Louise, 1990, YouTube Star
Stephen Hillenburg, 1961, Director
Stephen Nathan, 1948, Screenwriter
Steve Alten, 1959, Novelist
Steve Case, 1958, Entrepreneur
Steven Serge, 1990, YouTube Star
Tamela D’Amico, 1979, Jazz Singer
Tarek El Moussa, 1981, Reality Star
Theo Spielberg, 1988, Guitarist
Thomas Garrett, 1789, Activist
Thomas Monson, 1927, Religious Leader
Tiffany Bolton, 1971, Model
Tim Collins, 1989, Baseball Player
Tim Griffin, 1968, Politician
Tina Marie Jordan, 1972, Model
Titus Young, 1989, Football Player
Tom Maden, 1991, TV Actor
Tommy Helm, 1973, Reality Star
Travis Kauffman, 1985, Boxer
Usain Bolt, 1986, Runner
VB Chandrasekhar, 1961, Cricket Player
Victoria Baker-Harber, 1988, Reality Star
Vija Artmane, 1929, Movie Actress
Vjekoslav Heinzel, 1871, Politician
Warryn Campbell, 1975, Music Producer
Whitney Sloan, 1988, TV Actress
William Barksdale, 1821, Politician
William Fairhurst, 1903, Chess Player
William Lanier, 1945, Football Player
Willie Lanier, 1945, Football Player
Wilma Holmqvist, 1998, YouTube Star
Wilt Chamberlain, 1936, Basketball Player
Wout Brama, 1986, Soccer Player
XJ Kennedy, 1929, Poet
Xuan Bac, 1976, Movie Actor
Yossi Dina, 1954, Reality Star
Zack Stentz, 1980, Screenwriter
Zuma Rossdale, 2008, Family Member


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