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8 Top Home Remedies For Growing Pains

8 Top Home Remedies For Growing Pains

Growing pains are common for children ages two until after puberty. This pain is proof of a growth spurt. The pain usually occurs in both legs and mostly will affect your child during the day. However, sometimes the pain will wake up your child in the middle of the night.

While you can’t really stop growing pains from occurring entirely, there are a few things that you can do to make the pain less painful when it does happen.  You can also ease the growing pains once your child has it with these home remedies.


#1. Stretching

One home remedy to ease growing pains is to have your child stretch before and after they play. Children often exercise heavily while they play without knowing this. This can contribute to their growing pains. Simply having them stretch a few times a day can help to prevent more pain from occurring, just like how athletes need to stretch before they exercise.

#2. Massage

Growing pains usually occur in both legs. So one natural remedy to reduce this pain is to massage your child’s legs. They may have cramp-like feelings in their legs, and massaging the area can help with that. Rub your child’s legs after they play and before they go to bed. Growing pains usually occur during the day, but they can easily wake up a child during the night if they are not treated.

#3. Warm Compress

A warm compress is another natural home remedy can also help with your child’s muscle pain. Warm objects can make the muscles in your child loosen and relax. This is a great way to reduce pain. This tip is often used by people who have leg cramps as well. Soak a towel in hot water and lay this on your child’s legs for a few minutes. The heat should help to make your child feel better. Do this after they play.


#4. Bath

Just like a warm compress can help, a warm bath as a natural remedy for growing pains can help. A warm compress is more useful if you are trying to prevent pain, or if the pain is in a small area. If both your child’s legs are in a lot of pain, then having them take a warm bath is probably a better solution. Have your child take a bath before bed. This will also help the muscles in their bodies to relax. This will make it less likely that they will wake up in the night from growing pains.

#5. Relaxation

Sometimes kids need to relax just like adults do. Relaxation and stress management is more important for teenagers than children. Growing pains affect children from the ages of two until the child is done with puberty. It is likely that your teenager also has some growing pain from time to time, and their stress can be contributing to this. Helping out your child with homework or extracurriculars, or even just giving them something relaxing to do when they get home can all help.

#6. Vitamin D

A study showed that children with growing pains often did not have enough Vitamin D. Talk to your doctor about giving your child vitamin D supplements. You can also give your child more food with high levels of vitamin D in them. Also, encouraging your child to play outside more can also help them get in enough vitamin D. Make sure that your child wears sunscreen while playing outside.


#7. Limit Activity

If your child is complaining of  especially painful growing pains, then you may want to encourage him or her to take a day off from playing outside. Have them read a book or play indoors with toys instead of running around outside. This may make your child have a little more energy than they usually do. But having more energy is better than your child being in more pain.

#8. Avoid Aspirin

If you have a young child with growing pains, avoid giving them any painkillers to help with their growing pains, especially aspirin. In many cases a child body is just not strong enough for aspirin to actually help. In some cases it can just hurt your child. If you have a teenager, you can let them have some painkillers from time to time, but just make sure that they are taking the recommended doses at the right times.

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Hopefully these natural home remedies can help with your child’s growing pains.

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