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10 Great Home Remedies For Facial Hair

Causes Of Facial Hair

Many people don’t like the amount of hair on their face. Whether you want to be able to grow more hair, or make it less likely that hair will grow, this article will be able to help you.

The first section of this article will teach you some simple herbal remedies for growing more facial hair. The last five tips will teach you natural remedies to make facial hair easier to remove, as well as less likely to return. No matter what you want to do with your facial hair, just follow these simple home remedies below.


5 Great Home Remedies To Grow More Facial Hair

#1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin on your face is a great way to stimulate hair growth if you are a man. This is easy enough to do. You can get any sort of exfoliating paste and massage your face with it.

If you do not want to buy a paste, then you can put some sugar or salt on a warm washcloth and exfoliate your skin with this. Always make sure to put moisturizer on your face after using a homemade scrub.

#2. Reduce Stress

When a man is too stressed out he is likely to lose hair instead of grow it. The best way to combat this is to learn how to manage your stress better. This affects older individuals more than teenagers, but it can still have some effect on young people.

Try to organize your daily schedule so that you know what you need to do and how much time it will take. Other ways to reduce stress is to find a quiet place to meditate or do something that you enjoy when you are too stressed.

#3. Diet

One good home remedy for increasing facial hair is a good diet. The proper diet can also promote facial hair growth. Make sure to eat plenty of foods that contain vitamins A, C, E, and B. Some foods that contain these vitamins are lean meats, dark green vegetables, acidic fruits, whole grains, eggs, and dairy products. Overall, just try to have a balanced diet full of healthy proteins and grains as well as a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.


#4. Tidy & Kept

Once you start to grow your facial hair it is important to keep it well-kept in order to promote further hair growth. You can groom your facial hair by using specially made combs. You can also cut off the end of your hairs with scissors to give your beard the appearance of being thicker. It is also okay to use shampoo on your beard.

#5. One Month

The time that it takes for a person to grow facial hair varies from person to person. As a general rule, you can take a month off from shaving in order to grow some facial hair. Even if you do not have a full beard, you should have some hair by the time that the month is up.

Beards may seem patchy as they begin to grow, but know that this is normal. Once you have more facial hair your beard will naturally begin to fill itself out and look nicer and fuller.

5 Natural Remedies To Reduce Facial Hair Growth

#1. New Razors

To ensure that you are getting rid of as much facial hair as possible you will want to use new razors often. If you shave your face everyday it is a good idea to replace your razor blade at least once a week.

This will make sure that you will get the smoothest shave possible. Also, using new razors should make shaving more comfortable.

#2. Soy Products

Studies have shown that soy contains small amounts of estrogen, the hormone that gives women their feminine traits. If you eat more soy products then you may be able to make your body grow less facial hair, and body hair in general.

This natural remedy may not work for everyone though. To try it out, you may want to begin by switching your milk to soy milk. If you notice a difference in hair growth after a month then you can add in even more soy products.

#3. Sugar Paste

One natural home remedy to make hair easier to pluck is by using a sugar paste. Mix a tablespoon of sugar with the same amount of honey. Finally, add in a squirt of lemon juice. Mix these ingredients together until they form a paste.

Rub this paste wherever you want to remove hair. Leave this paste on your face for fifteen minutes. When the time is up you can rinse off this mix. This should make it much easier to pluck unwanted hairs.

#4. Acidic Fruit Juice

One way to make your face grow less hair, or at least thinner and lighter hair, is to rub acidic fruit juice on the areas where you want to have less hair growth.

Lemon juice is usually recommended, but fruits like limes and oranges can also be used. The fruit juice will be acidic enough to slow down hair growth, and it will also be able to naturally bleach hair. Both of these things can make facial hair less noticeable.


#5. Fennel or Licorice Tea

You can also drink tea to make your body less likely to grow facial hair. Both fennel and licorice tea contain something called phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen is naturally found in women’s bodies and helps to give them more feminine traits. This works much like the soy example. Simply drink a cup of one of these teas a day to slow facial hair growth.

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Hopefully these tips can help with your facial hair growth or removal. Good luck!

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