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9 Feng Shui Romance Tips To Attract Love

How Do You Attract Romance With Feng Shui?

Some Feng Shui tips for romance can help me find my soulmate or improve the romance in my love life. Try them, and see the magic happen. It’s an ancient Chinese belief that details of how objects are arranged can positively or negatively affect happiness, health, and success.


There is a lot of information on the subject, but below are a few that are easily used within our homes without much effort. After all, what do you have to lose? Before your very own eyes.

Feng Shui For Romance: Tried And Tested Suggestions

#1. Bed Needs to Show Openness to a Partner

We all love our bedrooms, but do we love them just a little bit too much? Have we become selfish in sharing our space with another person? We could be saying that without actually uttering a word. Your bedroom can bring the romantic passion back into your love life or end it after one night.


If you are open to a new love, you might need to buy a new bed. Beds are strange creatures in that they keep the vibes of the people who use them. If you are seriously open to starting a new life with someone new, replacing the bed is a must.

#2. Your Favourite Position?

Your bed should be the focal point in your bedroom. When you enter your bedroom, the bed should be the first thing you see. Instead of directly in front of the bedroom door, it should be placed opposite it. If you have a view of the door, anyone wanting to sneak in while you are enjoying the moment would be easily spotted. Your bed should be against a solid wall for support. If you decide on a headboard, it should be made from wood or padded.


#3. Walls Can Make or Break the Romance

Photographs of family and friends on the walls have become quite popular. This should not be said for your bedroom. The Virgin Mary and a crucifix will have the same negative energy. This is just you and your partner, privately getting to know each other. Instead, photographs of you and your partner will ensure a relaxed environment.


If you are looking for a little extra decoration (with the bonus of helping), place love symbols in the southwest of your bedroom. Double happiness symbols or mandarin ducks are symbols the Chinese have used for years to attract good luck.

#4. Creating Space for Two People

If you bring your love into the bedroom, you don’t want to be tidying up or, worse, making the bed. Jumping into an unmade bed with your lover is top of the list of unsexy! And nothing is worse than him noticing your pile of dirty laundry.

Feng Shui is all about keeping objects in pairs. 2 bedside cupboards with 2 bedside lamps tell the universe, “I am ready to share my space.” Neither side of your bed should go against the wall. This keeps the balance in your relationship. Both sides of the bed need to be treated equally.

Does your ex still live in your house or even your bedroom? Do you keep trinkets and photos of your past love in your bedroom? Your new potential lover might be none the wiser, but it isn’t easy to attract a new love if your bedroom reminds you of old ones.

#5. TV in the Bedroom is Bad for Romance in Feng Shui

Not sure about you, but my husband falls asleep in front of the TV. If you want to sleep in your bedroom, have a TV. I guess that you would prefer to create your own sensual romantic environment. So opt not to have the TV in the bedroom.

We’ve all heard from time to time that good advice is not to mix business and pleasure! Don’t put your office in your bedroom if you work from home. Keep your love and secular lives separate. You certainly don’t want your partner thinking about work while getting into the groove.

Exercise equipment in the bedroom creates negative energy. Having too much active energy this could damper the relaxing romantic energy you strive to achieve.

No matter how toned we are, we are conscious of our bodies in front of our lovers. A saggy bum and wobbly thighs can only contribute to our self-consciousness and are not very sexy.

#6. Do You Prefer the Lights On or Off?

Everyone has their preference, but a well-lit room can dampen the sexy. The soft glow of filtered lights and pretty candles (in jars, of course, for safety purposes) is very flattering, and everyone looks attractive.

Of course, you may want to have several lighting layers so that you don’t have to get dressed or try and apply your makeup in the dark. It could be a disaster.

#7. What is that, Smell?

Bad smells and stale air are certainly not conducive to creating a seductive and romantic mood. Essential oils can work wonders in creating just the right mood. Below are a few options. You decide who it is you want to be in the bedroom this evening:

Exotica: Sandalwood 1 drop. Rose Otto / Abs 1 drop. Patchouli 1 drop.

Romancer: YlangYlang 1 drop. Petitgrain 2 drops. Neroli 1 drop.

Aphrodite: Jasmine 1 drop. Bergamot 2 drops. Sandalwood 1 drop.

Enchantress: Tuberose 1 drop. Lemon 2 drops. Lavender 2 drops.

Magic Moments: Frankincense 2 drops. Jasmine 1 drop.

#8. Mirrors Have Their Place

Feng Shui says that mirrors constantly reflect images, which can create negative energy reflecting at you. A mirror facing your bed is said to deplete your energy and bring the energy of a third party into your intimate relationship. This negative energy results in sleeplessness and can damage your body’s repair work during your well-needed sleep time.

Should you have mirror closet doors, you could create drapes that pull across the entries, which can be drawn at night. An extreme measure would be to replace the doors with regular doors.

Mirrors in your dressing room or bathroom work well for adding space and light.

#9. Colors add to the Feng Shui Balance

I’m sure you’ve had someone tell you how great color looks on you. The same applies to your bedroom. The colors that work best in your bedroom are skin tone colors up to chocolate brown. These colors can create the intimacy and sensuality, which you are looking for.

Instead of floral prints and loads of fluffy toys that scream “I want to be Single,” opt for red or white, which will attract romance and help it flourish. When a man brings a partner into his bedroom in the same setting, the feminine energy overtakes the masculine energy, creating an imbalance.

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