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8 Natural Home Remedies For Prostate Problems

Prostate Problems

There are many problems that can occur with a prostate. Most of these problems occur as men age.

So they are not nearly as likely in young men.

Since there are so many different kinds of prostate problems, this article will only cover some of the most common home remedies.

Prostatitis (Inflammation)

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate area. This is caused by bacteria. The best way to avoid this is to keep yourself clean as often as you can.

This is a problem that happens more in older men, but it can happen in young men as well. You will want to see your doctor to be properly diagnosed. Here are some things you can do to fight off the pain.

#1. Diet & Exercise

There is a certain diet that may be able to help with the pain of prostatitis. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water, and try to avoid caffeine and alcohol. Sports drinks are okay, and non-sugary juices as well.

Try to fit in plenty of fiber-rich foods, as this can help with diarrhea that commonly occurs with prostatitis. Even though you may not be feeling the best, make sure that you keep exercising, at least for half an hour a day. This is one home remedy that will help to keep the blood in your body flowing correctly and should help with the pain.


#2. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt baths should be able to help with your prostate pain. Although, you will not want to take a complete bath. Fill up your bath a little so that when you sit in it the water does not go higher than your hips.

Add in a tablespoon or two of epsom salt and sit in the water for about fifteen minutes to have results. You can try this natural remedy as often as once a day.

#3. Medications

Medications can also help with this. Normal painkillers can help. Just make sure that you are only taking the directed amount at the right times. Even if it doesn’t seem to be working at first, it should kick in eventually.

Also, if you are having trouble going to the bathroom, you may want to try using a stool softener to ease pain both on your buttocks and your prostate.


Enlarged Prostate

As a man ages, his prostate gets bigger. This is natural, but sometimes the prostate becomes too large, and that’s when it starts to become a problem.

An enlarged prostate normally only affects older men. This can lead to complications, usually involving the urinary tract. These natural remedies can tell you how you can make urinating less painful.

#4. Urinating Tips

Having an enlarged prostate can make urinating difficult and sometimes painful. Here are some tips to make using the toilet easier for you. Firstly, sit down when you need to use the toilet. Don’t focus too hard on urinating; stay distracted by reading a magazine or doing something else.

Running the sink may help, since the water sounds similar to urinating. Use the toilet as often as you need to, even when it seems like it’s happening too often.

#5. What to Avoid

When you have an enlarged prostate try to avoid taking any painkillers, allergy medication, anything like these things that you don’t actually have to take.

These medications can make urinating even harder and more painful. Also, try to avoid drinking too many caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, as these drinks can make urinating more painful as well.

#6. Diet

Diet is an important natural home remedy here. But not the same diet as when you have an inflamed prostate. Try to get in all of your vitamins as this time. Also, try replacing red meat with lean meats.

Eating fish regularly has been shown to ease symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Try to get in three or four servings of fish a week. Also, eating some pumpkin seeds for a healthy snack may be able to help as well.


Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in adults males. Doctors are still working on figuring out exactly what causes this. It is likely caused by aging and poor diet and general health. While there is no way to cure prostate cancer at home, there are still some ways that you can try to prevent it.

#7. What Not to Eat

There are some foods that can raise your risk of getting prostate cancer. Red meats are on the top of the list when it comes to proteins. Limit your intake of red meats, and instead eat more lean meats like fowl and fish. Also, try to limit fatty foods in general. Stay away from processed and fast food as often as you can.

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#8. Helpful Foods

Luckily, there are more foods that can help than that can hurt. Grains can be especially helpful; try to fit in more rice and whole grains. Green leafy vegetables, berries, acidic fruits, and beans can all help to keep your body healthy.

Hopefully these natural home remedies can help with your prostate problems!

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