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Are Women More Psychic Than Men?

Male Vs. Female Psychics

Have you ever noticed that your mom seems to know when you did something wrong? Or that your girlfriend can almost sense that you were doing something wrong? Just the other day my best friend seemed to know something was bothering me before even talking to me. I didn’t have to tell her anything at all, it was just something she knew right away. Usually, it is a woman who catches these things, not a man. So, does this mean women are more psychic than men?

What exactly do we mean though when we are talking about being psychic? Working as a psychic involves sensitivity to non-physical or supernatural nature. Psychic work is the process of obtaining information by not using the 5 senses (smell, sound, sight, touch, and taste); but by going beyond the senses. Extra-sensory methods are used to have an insight into the person, event, or situation that you would not be able to obtain by using the normal senses.

According to most sources, women are not necessarily more psychic than men. Men can have just as much psychic ability as women. Still though, when you visit a psychic or call one on the phone, you most often will get a woman. So if men have the ability to be just as psychic as women, why don’t more men have jobs as psychics? I’m sure you have probably heard the term “woman’s intuition”, but there’s nothing about a man’s intuition.

Women Use Their Intuition More Than Men

Growing up, women are encouraged to use their emotions, feelings, and intuitions. Men are not really taught to use these things. They are more encouraged to think in a more analytical and logical way. It is also generally taught that it is good for women to discuss feelings with others, but men are discouraged from sharing feelings with each other. Women are also usually more open to helping others, especially from using their intuition.

Going along with that, the Western culture has shaped psychic abilities to be a feminine characteristic. That being said, men more often suppress their feelings of intuition. Women are also more open to psychic experiences than men are. In laboratory experiments, men and women exhibit more or less the same levels of ESP, or extrasensory perception.

Women Make You More Comfortable

Another possible reason why there are more women than men in the psychic business is because a lot of people feel more comfortable talking to a woman. People often think that a woman will be more empathetic and will be easier to talk to. Also, since it is uncommon to see a man in this line of work, most people just assume that a woman will be better at it than a man. One male psychic agreed, saying that “women are more likely to embrace their intuition as a fact of nature and they communicate more easily”. He added that being a good communicator doesn’t come as easily to men as it does to women.

Because of this, fewer men use their psychic abilities. He also stated that when people do call the company he works for and a male psychic answers the phone, people are hesitant to talk to a man. Men can be very unsure about showing their vulnerability to another man. He mentioned that when a woman calls for a reading and it is a male psychic, they can be even more hesitant to get a reading from a man because they could be dealing with a masculine negative energy in their life.

He said it is important to know that men and women are different, and being able to talk to both genders in a way that helps them is something you have to be knowledgeable about. If you don’t understand that men and women are different, you can ruin relationships.

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If you are searching for a psychic to speak with, just make sure to go with who you are more comfortable with. Knowing that men have just as much capability to be good psychics as women can hopefully help you find one that you really like. In fact, some of the best psychics are men. Men such as Gordon Smith and John Edwards are highly renowned in the psychic community. Keeping these things in mind can hopefully help you the next time you talk with a psychic.

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