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5 Feng Shui Tips for a Day at the Beach

5 Feng Shui Tips for a Day at the Beach

Everyone needs a vacation. In our hectic day to day life, we find that merely a day’s time of repose and sunshine can do us a world of good. It can restore and revitalize and bring back the energy to get back into the daily grind. Sunshine and being out in nature can have a tremendous effect on our psyche.

It connects us with what is truly human and gives us a new perspective. Also, simply due to science, sunshine can have an amazing effect on the body and mind. It can lessen anxiety, stress, and tension. Therefore, including the sun in a restful day is the perfect medicine for a stressful, hectic life. Thus, the beach is a wonderful selection for that relaxing day.


Feng shui is an art form of energy, balance, restoration, and using the elements and energy to bring positive things to life. Many people think it’s a hoax, but once they begin to apply it in their lives, they’re astounded at the difference it makes! People’s lives can change like from night to day, and their health, relationships, energy, and mental state drastically improves.

For the true Feng Shui enthusiasts, Feng Shui is not simply included in just a moment or a furniture position, but it’s a way of life. It can be used in all areas, and for its effect to be truly felt, this should be done. So those who believe in the true application of Feng Shui know it doesn’t need to be abandoned, even on a vacation day! So, let’s see how Feng Shui can fit in even to a beach vacation.


#1. Why not go alone?

I know that today, many people think that spending time alone is like a death sentence, but it’s actually what we, as humans, sometimes need. Do not be afraid to give this a chance. The beach is the perfect place to meditate. The ocean has its rhythm, and the sand is a warm and grounding spot.

Lay on the sand, a towel, or a chair with eyes closed, listening to the breeze and the sounds of the ocean. Feng shui is about balance and perspective, and letting warm and positive chi in. Meditation will do just that. Heading to the beach for some alone time can restore that vibrant, life-giving energy and bring back perspective.


#2. Make water contact

Water is malleable, flowing, and life-giving. And salt water is especially soothing, known for its healing properties. Walk along the beach and make contact with the water. Go for a swim for a half hour to let the salt do its work, cleansing and removing impurities. Read about water symbolism.

Being in the water is also stress-relieving as well as looking out onto a large expanse of coastline. It opens the mind and provides a calming and awe-inspiring effect. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of the smallness of our lives, worries, and problems. It gives us a perspective of where and how to think of ourselves and our tiny stressors.


#3. Use the sun for the desired result

We could not survive without the sun! Just think how everyone begins to feel during the winter when sunlight is much scarcer. It is a sphere of life! The sun is both invigorating and calming. If one is looking for renewed energy after a long stressful week, face towards the sun for its warm, vibrant energy. But, if one is seeking a bit of rest and repose, face in the other way of the sun and maybe even use an umbrella or hat to decrease the sun’s heat and intensity.

Use the natural elements to gain the desired effect. But, be sure always to use good sun protection. The sun is a good thing, but it is also mighty and potentially dangerous. Wear protective clothing or sunscreen, and don’t spend too much time in direct sunlight! Do skin a favor and take care of it properly. Nothing spoils a beach vacation like sunburn.

#4. Socialize

Good chi can be brought about by a bit of socialization. The beach is a great time to remove oneself from the isolation of work and sleep and to get together with friends and family. Taking a beach day is a great way to do that. Spend the day by the seaside, take a picnic, and enjoy a meal and the sunshine while having a good conversation with loved ones. Maybe go for a swim together, a walk along the beach, or get a good volleyball game going. It will bring good balance back.

#5. Restore relationships

Not only is the beach a great place to meditate and socialize, but it can also be quite the romantic spot. Feng Shui is about attracting good energy and nurturing those relationships that matter most. Take a trip to the ocean, and use the elements and the quiet rhythmic space to bring back the wild fire and connection.

It is so important to take that time away from the daily grind. It doesn’t mean one even needs to leave their home to do so, but simply taking the time to relax and be quiet in one’s space can bring a world of wonders. If only more people did this, we might be able to reduce anxiety, stress, tension, arguments, and maybe even crimes in our society.

We often forget to take that time because it feels selfish or pointless, or maybe we can’t seem to squeeze it in! We’re constantly on the go, and by getting things done, we feel accomplished. So, relaxation and meditation can come extremely difficult to us in today’s society, and to those not used to it. Feng shui is all about this idea of restoration, balance, peace, and energy. Therefore, take that time and use it to grow, develop, and be better.

The beach is a favorite spot for many people, and it’s the perfect location for a Feng Shui getaway. Whether it’s on a tropical island or simply along the New Jersey coastline, it contains so much in it, that it’s a wonderful location for a Feng Shui style vacation. The sound of the ocean is a rhythmic beat on the sand that promotes balance and an earth element steadiness. It is peaceful and soothing, and the perfect backdrop for a meditation session.


The sand is warm and comforting and seems to curl around us as we step in it, providing a safe and inviting space that allows us to relax and be restored to ourselves. The sun is warm and energetic, giving us that much-needed lift to help us get through our day with a renewed perspective and love for life. The water is healing with its cooling energy and constant flow and beautiful, mind-blowing expanse.

And lastly, let’s not forget the wind. The wind can be tension-relieving, revitalizing, calming. It brings peace as well as energy, and allows us to breathe deep a fresh and life-giving air. Use the above Feng Shui tips to head to the beach for a Feng Shui beach day or beach vacation away to rest, relax, and de-stress. Use nature to help get new energy for life!

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