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9 Nuts That Are Healthy

9 Nuts That Are Healthy

Do you find yourself wanting something to snack on that isn’t bad for you? Have you tried to find the perfect food that you can munch on while working or doing activities?

If you answered yes to these questions you should consider including nuts into your daily diet. There are vast selections of nuts that you can find at your local grocery which can make it daunting to figure out the best one to choose.

But there are many healthy ones that provide nutritional value and are very tasty. Here are 9 nuts that are healthy.


#1. Pistachios

Pistachios are very low in calories which make it a recommended nut especially if you are watching your figure or trying to lose weight.

Pistachios are also low in fat and saturated fat. It also contains essential vitamins such as vitamin B6 which helps to produce red blood cells which carries oxygen throughout the body. It also helps to aid the liver in detoxifying the body from bad radicals and toxins.

#2. Pecans

Pecans are also low in calories and contain an amazing 19 vitamins which makes for a very nutritious snack. It also contains antioxidants which help to prevent cardiovascular diseases as well as cancer.

It also helps to regulate blood pressure and controls circulation throughout the body. It also helps to maintain nerve and muscle functions so that no irregularities occur.

#3. Almonds

Almonds contain vitamin E which helps to make sure that oxygen circulates in the bloodstream as well as the body. It also helps to give your immune system a boost so that it can fight off illness and diseases.

Almonds also help to fight off heart disease and can help with diabetes. It also helps to lower bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol levels.


#4. Peanuts

Peanuts in you diet contain high amounts of protein which helps to breakdown foods as well as makes you fuller for longer. It also helps to produce lean muscle especially when exercising.

It also contains various minerals including magnesium which helps with heart health. It helps to fight off heart disease and prevents strokes from occurring. It also contains phytosterols which helps to control your cholesterol.

#5. Cashews

Cashews also contain a lot of protein to help as a dietary aid to prevent hunger pangs and cravings. It also contains minerals such as magnesium which helps to make sure that your nervous system is functioning properly.

It also contains iron which helps to make sure that you are producing red blood cells and helps to keep blood vessels clear from obstructions and clots. It also helps to fight off disease such as cancer and heart disease.

#6. Walnuts

Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids which help to keep your heart healthy as well as making sure that blood circulates regularly throughout the body. It also contains low calories which can contribute to a loss in weight. It also contains phosphorous which helps to lower your total cholesterol while protecting you from cancer later in life.

#7. Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are high in fiber which aids digestion so that a regular bowel movement is produced. It also helps to clear the intestinal walls from toxins.

It also contributes to heart health due to the amount of minerals and vitamins it contains including copper, vitamin E and magnesium. It also helps to combat inflammation that may occur from an infection or injury.


#8. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts help to boost your immune system by delivering essential nutrients to the body. It also contains antioxidants such as selenium which helps to ward off diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

#9. Chestnuts

Chestnuts are low in calories and also high in vitamin C which helps to protect you from bad radicals and toxins. It also helps to lower blood pressure and prevents heart disease from occurring. It also helps to provide essential nutrients to the brain for proper functions such as memorization and retention of information.

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