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5 Feng Shui Tips for Dormitories

Feng Shui for your Dorm Room

While the first instinct in a small space such as a dorm room will be to cram as much stuff in that tiny space as possible, this can be counter-productive. So here are some simple Feng Shui tips for dormitories that will improve your peace of mind and positive energy in your space. Not only will you have a hard time finding things on a busy schedule, but you will also have even less peace of mind and stability in a cluttered environment.


You do not need less peace of mind in an already chaotic place and time in your life while trying to focus on studying and getting that degree.

Ultimate Good Feng Shui for Dormitories

#1. De-clutter/ things

I know you think you need your whole bedroom from home in your dorm, or else you will miss things but think about what you use each day and make a list in advance. Leave bulkier objects at home with the parents if possible or ask to store them at a friend or family member’s house.


You can also let a buddy with more nearby space borrow these large items until you finish school. Storage units are also an option for a packrat like me.

But it is tempting to shove as much crap as possible under the bed. Energy needs to be able to flow under your bed while you are asleep, and blocked Energy can cause illness, fatigue, and even negative Energy in your life. Sleeping on all that negative energy clutter is terrible news, so clean under that bed and rest easy.


#2. Use Mirrors

We all know that mirrors give an area the illusion of extra space, which is an excellent unisex option. Better maximize your dorm space. Place the most oversized mirror opposite the entrance on the farthest-facing wall.


This will offer the most “space.” If you’re in a single room, don’t be afraid to have fun and place a mirror on the ceiling over the bed. You can also use wall space to double the team as a mirror to get ready in front of an area.

#3. Try Candle Feng Shui

Your candle placement can maximize specific energies you want to focus on to affect different chakras. Try white vanilla candles by your door to offer harmony, comfort, and positive Shui flow amongst multiple energies.

Try some blue and green citrus and sage candles in the bathroom for peace and clarity. Red candles can be used for passion on the bed; rose, lavender and musk scents will arouse desire, while eucalyptus and mint can bring sleep and comfort.

#4. Theme and color scheme

A combination of too many colors in a small space can cause a feeling of confusion and chaos. You want to feel a sense of neat, clean organization in your room and have clarity in your mind.

Don’t be afraid to host a private party and mess the place up a little on the weekends, but for the most part, you want a sense of good order in your room. A combination of blues, teals, and greens can be refreshing, soothing, and reinvigorating after a long day of classes and chit-chat.

Warm Tones For Good Dormitory Feng Shui

Warm tones can be comforting and feel homely, especially in the colder climate New York Campus I graduated from. The warm tones of red, deep burgundy, brown, orange, and yellow offered a cozy den from the harsh lake effect of snow.

If you’re in a more arid climate or coast, you might enjoy a beachy vibe—pastel tones and sheer window treatments that flow in the breeze. Light blues and greens are tranquil, while pinks and yellows can warm up the place in the late study evenings. Try to avoid having too many stark whites.

It gives off an institutionalized feeling and being that you will often be in institutions during your day, it is essential to be able to come home to something that feels human and home-like. So this will be most people’s first time away from home.

Pick a changeable theme and not one that will cost a lot of money to switch out. Don’t go crazy, and buy every zebra print pattern. Better to start or hot pink or purple, etc.

But neutral beiges and creams are a good start with linens. Brown matches most things, as Black is bold but don’t be afraid. So creams and ivories will have a soothing and flowing feel for energy. Feng Shui is about the free flow of positive energy through your chakras and your space.

Room Mates

You also want to be conscientious of any roommates you may have. If not, everyone will love your hippy tapestries or your Playboy posters.

Be tasteful and respectful of others. It’s a big step in maturing and reaching adulthood, which is supposed to be a part of the college years.

But earth tones provide an excellent color scheme and options for everyone. So sage green and cream create a soothing and meditative environment with deep browns and tans for added warmth.

Have fun with your color schemes, and be kind to your roommates. So they could be your lifelong best friends. Friendship is positive energy in your life.

#5. Please keep it simple if you want good Feng Shui for Dormitories

So you need a bed, a fridge, and a microwave? Shelves are a must but put them high enough so they don’t clutter your precious space. Try to avoid knick-knacks and breakables (you never know what can happen here) and the dust and clutter again.

But a hot plate and a couple of dishes can be stored on a shelf or in a cupboard. There is usually some overhead lighting for lighting, but make sure any lamps you get are standing lamps.


Try something different from the typical Venetian open lamp and an adjustable headlamp from Walmart. This is your home for the next few months, so keep it classy. So, pick up one of those better homes and garden lamps for a few extra bucks.

So it’s essential to keep your bulbs clean. Track lighting is fun if you have extra money. Hence it offers crisper and more precise lighting, with bulbs that last longer and won’t get dusty.

But some thick black blinds block out the light,  so you have time to sleep in on the weekend. So get some heavy solar-blocking panels.

These can also keep the heat or cold in a drafty, often old, decaying dormitory. Panels come in solid colors and are sold at many dollar stores. But you can always add some sheer panels over the blackout panels to match your décor.

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