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12 Natural Home Remedies For Coffee Addiction

12 Natural Home Remedies for Coffee Addiction

Many people are addicted to coffee. Who doesn’t enjoy that morning coffee or afternoon soda? However, too much caffeine can be a real problem.

It is a good idea to give up caffeine completely if you can but unfortunately it can bring on symptoms of withdrawal. Caffeine withdrawal can take the form of fatigue, headaches, moodiness or irritability or even depression.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of a caffeine headache is to consume more caffeine but if that is not the answer you want, then here are some other home remedies for coffee addiction. Try them in 2015 with amazing results.

Here are some home remedies for coffee addiction

#1. Drink Lot Of Water

The best home remedy to overcome coffee addiction is to make sure to drink plenty of water to flush out your system.

#2. Drink Tea

You can replace your morning coffee with tea. If you are the type to drink coffee throughout the day, you can start by reducing your intake or switching to soda or tea. Then slowly start replacing more and more of your caffeinated drinks with decaffeinated ones. Soda or tea usually has less caffeine then coffee but you will want to check on this. Hopefully you will avoid more of the withdrawal symptoms if you eliminate your caffeine intake slowly.

replace your morning coffee with tea

#3. Drink Decaf Coffee

You can also switch to decaf coffee or other decaffeinated beverages if you do not care for tea. Substitute soda for juice or other decaf drinks. However if do feel a headache or other symptoms then try some of the below natural home remedies.

#4. Drink Juices

Juices and other alkaline foods help to flush out the toxins. When you are going through caffeine withdrawal, slowly replace your caffeine drinks with fruit or vegetable juices. The fresher you can make the drink the better they are for you. You can even make your own smoothies or juices to help flush out your system and raise your pH. Add honey to the smoothies for the extra B12.

Juices flush out toxins

#5. Give Up Slowly

Giving caffeine up is the best natural home remedy that should help lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

#6. Alkaline Foods

Also the alkaline foods mentioned above help to flush your body of impurities. Alkaline foods like green leafy vegetables and fruits except for cranberries and plums make excellent home remedies for coffee addiction.

#7. Eat Healthy

Eating healthier makes you feel better and less tired. Eliminate sugar and fatty foods from your diet.

Eating healthier makes you feel better

#8. Antibiotics As Last Recourse

Over the counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin and naproxen can help with the caffeine headaches. Excedrin has some caffeine in it so this may be better. If you have stomach ulcers or other issues take Tylenol as it is easier on the tummy. Ibuprofen and aspirin contribute to heartburn and acid reflux and can lead to ulcers.

#9. Exercise

Exercise is a natural remedy and stimulant for coffee addiction. So any time you feel like you want that coffee or caffeine, go for a walk or a jog or do anything to amp up your heart rate.

Exercise is a natural stimulant

#10. Take Vitamins & Minerals

Magnesium is effective for the headaches from caffeine withdrawal. Calcium, potassium and zinc also help to get over caffeine and replace caffeine with vitamins your body needs. Take B vitamins to help boost your energy and your immune system.

#11. Detox

Detoxing and getting the caffeine out of your system will be helpful so take hot baths, use the steam room and sauna at your gym.

#12. Get Plenty Of Rest

Make sure you get plenty of rest, sleep and relaxation when you are quitting caffeine. There are many things you can do to relax such as meditation or getting a massage. You want to eliminate as much stress as possible so you are not tempted to pick up that old habit.

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Also keep in mind that too much caffeine can contribute to stress as well. Too much coffee is not good for you. Remind yourself that you are doing this to become a better you. Try these treatments for caffeine addiction and have a healthy lifestyle.

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