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10 Signs You Don’t Want A Relationship With Him

You Don’t Want a Relationship with Him: Are You Sure?

When you are in love, a healthy relationship is every couple’s goal. That is to say that when he’s your number one priority, you would want to spend the rest of your life as a couple. However, sh*t happens. He seems to love you to the core, but you aren’t yet ready to reciprocate. One moment you are head over heels in love, and you want to be with him up close and personal, but the next, it’s chaos and destruction dealing with your significant other. But the last thing you want is to compromise. When this happens, it only means one thing, you don’t want to be in a relationship with him. What to do?


You Are Careless about the Small-talk

If it has reached the point where you only want to discuss your bills, you are not that into him. For a healthy relationship, communication coupled with fun is vital. It doesn’t matter if he’s your friend or husband to be. Neglecting small talk is a sign you don’t want to meet him halfway.

When you are running out of things to talk about and don’t have anything nice to say, it’s safe to say you care less about his feelings. This means that your relationship is leading to a dead end. If you are more at ease reading the phone book instead of having a fun time with your one and only, you may want to reevaluate.


No Goosebumps or Butterflies

We all know that when you meet a new friend, your stomach starts to crumble into pieces. This is what’s called goosebumps. However, if you are used to him and don’t feel the same way, something is wrong. It means that you don’t like him and that the puppy love feelings are long gone.

Instead of getting butterflies when he touches you, you want to evade him like a plague. Love isn’t a fairy tale to you anymore ‘just because you are in his presence. You are there with him physically, but your thoughts and feelings are miles away.


You Haven’t Introduced Him to Your Family and Friends

It might sound like a jinx to him, but you are not that into him when you don’t seek other people’s approval. It bothers me when you are bored when you discuss his life. If your family and friends ask you about him and avoid the discussion, you don’t love him. One of the simple things we do when we love someone, we always talk and think about them. But if this doesn’t happen to you, he isn’t the one.


You Are Still a Wandering Eye Girl

If other guys are still turning your head, you are not yet off the market. If you are in a relationship with someone you love, you’d definitely not look for greener pastures. But when you see an attractive guy and want to know more about him, girl, you are still in wonderland. I am not saying it’s bad to text your exes and your other crushes, but you don’t like your new guy if you do this often.

You Don’t Want a Relationship with Him if You Don’t See Him in Your Future

He’s madly in love with you, but you don’t define him as an ambitious lover. That is to say that he isn’t part of your life or career goals. When in love, women usually picture their future together. But when you don’t fit in her dreams, it’s time to let go. If there’s no potential in him, don’t waste your time and his.

Intimacy Is a Chore for You

For a relationship to blossom, both parties must indulge in sexual life. But when you are bored and never in the mood, you couldn’t possibly like this man. It’s crystal clear that you’ve directed your attention elsewhere. Your personality relies on finding tons of reasons why you don’t want to sleep with him. This shows that you don’t care about his feelings and emotions. Do yourself a favor and leave.

You Are Not Yet Ready to Lend Your Shoulder

He might be your one and all-time friend, but when he comes for comfort, you dismiss him. When he’s upset, you don’t have time to comfort him. It reaches a point where he considers a stranger as a greater friend than you are. If this sounds like you, you stopped caring about him. Now is a good time to set everything on the table and part ways peacefully.

You Don’t Want a Relationship with Him If His Presence Annoys You

You know you’ve fallen out of love when his presence means nothing to you. In fact, he annoys you more when he’s beside you. Worse still, you see him as your remote control, and you can’t tolerate any nonsense. Sad to say, it’s pretty daunting to rekindle this kind of love. Don’t take chances once you’ve fallen out of love with him. Tell it like it is.

You Are Always In a Routine Mode

When you repeat getting home, hugging and talking about daily activities, sleep, wake up and repeat, it could be you’ve fallen out of love. You don’t know what’s magical is anymore. Although being comfortable with one another leads to a long-term relationship, this is way more than that. Allow me to call it a humdrum existence that you care less about where it leads or takes you. As long as you are not investing in the relationship, quit.

You Don’t Want a Relationship with Him if You Are Taking Him For Granted

Relationship shares loads of work, and if you don’t want to take your part, don’t take him for granted. But if you don’t love him, little appreciation won’t matter to you. When you stop thanking him for paying your bills or fueling your car, you are not fair. You don’t care how much it takes for him to work hard for daily bread.

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