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9 Home Remedies For Crying Children

9 Home Remedies For Crying Children

Has your baby ever started to cry and no matter what you do they don’t stop? Do hours seem to pass by as your child continues to cry? If so your baby may be suffering from colic.

Colic has come to be defined as constant distress in a baby with the main causes being gas, heartburn, and lactose intolerance. These irritants produce continuous crying in a baby who is otherwise healthy. When your baby begins to cry consider these 9 home remedies to end your child’s discomfort.

crying child

#1. Peppermint

Peppermint is a universal home remedy for many ailments and pains. Peppermint contains calcium that helps to alleviate gas in a baby. Its strong soothing flavor also produces a calming sensation on the baby’s stomach. For best results, add peppermint to your baby’s water to stop crying.

#2. Burping

Another great natural remedy for alleviating gas or to stop a crying baby is to simply burp the baby. Babies who are bottle fed tend to ingest a lot of air while drinking milk. For best results, burp your baby right after feeding them to prevent gastric problems and crying.

burping baby

#3. Ginger

Ginger is one of the best natural remedies that is quite reliable at stopping a crying baby. Ginger helps to treat nausea and also produces a smooth digestion therefore eliminating excess gas and diarrhea. For best results, cut up 1 ginger and boil it with water. Remove excess and add to baby’s bottle. Let cool in fridge then give to your baby.

#4. Massage

By simply massaging your baby’s back can help to put a stop to your baby’s crying. Massaging your baby releases gas and the soothing effect of it upon your baby helps to eliminate discomfort.

#5. Fiber

Fiber is also an amazing solution to helping a colicky baby. By adding small amounts of fiber to your baby’s food can produce a smoother bowel movement and removing excess gas. For best results, add about a teaspoon of fiber to your baby’s formula.

#6. Basil

Basil is a remarkable herb that helps to end a baby’s constant crying. Basil relieves muscle spasms and indigestion which can cause pain in a baby. For best results, add dried basil leaves to a cup of boiled water. Remove excess and let sit till it is room temperature, add to baby’s bottle then feed your child.


#7. Vacuuming The House

Constant motion for a baby also helps to alleviate continuous crying. By simply holding the baby to your hip and vacuuming the house could put a stop to their crying. The vibrating motion from the vacuum as well as the movement around the house will eliminate crying instantly.

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#8. Running Water

Noise or white noise is also a great factor in stopping a baby’s crying. The white noise provides a soothing effect to your baby’s ears and helps them to sleep. For best results, while doing dishes place your baby in their baby seat on the kitchen counter and let the water run from the sink. This would distract the baby and cause them to fall asleep.

#9. Play Music

Last but not least by simply playing music or singing to your baby could cause them to stop crying. Babies are drawn to their parents’ voice and when they sing it produces a calming effect on them. Playing relaxing music such as easy listening or classical music can also alleviate an irritated baby.

A crying child who seems to not stop may seem like a dire situation and may produce an immediate need to run to the doctor. But by simply applying these 9 natural home remedies can put a stop to your baby’s crying and provide instant relief to them.

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