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7 Foods You Should Never Eat!

Why We Should Avoid Certain Foods

We all know there are just some bad foods out there, people may eat them but they are revolting or unhealthy. Too often in today’s global world we are too broad-minded on what we are willing to eat. Remember though, there are sometimes reason why those foods have not been eaten for previous few hundred years! Let’s explore a few varied foods that you really should not touch with a barge pole let alone eat!

First of all before we launch into some weird and wonderful foods (I wanted to make this interesting) I have to say that at the end of the day it is all about personal choice. But having said that here is my take on food you should never eat:

Foods We Should Never Eat

#1. Kangaroo

Yes, my own country’s delicacy even sold in some supermarkets. I have eaten this once and that was at a government restaurant. I figured that they would have utmost hygiene control and adequate food preparation. Well they did have. I ate it. My stomach rolled and rolled with a queasy feeling the rest of the day! I am not really surprised. You know why?

I had always known that kangaroos naturally have a lot of bugs and even worms in them, they are NOT clean animals. Also there is a tendency in Australia to not roast or present kangaroo well done. To me that means there is more likelihood of germs remaining when you consume it. Say no more!

kangaroos naturally have a lot of bugs and even worms in them, they are NOT clean animals.

#2. Scorpions

Yes, I know they eat them in Thailand and drunk backpackers crunch on them for dares. Just think about it! Deadly stinging scorpions in your mouth. What if it is not dead!

Deadly stinging scorpions in your mouth.

#3. Snake Wine

In Vietnam snake wine is a delicacy I was (un)fortunate enough to drink, one of the few in our group that did, its supposed to give you virility as a man! All it gave me was a distinct warm after taste and an upset stomach. Who knows where that snake skin had slithered and I found that in Vietnam they weren’t so into food preparation as us fussy Australians are!

#4. Fish Eyes

Yes they do eat fish eyes in the Philippines. This is just wrong. I mean I will eat fish parts but not the roe or the eyes!

Yes they do eat fish eyes in the Philippines.

#5. Sea Slugs live!

Yes you read right. In Korea they have sea slugs live with a sauce. Gross! Slugs and snails have always been something slimy and slippery not be eaten (even though the French do douse them in garlic sauce, probably to hide them!).

#6. Balmain Oysters

Balmain Oyesters are again an Australian, in fact a Sydney sider delicacy. Loads of my friends have eaten them. Then again a friend of a friend contracted a bacterial strain from her Balmain Oyster. It caused stomach problems and she will have it for the rest of her life! I would not say one restaurant meal of this supposedly delicious cuisine is worth it! Don’t go there if you come to Sydney! Try the prawns instead:-)

#7. Dog

In Vietnam they still use small dogs in cooking. When I was trekking through Vietnam we saw a dog being prepared. They have them (and cats) as emaciated pets at first and then its time for the stove! Seriously. In the Western we just don’t eat domesticated pets. Just the thought of it!

In Vietnam they still use small dogs in cooking.

Usually when I write about food I am salivating and my taste buds are piqued by even the thought of them, let alone tasting them. I have to say in the case of this article I am feeling queasy and not anticipative at all.

All I can say is you are what you eat and I guess that is what makes us all different. Surprising some of us don’t grow chicken heads, snake heads or worse! As for me I think I will stick to the cuisine more common and safe!:-)

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