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10 Top Home Remedies For Alcohol Addiction

10 Top Home Remedies For Alcohol Addiction

Excessive consumption of alcohol on a daily basis gradually brings about a change in the levers of certain chemicals in the brain. This change results in an enhanced urge or craving for alcohol. When one reaches this state it is very dangerous because one cannot go without alcohol despite knowing the ill effects of excess consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol is detrimental to digestion, it affects the heart, liver, pancreas. There are some simple homemade remedies for treating this condition, which are known to be effective. Alcohol introduces a number of toxins in to the system. Detoxification is known to be effective to fight alcoholism. Some simple homemade remedies to obtain relief from alcohol addiction are:


#1. Grapes

Grapes have the purest form of alcohol forming agents in them. Grapes are also very good detoxifiers. Eating grapes or drinking a glass of grape juice is a good home remedy for alcohol addiction. This gives you the same feeling as consuming alcohol. While it gives you the same feeling, it will help in detoxifying the system without any ill effects.

#2. Water

It is good to drink fairly large amounts of water. Drinking enough water will help the body to flush out the toxins more easily and ease the withdrawal symptoms.

#3. Dietary Changes

Alcoholism affects the liver and digestive system, which results in lack of appetite. Therefore it is a good idea to select a diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables, which will provide the body with adequate nutrition and also helps in detoxifying the system. Diet can have berries which contain natural sugar and caters to sugar craving of alcoholics. Bananas are good as they are a good source of energy, fiber and potassium. Oats are good as it is a good relaxant. You can include proteins. Small portions with increased frequency will help.

#4. Apple

Apple is good natural remedy to remove toxins from the body. Eating apple at regular intervals will help the system from flushing out toxins. This will decrease the craving for alcohol. You can also have apple juice instead at regular intervals to have the desired effect.


#5. Bananas

Bananas are an excellent natural home remedy that provide instant energy. They are also a great source of potassium. Excessive drinking results in draining of potassium from the body resulting in imbalance of potassium levels. Banana helps in restoring potassium levels. This will reduce the craving for alcohol.

#6. Bitter Gourd

A little juice extracted from the leaves of bitter gourd added to buttermilk and consumed will help in reducing the craving for alcohol. Bitter gourd juice not only detoxifies the system but also helps repair liver damage and thus helps in reducing the craving for alcohol.

#7. Basil

Basil is a good source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory potential. Therefore it offers protection to the body from harmful free radicals. It also effectively detoxifies the system. It is thus very helpful in curbing the alcohol craving. Soak a few soft Basil twigs overnight in a glass of water with some pepper corns. Regularly drinking this water effectively curbs the desire for alcohol.

#8. Dates

Probably one of the simplest natural remedies for addiction to alcohol is dates. Eating dates with water regularly will reduce ones urge to take to alcoholic drinks.


#9. Lemon & Honey

This is generally recommended for non diabetics. A spoon full of honey mixed with lemon juice and warm water is known to be very effective in curing alcoholism. The fructose in honey will help a person to get rid of fracases of alcohol in the body and thus removes the craving for alcohol also.

#10. Exercise

Physical exercise or a brisk walk or yoga or meditation are one of the best natural remedies that will help in getting rid of the desire to drink. All these activities will make one feel fresh and rejuvenated. A routine of regular exercise in any of the forms mentioned will relieve people from the tendency of alcoholism.

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