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Marketing And Relationships: 6 Things In Common

6 Things In Common In Marketing And Relationships

Marketing and Relationships have many things in common. When going into a relationship, there are things they look out for, and the same applies to a marketer searching for potential clients. Qualities like patience, building trust, taking things slowly, and better communication skills are needed in relationships and marketing. Here are ways the work of a marketer can be compared to a relationship.


Similarities in Marketing And Relationship:

1. Attraction is Key

Attraction is one of the essential things that lure people into a relationship. Though attraction can be subjected to individual interpretation, it is imperative. So you will have to look good and be unique with specific qualities to be noticed by a potential partner.


The same attraction is required of every marketer. Your appearance tells a lot about your personality, and people may address you according to how you look. At least the first appearance matters. As a marketer, you must do your best to gain the prospective customer’s interest. Let them like what they see to want to listen to you more and more.


2. The Need to Show Confidence

A show of confidence is needed in a relationship, especially at the initial stage or when dating someone higher in status than you are. You need to be confident to approach someone to utter the words “I am in love with you.”


As a marketer, confidence is like a nuclear weapon to you. Without it, your marketing career will be in tatters. To approach a prospective partner, you must show a lot of confidence to catch their attention. You have to dress well and keep your composure. Your body language must do 80% of the talking.

3. Keep it Interesting

You have gained their attention with your bright look, confidence, and composure. Now it is up to you to keep it interesting. Relating this to a relationship, your first date can make or unmake your viability of starting a relationship. Your conversations shouldn’t be on point, and the topics you raise shouldn’t be controversial. It should be entertaining enough that your date would want to listen more.

For the marketer, keeping it interesting is highlighting content that will provoke your prospective client’s interest. Let them want to know more about the product or services you are selling. Be on top of issues, avoid fumbling and keep it simple but in-depth.

4. Building of Trust in both marketing and relationships

One important thing that keeps a relationship moving is trust. Having your partner trust you is critical but not easy to achieve. It would help if you were consistent, little lies, or did not get caught. Don’t let them have the slightest reason to doubt you.

As a marketer, building trust is a necessity. No serious client will entertain falsehood. Opening up on the whole truth of a product or service can be difficult, but you must find a way to do it. You are free to go if not asked, but when a client demands some clarifications, you have to be truthful enough. Doing this will build trust for further business opportunities.

5. Making Things Clear in Marketing And Relationship

Stage by stage, you have been able to reach your target by starting a relationship. Now it is time to make things clear. Making your needs and wants clear is essential for a relationship to work. Both partners must put their needs and enjoy on the table, deliberate about them, and now those achievable and otherwise.

For the marketer, after building trust, it is not time to introduce the packages that meet your client’s needs. It is time to let them know what you have and the help you can offer their business.

6. Keeping Them

Starting a relationship is not as tricky as maintaining it. I can say that maintaining a relationship takes about 80% of when building a relationship. You must make a concerted effort to keep things going and make sacrifices, commitments, and compromises to be on the same page.

For a marketer, your client is your source of “wealth.” You lose money when you lose a client, so maintaining them is very important. Keeping an existing customer is cheaper than chasing a new prospective client. You can do routine checkups personally and update them on new services through emails.

There are several other ways to compare marketing and Relationship. But I believe the few points above give you enough insight. This is interesting, right!

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