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10 Top Home Remedies To Increase Your Appetite

Loss Of Appetite

Are you feeling less hungry lately for no apparent reason? Do you need to gain weight? Appetite loss can happen for almost any reason, and it may happen all of a sudden, or you may just seem less hungry as time goes on. However your loss of appetite happened, you can fix it with just a few simple home remedies.

Certain foods and activities can help to increase your appetite, possibly right away, or over time. If you want to increase your appetite, then follow these great home remedies.


10 Top Home Remedies To Increase Your Appetite

#1. Exercise

It may not make much sense to exercise if you are trying to gain weight, but it will help if you want to be hungry again. Exercise burns off energy and calories. When your body burns off enough calories, it’s going to get hungry. A healthy person should exercise for at least half an hour a day. If that doesn’t make you hungry, then try to exercise for an hour. Once you hit the showers and have time to relax, you’re going to be wanting a snack.


#2. Relax

Sometimes when a person gets too stressed out, they stop being hungry. Find ways to relax yourself when you get tensed, and find ways to avoid becoming stressed out in the first place. Many people find yoga to be relaxing. If yoga isn’t your thing, then reading a good book or watching a movie that you like is a great natural home remedy to relax. Try lighting candles that smell like food. That’s almost sure to make you hungry.

#3. Eat Breakfast

Even if you are not hungry in the morning, it’s still a good idea to eat breakfast. Eating breakfast starts off your metabolism for the day. Even if you can only manage to eat a small breakfast, it is better than not eating anything. If you don’t eat breakfast, then you may end of binging on unhealthy snacks during the day, which isn’t very healthy.

#4. Schedule Meals

Another home remedy for loss of appetite is to start to schedule your meal times. When you first start doing this, you probably won’t be hungry. Over time, if you continue eating meals at about the same time everyday, your body will be expecting food, and that will make you hungry. This is a tip that will take some time to start working, but it’s also a tip that is pretty much guaranteed to work as well.


#5. Eat Snacks

There’s no shame in eating healthy snacks between meals, especially if you need to gain weight. However, you should try to stick to healthy snacks: fruits, vegetable, and whole grain, or other natural snacks. You can eat these in between meals, but try not to eat them when it’s really close to a meal time, or else it may decrease your appetite.

#6. Eat Foods that you Like

If you are having a hard time getting hungry, then pick foods that you like to eat for meals or snacks. Of course you won’t have much of an appetite if your dinner is a food that you find disgusting. You should pick a meal that you love, that way you’ll be bound to eat it. Even if you need to order in some greasy pizza, it doesn’t really matter. So long as a certain food gets you eating again, that’s all that’s important. Just try not to over do it on the junk food when you do have your appetite back.


#7. Spicy Food

Spicy foods are a proven natural remedy to raise a person’s appetite. If you aren’t very hungry, but you know you should eat, then try to make some curry rice or make some tacos. Obviously, if spicy food isn’t your thing, then you can ignore this tip. If you do like spicy food, then this could be great news. This can go along with the ‘eating what you like’ tip.

#8. Garlic

Eating garlic is one of best natural remedies proven to raise a person’s appetite. Whether you want to get it over with and eat some raw garlic, or if you want to add garlic to your food, it should help to raise your appetite again. Try adding garlic to your diet until your appetite gets back to its normal level.

#9. Tea

Tea has been shown to be able to help to relieve stress and increase your appetite. Since stress is a big problem when it comes to appetite, tea is a great solution. Chamomile tea is said to be the most calming, but just about any tea should work. Have tea with breakfast, or when you eat snacks, in order to increase your appetite.

#10. Oranges

Oranges are also shown to increase appetite. Oranges are a great snack idea or an addition to your breakfast. Eating oranges are sure to help, and drinking orange juice may also be able to help. Try to eat at least one orange a day, or as many as three, in order to increase your appetite.

Hopefully these simple natural home remedies can help to increase your appetite.

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