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White Color Symbolism in Feng Shui

Why Is White Color Important For Symbolism In Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the art of symmetry and constancy, obtaining the best balance of energy and utilizing the energy around us to its maximum benefit. Following Feng Shui in our lives and homes brings stability and attracts good points, which will filter our entire lives and families. According to the psychology of color, white color in Feng Shui symbolizes spirituality, expansion, innocence, purity, openness, and cleanliness.

If we master the way of Feng Shui, our lives can only improve. But better to understand Feng Shui in our lives, one needs to realize that everything around us is connected. Everything is made of energy and thus is alive.


Focusing on color and the Feng Shui representation can only help create a vibrant, attractive, and content environment. We also need to be mindful that color represents elements, and elements, in turn, dictate direction.

So we have the power, via color, to manipulate the direction of an element and the effects due to the color change. There are eight directions: North-South, East, and West as we know them, and North West, North East, South West, and South East.


What Does The White Color Symbolize In Feng Shui?

White is associated with the West, which influences children and creativity. If you were considering becoming a parent, then a person would need to concentrate on the West.

Should our kitchen or toilet be in the West, one must balance White with other colors to remove the metal energy. But this could be done by using darker colors.

If the toilet or kitchen were in the east, which would drain good energy, we would bring in the White metallic color to balance the energy.


Using color in and around our homes can create our reality, as it influences the psychological and physical well-being of all who live or enter our homes. Clearance is obtained by utilizing specific Feng Shui colors that can only create positive energy in our lives.

White is often perceived as a neutral color, but Feng Shui is classified as a sharp color and falls under the metal element. Metal element energy is clarity, discipline, preciseness, and freshness.

So white has a unique power in that it absorbs all other colors. It can blend in with any different color within the same space, and its energy is clean, fresh, and crisp. White is the start of something new or a clear ending. If we think of a wedding day, they generally wear white, which signifies new beginnings.


Fen Shui states that in a painted white house facing east or southeast, the occupants could suffer from illness, troubled family relationships, and possibly lose money.

If your house was south-facing, the occupants might have difficulty getting the recognition they deserve at work or even have issues with their neighbors.

Preferably, if the house faces north, painted white, and added black trim on the window shutters, front door, and some brass fixtures, this would be an excellent example of a house in sync with its environment. But, black is the color of money. Thus, color and direction work very closely together.

North, West, or North West facing for White Color Symbolism Feng Shui

The home shows who we are and where we want to go in our future path. When we change the energy in our house, we might not realize its effects on us. When we become more energetic or lethargic and unhappy, Good Feng Shui energy is always present in the home, but natural lighting and fresh air are allowed to filter through. White is a very versatile and popular color to increase energy wherever it is utilized.

So, using white in bathrooms always results in fresh energy. However, one should be cautious to ensure that it doesn’t overdo the white and turn our homes into an artificial and sterile environment.

Metal color or White?

We certainly don’t need to paint all the walls white in our house. This could create a space that is unwelcoming or even cold. Instead, we want to create a space with loads of creativity and warmth. So You could bring in a few décor items, preferably round and metal.

White Important in a Living Room?

But the challenge is always to ensure the living room has happy energy and is practical and beautiful. First, you need the desire to change, then planning and perseverance. Clutter is labeled as the enemy of Feng Shui. The tremendous energy cannot shine through if space is full of chaos.

White in the Bedroom

So we should find that our bedroom is our solace, where we rest our weary souls. Natural lighting is a beautiful example of how we can brighten any area and revitalize it when we wake up in the morning.


You don’t want a floodlight to illuminate your bedroom in the evenings, but soft, strategically placed lighting will fill the room with a warm glow.

White in the Kitchen

Hence we all strive to have clean kitchens, as people love to gather there for any occasion. So white in the kitchen is the best color to use, as it lets our fabulous food colors shine.

Metal Element (White) into our home?

When we have a sense of frustration or lack understanding of the direction we want to go, suppose we look for dynamic energy in our home. If we want to start a new venture, the metal Feng Shui will help the transition.

Items to get the maximum effect?

But the Feng Shui décor items would need to be placed in your home’s North, Northwest, and West areas. If you prefer to follow the Western spatial relationship, then the Feng Shui décor items would be appropriately placed. People and Blessings area is to your right as you enter your home and room’s front doorway.

Dreaming of White Color

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