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Vice Dream Meaning

What Does a Vice Mean in Your Dream? Interpretation and Symbolism

A Vice in Your Dream and Its Meaning in Your Waking Life

A vice is a tool that clamps or a wrong action. According to the vice dream analysis, dreaming of being squeezed by a vice means that you feel as if you are losing at something in life. Find purpose in your life. Worry not about things not going your way. Your professional and social lives might sometimes stress you, but you should not take things too seriously.


Dreaming of feeling pressure from being squeezed by a vice signifies difficult times. Threats you experience in your waking life will hinder you from achieving your full potential. Find effective ways of dealing with tricky situations in your life.

What does it mean to dream of breaking a vice? You have all it takes to deal with the pressures of life. With confidence and grace, you will overcome challenges. Once you eliminate challenges and obstacles, you will be free to live your life as you please.

Further Insight

Avoiding the pressures from a vice in your dream signifies maneuvering through challenges and going around them to move forward with your life.

Dreaming of squeezing someone in a vice means you are cruel and rude towards others. Stop being the reason why people around you are in pain.


Based on the vice dream symbolism, seeing someone in a vice in your dream and you are not in control signifies making progress. Positive changes will enable you to move your life forward. Be grateful for the blessings in your life.

Dreaming of your own vice is a sign that you are a victim of your weaknesses and bad habits. Resolve to change your ways for the better. Seek help from others to take back control of your life. Some things you cannot do on your own.

Did you dream of a sex vice? This dream signifies your constant need for attachment.

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