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Tarot Reading For Depression

Depression and Tarot Reading

As anyone knows better than I do, depression has sometimes wracked my life, which is accurate. I think I was depressed as a child, having lost my mother early and replacing the empty void with food. Later in life, in my early twenties, I first sat in a chair in a therapist’s office trying to articulate what was going on with me and heard the word “clinically depressed.”  In Tarot reading for depression, the Nine of Swords and the Moon card will be of great help as they can be an indicator.


Signs of Depression

I was sleeping too much, not eating, and had no ambition or feeling “dead inside.” I was only 20 years old, and no one in my family could understand what was wrong with me. For years, I went undiagnosed and was misunderstood by those closest to me. I didn’t know at the time that my depression was most likely genetically predisposed as well as a chemical imbalance.


Instead of someone helping, I was told to “get over it.” I couldn’t “get over it” or “snap out of it.” I was suffering from an actual condition and went through different anti-depressants, therapists, and a workshop or two. Also, I educated myself and read many books about depression and other mood disorders. Depression is ubiquitous but misunderstood still today.


Robin Williams

When I heard about the passing of Robin Williams yesterday, 8-11-14, I was devastated. How can a beloved comedian of our generation be gone and take his own life? I understood why; however, I could not fathom his depth or know what pain or suffering he owned.


I once realized that many comedians or funny people have suffered or are suffering. The pain they have gone through or are going through is pushed out through humor, laughter, or inspiration. They are creative people, and most creative people suffer on some level to create. Robin Williams was a creator.

The Nine of Swords

In the Tarot, cards show any influences or signs of depression, particularly the NINE OF SWORDS.

As illustrated above, this MINOR ARCANA card clearly shows someone in distress, consumed with worry, anxiety, and sleeplessness sitting in bed. This card may indicate fear strife, or even depression with the emotions attached to this card. Swords represent the “Air” or thinking of the mind. Swords also symbolize conflict, strife, or stress.

The Moon

Another card associated with depression is the MOON card.

This card is one of the MAJOR ARCANA cards. Its impact is more CENTERED around disillusionment, paranoia, sadness, conflicting emotions, and harboring deep dark feelings not revealed to others hidden by the shadow of the moon.

With depression, it is harder to explain what you are going through emotionally, and you feel misunderstood. You get very good at hiding your true self and emotions while putting on a mask to the world. This card has various meanings, but it is associated with these attributes especially paired with other cards in a reading, for example, the NINE OF SWORDS above.

Mork and Mindy

I grew up with Robin Williams on “Mork and Mindy,” followed his career, and loved all of his films. One of my favorite Robin Williams movies is “The Fisher King” (1991). He won a Golden Globe for his performance as a widower with a mental illness. I identified with this film on a cellular level and in many ways.

His manic performance was probably one of the most beautiful compared to “Dead Poet’s Society” or “Good Will Hunting.” Thank you, Robin Williams, for your talents and gift of laughter, and I pray that wherever you are now, you have found the Light and gone Home in Peace.

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