Angel Number 252 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 252

252 is the number that you need information on. It has been showing up on you every night. You last saw it at your friend’s apartment address. The guardian angels have a message for you.

Discernment is the pioneer meaning of angel number 252. This is the ability to find resolutions at a time of crisis. You are the master of a certain field. The company has given you a responsibility to find a loophole in a contract. You have been beating yourself because you cannot find a way out. You feel like a failure to your people.

The angels want you to go back to work. Look at the agreement with fresh eyes. Go through it in detail by detail. Read through the fonts. You need to look close enough in order to find it. Number meaning 252 says that you have the talent so use it to do good.

Angel Number 252

Angel Number 252 Meaning

The angel number meaning 252 is a guideline to many aspects of your life. 2 symbol is a number f kindness. It is the acts of benevolence. 5 meaning is a pearl of number  wisdom. This is the power of discernment. 22 number stands for equality. It is striking a balance in life. 52 is a number of intelligence. It is research towards a higher purpose.

Transparency is mentioned in number 252. This is being honest at all times. You are feeling oppressed at your place of work. The reason is very embarrassing. You do not want to tell anyone about it. You have been suffering in silence.

The angels want you to come clean. Go to the human resource department and let them know your woes. This is the place that you spend most of your days. The least you could do is make yourself more comfortable. Do not fear the reaction but the day after tomorrow when you might face the same issue again.

Double blessings are a signal given by angel number 252. This is the act of many things coming to place. You have had many difficulties. Your life is not a fairy tale. You do not have all the things that you need. The angels want you to know that things will start working out. The work that you have put in will pay off.


  1. That’s what I m looking for. Human resources.

  2. Okoedion Endurance

    Thank you Jesus I love you Lord

  3. This is amazing not everything is spot on but most is.

  4. Thanks be to God

  5. Wow this number came to me driving down the highway. Awesome vergo power.

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