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November 20 Famous Birthdays

November 20 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 20 are regarded as someone worthy of being trusted with their friends and family’s most valued items or their secrets. As a Scorpio, they have unique psychic abilities and they come in handy when making decisions and making new friends or business associates.


When it comes to their loved ones, they are thought to be true-blue as they are devoted to them. They are an attractive person with some pleasing qualities. The November 20 famous celebrities are laid back most of the time but they have a temper. A combination of their temper and their ability to be impetuous makes them an unstable Scorpion.


Add to that they can be a jealous kind of person who is meddlesome and neurotic, and you have a bad situation. Their health is generally not an issue. They take care of themselves. The famous people born on November 20 know that being physically fit makes a person more confident and appealing to others.


Famous people born on NOVEMBER 20th are devoted to their friends and family. They could be known for their nurturing qualities as they have a big heart. Additionally, they are stronger when times are stressful and they make loyal lovers.

November 20 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

20 November Good Traits:

  • Attractive
  • Sexy
  • Graceful
  • Powerful
  • Straightforward
  • Concerned
  • Truthful
  • Ambitious
  • Dedicated
  • Smart

20 November Bad Traits:

  • Cynical
  • Weepy
  • Arrogant
  • Spendthrift
  • Critical
  • Blunt
  • Demanding

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November 20 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Allard-Morgan, 1980, Reality Star
Aaron Hernan, 1930, Soap Opera Actor
Aaron Yan, 1986, Pop Singer
Ahjah Walls, 1997, Gospel Singer
Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, 1916, Poet
Alex Arias, 1967, Baseball Player
Alexandra Danilova, 1903, Dancer
Alice Aycock, 1946, Sculptor
Alistair Cooke, 1908, TV Show Host
Andrew Driver, 1987, Soccer Player
Andrew Ranger, 1986, Race Car Driver
Andrzej Żuławski, 1940, Director
Aneka, 1954, Opera Singer
Angelica Bridges, 1973, TV Actress

Ann Turner Cook, 1926, Novelist
Anthony Knockaert, 1991, Soccer Player
Anthony Van Engelen, 1978, Skateboarder
Anton van Wouw, 1862, Sculptor
Asaad Kelada, 1942, Director
Ashley Fink, 1986, TV Actress
Barbara Hendricks, 1948, Opera Singer
Beezie Madden, 1963, Equestrian
Ben Hamer, 1987, Soccer Player
Bes Kallaku, 1985, Pop Singer
Beverly Feldman, 1950, Fashion Designer
Bill Damaschke, 1963, Film Producer
Bo Derek, 1956, Movie Actress
Bob Einstein, 1942, TV Actor
Bobby Locke, 1917, Golfer

november 20 famous birthdaysBongi Mvuyana, 1987, Pop Singer
Brooke Lipton, 1979, Choreographer
Callie Thorne, 1969, TV Actress
Carlos Boozer, 1981, Basketball Player
Cartier Martin, 1984, Basketball Player
Charlie Cook, 1953, Journalist
Chester Gould, 1900, Cartoonist
Chris Campbell, 1975, Golfer
Chris Fronzak, 1989, Metal Singer
Chris Scali, 1988, Reality Star
Clark Griffith, 1869, Baseball Player
Cody Allen, 1988, Baseball Player
Cody Linley, 1989, TV Actor
Colin Fox, 1938, TV Actor
Connie Talbot, 2000, Pop Singer

Cordero Roman, 1990, YouTube Star
Dabo Swinney, 1969, Football Coach
Dan Byrd, 1985, Movie Actor
Dan Richards, 1987, Guitarist
Daniela Gutierrez, 1990, Model
Danielle Bouchard, 1989, Folk Singer
Darcy Donavan, 1985, TV Actress
Davey Havok, 1975, Punk Singer
David Einhorn, 1968, Entrepreneur
David Mills, 1961, Screenwriter
David Seymour, 1911, Photographer
DeAnna Pappas, 1981, Reality Star
Deborah Eisenberg, 1945, Novelist
Dick Smothers, 1939, Comedian
Dierks Bentley, 1975, Country Singer

Dominique Dawes, 1976, Gymnast
Don Braden, 1963, Saxophonist
Don Delillo, 1936, Novelist
Don January, 1929, Golfer
Donita K. Paul, 1950, Novelist
Doug Ford Jr., 1964, Politician
Duane Allman, 1946, Guitarist
Dulcie Gray, 1915, Movie Actress
Duncan MacLeod, 1990, YouTube Star
Dusan Tadic, 1988, Soccer Player
Eck Robertson, 1887, Country Singer
Ed Freeman, 1927, War Hero
Edgar Allan Guzman, 1988, TV Actor
Eduardo Vargas, 1989, Soccer Player
Edwin Hubble, 1889, Scientist
Eero Mantyranta, 1937, Skier
Eleonora Gaggero, 2001, TV Actress
Emel Sayin, 1945, World Music Singer
Emilio Pucci, 1914, Fashion Designer
Emily Wells, 1981, Violinist
Estelle Parsons, 1927, TV Actress
Evelyn Keyes, 1916, Movie Actress
Fairuz, 1934, World Music Singer
Faith Holgate, 1991, Rock Singer
Flora Cheong-Leen, 1959, Fashion Designer
Floyd Sneed, 1942, Drummer
Fran Perea, 1978, Rock Singer
Francis Obikwelu, 1978, Runner
Frank Marino, 1954, Guitarist
Franklin Cover, 1928, TV Actor
Freya Lim, 1979, Pop Singer
Future, 1983, Rapper
Gary Ballance, 1989, Cricket Player
Gary Green, 1950, Guitarist
Gary Karr, 1941, Bassist
Genrikh Sapgir, 1928, Poet
Geoffrey Keezer, 1970, Pianist
George Barris, 1925,
George Kay, 1980, Family Member
George Shrouder, 1989, Guitarist
Georgios Sinas, 1783, Entrepreneur
Gerardo Martino, 1962, Soccer Player
Gianna Newborg, 1999, Dancer
Glen Gustard, 1987, Guitarist
Goodluck Jonathan, 1957, World Leader
Grant Hanley, 1991, Soccer Player
Greg Holland, 1985, Baseball Player
Griffin McIntyre, 2007, Family Member
Haley Anderson, 1991, Swimmer
Halid Beslic, 1953, Folk Singer
Hannah Clark, 1990, Cricket Player
Harry Worth, 1917, Comedian
Hend Sabry, 1979, Movie Actress
Henry Grethel, 1931, Fashion Designer
Howie Schwarzman, 1927, Magician
Imre Makovecz, 1935, Architect
Irene Esser, 1991, Soap Opera Actress
Jack Henderson, 2004, Entrepreneur
Jack Linkletter, 1937, Game Show Host
Jacob Pitts, 1980, TV Actor
Jaina Lee Ortiz, 1986, TV Actress
James Michael Curley, 1874, Politician
James Spangler, 1848, Entrepreneur
Jan Maxwell, 1956, TV Actress
Jared Followill, 1986, Bassist
Jason Faunt, 1974, TV Actor
Jason Mohammad, 1975, TV Actor
Jason Thompson, 1976, Soap Opera Actor
Jaxon Bieber, 2009, Family Member
JD Drew, 1975, Baseball Player
Jeff Locke, 1987, Baseball Player
Jeffrey Lewis, 1975, Folk Singer
Jeffrey Loria, 1940, Sports Executive
Jeremy Jordan, 1984, TV Actor
Jerry Colangelo, 1939, Sports Executive
Jim Brickman, 1961, Radio Host
Jim Fyffe, 1945, Sportscaster
Jim Garrison, 1921, Religious Author
Jim Goodwin, 1981, Soccer Player
Jim Horn, 1940, Saxophonist
Joe Biden, 1942, Politician
Joe Walsh, 1947, Music Producer
Joel McHale, 1971, TV Actor
Joey Galloway, 1971, Football Player
John Darnton, 1941, Journalist
John MacLean, 1964, Hockey Player
John R Bolton, 1948, Lawyer
John Schwert, 1975, Screenwriter
John Tran, 1975, Politician
Jonathan Holloway, 1981, Reality Star
Josh Carter, 1986, Basketball Player
Josh Turner, 1977, Country Singer
Joshua Gomez, 1975, TV Actor
June Christy, 1925, Jazz Singer
Justin Hoyte, 1984, Soccer Player
Kaye Ballard, 1925, Stage Actress
Kenesaw Mountain Landis, 1866, Lawyer
Kimberley Walsh, 1981, Pop Singer
Kris Jenkins, 1993, Basketball Player
Krissthebunny, 1980, Guitarist
Kristofer Martin, 1994, TV Actor
Larry Karaszewski, 1961, Screenwriter
Laura Harris, 1976, Movie Actress
Laxman Nayak, 1899, Civil Rights Leader
Leahallyannah, 1997, YouTube Star
Leland Yee, 1948, Politician
Lindsay Thomas, 1943, Politician
Lucas Malvacini, 1989, Model
Madisyn Shipman, 2002, TV Actress
Mansour Bin-zayed Al-nahyan, 1970, Politician
Mansour Binzayed Alnahyan, 1970, Politician
Margo Stilley, 1982, Movie Actress
Marija Žeželj, 1999, YouTube Star
Marisa Ryan, 1974, TV Actress
Mark Gastineau, 1956, Football Player
Mark Miller, 1925, TV Actor
Marko Germar, 1988, Dancer
Matt Blunt, 1970, Politician
Matt Lowe, 1986, YouTube Star
Matthew Schuler, 1992, Pop Singer
Max Pacioretty, 1988, Hockey Player
Maximiliane Hansen, 1998, Blogger
Maya Plisetskaya, 1925, Dancer
Meredith Monk, 1942, Composer
Michael Clifford, 1995, Pop Singer
Michael Yo, 1974, TV Show Host
Mie Hama, 1943, Movie Actress
Mike Diamond, 1965, Drummer
Minal Khan, 1998, TV Actress
Ming-Na Wen, 1963, Movie Actress
Mischa Mandel, 1983, Movie Actor
Morgan Hultgren, 1993, Instagram Star
Nadine Gordimer, 1923, Novelist
Nadine Velazquez, 1978, TV Actress
Nancy Shevell, 1959, Family Member
Natalie Okri, 1998, Pop Singer
Nathan Lyon, 1987, Cricket Player
Ned Vaughn, 1964, Movie Actor
Noah Gusenbauer, 2001, YouTube Star
Noel Mewton-Wood, 1922, Pianist
Norman Greenbaum, 1942, Rock Singer
Norman Oconnor, 1921, Religious Leader
Norman Thomas, 1884, Politician
Oghosa Ovienrioba, 1992, YouTube Star
Olga Kay, 1982, YouTube Star
Oliver Sipple, 1941,
Oliver Sykes, 1986, Metal Singer
Oliver Wolcott, 1726, Politician
Olivia Anderson, 1983, Blogger
Otto Von Guericke, 1602, Scientist
Pat Kiernan, 1968, TV Show Host
Patriarch Kirill, 1946, Religious Leader
Paul King, 1960, Pop Singer
Paul Scheuring, 1968, Screenwriter
Peng Liyuan, 1962, Political Wife
Pete Rademacher, 1928, Boxer
Phife Dawg, 1970, Rapper
Phil Joanou, 1961, Director
Phyllis Thaxter, 1919, TV Actress
Pierre Herme, 1961, Chef
Rajkumar Hirani, 1962, Director
Ranya Jaber, 2000, TV Actress
Ray Ozzie, 1955, Entrepreneur
Reginald Denny, 1891, Movie Actor
Rex Maughan, 1936, Entrepreneur
Rhys Wakefield, 1988, TV Actor
Richard Brooker, 1954, Movie Actor
Richard Dawson, 1932, TV Actor
Richard Masur, 1948, Movie Actor
Rick Monday, 1945, Baseball Player
Robert Byrd, 1917, Politician
Robert Costanzo, 1942, Voice Actor
Robert F. Kennedy, 1925, Politician
Rodger Bumpass, 1951, Voice Actor
Ron Ramsey, 1955, Politician
Ron Suskind, 1959, Journalist
Ryan Cleary, 1966, Journalist
Sabrina Lloyd, 1970, TV Actress
Sakura, 1969, Drummer
Salice Rose, 1994, Instagram Star
Samuel E Wright, 1946, Pop Singer
Sandor Fabry, 1953, TV Show Host
Sav Rocca, 1973, Football Player
Sean Michael, 1988, Movie Actor
Sean Young, 1959, Movie Actress
Selma Lagerlof, 1858, Novelist
Sen Dog, 1965, Rapper
Sergei Polunin, 1989, Dancer
Shalini Kumar, 1979, Movie Actress
Sherjill MacDonald, 1984, Soccer Player
Siddikur Rahman, 1984, Golfer
Siouxsie Medley, 1987, Guitarist
Stefan Bellof, 1957, Race Car Driver
Stephen Lobo, 1973, TV Actor
Takeshi Kusao, 1965, Voice Actor
Tamara Rapp, 1994, Dancer
Tamika Scott, 1975, R&B Singer
Tarique Rahman, 1967, Politician
Tashard Choice, 1984, Football Player
Taylor Hay, 1998, TV Actress
Teoman, 1967, World Music Singer
Terry Prindiville, 1942, Cricket Player
Thea Vidale, 1956, Comedian
Thomas Chatterton, 1752, Poet
Thomas McGrath, 1916, Poet
Tiara Rapp, 1994, Dancer
Tim Harvey, 1961, Race Car Driver
Tra Thomas, 1974, Football Player
Traci Harrison Tsou, 1975, Reality Star
Tusshar Kapoor, 1976, Movie Actor
Tylah Hill, 1997, YouTube Star
Veronica Hamel, 1943, Movie Actress
Wang Lihong, 1970, Softball Player
Wilfrid Laurier, 1841, Politician
Ye Jiangchuan, 1960, Chess Player
Yen Santos, 1992, TV Actress
Yorozuya Kinnosuke, 1932, Movie Actor
Yoshiki, 1965, Songwriter
Zack Martin, 1990, Football Player
Zinaida Gippius, 1869, Poet


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