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8 Top Home Remedies For Hair Growth

8 Top Home Remedies For Hair Growth

No matter why you want to grow your hair, or where you want to grow your hair, this article can give you some tips on how to do it faster.

This article will teach you about some lifestyle, dietary, and skin care tips that can help you to grow more hair.

All  these home remedies are inexpensive as well.


#1. Foods to Eat

There are many types of foods that act as a home remedy to help a person to grow more hair, whether it be on their head, on their face, or anywhere else on their body.

A person’s hair is mostly made of proteins and coated with oils, so it’s a good idea to eat plenty of healthy proteins like lean meats, eggs, beans, and nuts. Some healthy oils and fats can be found in fish and olive oil. Add more of these foods to your diet to promote more hair growth.


#2. Foods to Avoid

Just like there are foods that can make your hair grow, there are foods that can make it harder to grow.

These foods include sugary treats and greasy foods. For the best results, avoid candy and fast food. Soy products, fennel and spearmint tea can also make hair grow slower, so avoid these as well.

#3. Reduce Stress

A person’s stress levels affect how much hair they grow. In men, if they are more stressed out, then they are less likely to grow more hair, and in women if they are stressed they are more likely to grow hair.

Although, you should not stress yourself just to have longer hair. Trying to reduce your stress levels in safe ways is a natural remedy for hair growth. You can do this by meditating or just having some quiet time for yourself.

#4. Vitamins B & C

By changing your diet slightly or adding supplements you can actually make your hair grow. The best vitamins for this are vitamin C and the various B vitamins. Vitamin C is easy to find in various fruits like lemons, oranges, pineapple, tomato, and lime.

Vitamin B can be found in all sorts of foods from dairy products, to eggs, and meat products. Basically, if you add more fruits and meats into your diet you can add more healthy hair growing vitamins to your body.


#5. Iron & Zinc

While you can take supplement pills for these minerals, you can also easily find them in food. Like the vitamins listed above, these minerals can also help to make your hair grow faster.

Iron and zinc are natural home remedies for hair growth. They are found in many meat products like beef, pork, and even seafood like shrimp. If you do not eat meat, then you can fill up on whole grains and beans to get your iron and zinc levels.

#6. Hot Oil Massage

If you want to stimulate your hair on your head, then you can give yourself a hot oil massage. Some oils that are good to use are almond or olive oil.

You can simply heat up these oils on the stove, let it cool for a couple of minutes so that it is not warm enough to burn you, and then massage it into your scalp for fifteen minutes. When the time is up, rinse the oil out of your hair.


#7. Cut Split Ends

One natural home remedy to help your hair grow if you have long hair is to cut your hair once every six to eight weeks.

You can cut off as little as half an inch of split ends in order to see results. If you do this it will also help to make your hair healthier and look better. Try to keep your hair cutting on a schedule.

#8. Exfoliate

If you are trying to stimulate facial hair growth, then you can try exfoliating your skin. You can simply use a sugar or salt scrub to do this.

Mix a tablespoon of either sugar or salt with the same amount of water to make a paste. Once you made your paste, massage it wherever you want to grow hair. Do this a few times a week to see results.

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Hopefully these natural remedies can help you to grow more hair. Good luck!

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