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September 6 Famous Birthdays

September 6 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 6 have a lot of abilities. This Virgo is ingenious! They enjoy life and don’t mind that people take up a lot of their time and energy. They embrace the chance to help someone or to help themselves.


One of the flaws of famous celebrities born on September 6 could be that they are a spur of the moment kind of person. They can be guilty of doing things without thinking of the repercussions. However, they have good instincts so they can come out on top of most situations but having more self-control is the key to lessen their chances of making mistakes.


They love being in love! They are such a bright spirit to have around. Romance is their thing as they fulfill many fairy tale fantasies. When they find that special one, there is no limit to what they can accomplish. But when things don’t work out, they are not disheartened. They keep on going.


Famous people born today on 6th September are very attractive Virgos. People love their personality. Typically, they are shopaholics. So they could learn a few tricks when it comes to spending. Those born today should guard their digestive system.

September 6 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

6 September Good Traits:

  • Communicative
  • Expressive
  • Brisk
  • Active
  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Smart
  • Motivated
  • Humble
  • Outgoing

6 September Bad Traits:

  • Unpredictable
  • Impulsive
  • Impatient
  • Extravagant
  • Disappointed
  • Complicated

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September 6 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adolph Murie, 1899, Scientist
Aidan James, 2001, Pop Singer
Al-Fahtir Anthony, 1995, Vine Star
Aleem Iqbal, 1994, YouTube Star
Alex Christian Jones, 1996, TV Actor
Alex Escobar, 1978, Baseball Player
Alex Poythress, 1993, Basketball Player
Ali Ashfaq, 1985, Soccer Player
Alice Sebold, 1963, Memoirist
Alina Baikova, 1989, Model
Amandeep Kang, 1992, YouTube Star
Amir Hossein Sadeghi, 1981, Soccer Player
Ana Bekuta, 1959, Pop Singer
Andrea Camilleri, 1925, Novelist
Andrea Lekic, 1987, Handball Player

Andrew White, 1942, Saxophonist
Angel Gonzalez Muniz, 1925, Poet
Anika Noni Rose, 1972, Movie Actress
Antwan Goodley, 1991, Football Player
Apostol Trpeski, 1948, Cinematographer
Ariel, 1988, Rock Singer
Arnett Howard, 1950, Trumpet Player
Arsinee Khanjian, 1958, Movie Actress
Arthur Train, 1875, Novelist
Ashlee Füss, 1994, TV Actress
Ashley Royer, 1998, Young Adult Author
Ashli Adams, 1991, TV Actress

september 6 famous birthdays
Ashton Meem, 1987, Family Member
Aya Jones, 1994, Model
Bear Rinehart, 1980, Rock Singer
Ben Harding, 1984, Soccer Player
Bernie Winters, 1932, Comedian
Bertie Carvel, 1977, Stage Actor
Betsy Russell, 1963, Movie Actress
Bill Luckett, 1903, Soccer Player
Bill Ritter, 1956, Politician
Billy Rose, 1899, Songwriter
Brahim Zaibat, 1986, Dancer
Braun Strowman, 1983, Wrestler
Brendon Ayanbadejo, 1976, Football Player
Brian Lopes, 1971, Cyclist

Brooklyn Fullmer, 1995, Dancer
Bryan O’Connor, 1946, Astronaut
Buddy Bolden, 1877, Trumpet Player
Buddy Miller, 1952, Country Singer
Cameron Boyd, 1984, Movie Actor
Cameron Kerry, 1950, Politician
Carl E. Walz, 1955, Astronaut
Carlo Cudicini, 1973, Soccer Player
Carly Fiorina, 1954, Politician
Carol Wayne, 1942, TV Actress
Carter Smith, 1971, Director
Catharine Beecher, 1800, Teacher
CeCe Peniston, 1969, Pop Singer
Chad Coleman, 1974, TV Actor
Charles Billich, 1934, Painter

Chase Martin, 1994, Rapper
Cheyne M. Coates, 1970, Pop Singer
China Tom Mieville, 1972, Novelist
Chris Christie, 1962, Politician
Chris Maloney, 1961, Baseball Manager
Chris Schuler, 1987, Soccer Player
Chuck Vincent, 1940, Director
Cisco Adler, 1978, Rock Singer
CJ Johnson, 1994, YouTube Star
Claire Lee Chennault, 1893, Pilot
Cutesygirl09, 1991, YouTube Star
D-wayne, 1994, DJ
Dallas Friday, 1986, Wakeboarder
Dana Dane, 1965, Rapper
Darren Clark, 1965, Runner
David Allan Coe, 1939, Country Singer
David G. Freeman, 1920, Badminton Player
David Strassman, 1957, Comedian
Dean Fertita, 1970, Rock Singer
Deepee, 1994, Rapper
Derrek Lee, 1975, Baseball Player
Dlive, 1989, YouTube Star
Dolores O’Riordan, 1971, Rock Singer
Donna Haraway, 1944, Philosopher
Dow Finsterwald, 1929, Golfer
Duleep Singh, 1838, Royalty
Dylan Bruno, 1972, TV Actor
Dylan Fraser, 2001, Instagram Star
Ed Oliver, 1916, Golfer
Eiqu Miller, 1991, YouTube Star
EJ King, 1982, Reality Star
Elizabeth Vargas, 1962, News Anchor
Emerson Sheik, 1978, Soccer Player
Emily Maitlis, 1970, News Anchor
Emily Reid, 1991, Country Singer
Emir Preldzic, 1987, Basketball Player
Emrah Tekin, 1989, YouTube Star
Esther Heesch, 1996, Model
Eugene Hutz, 1972, Punk Singer
Famous Dex, 1993, Rapper
Fanny Wright, 1795, Civil Rights Leader
Fat Nick, 1994, Rapper
Faye Montana, 2003, YouTube Star
Fouad Elmohandes, 1924, Movie Actor
Foxy Brown, 1978, Rapper
Francissca Peter, 1961, Pop Singer
Frank H. Spearman, 1859, Novelist
Frank Passalacqua, 1992, YouTube Star
Fumihiko Maki, 1928, Architect
Gabriel Wolff, 1986, YouTube Star
Geert Wilders, 1963, Politician
Georgina Cleverley, 1985, Reality Star
Gilbert Du Motier, 1757, War Hero
Graham Wardle, 1986, TV Actor
Greg Rusedski, 1973, Tennis Player
Hannah John-Kamen, 1989, TV Actress
Hannah Kat Jones, 1990, TV Actress
Hardy Sandhu, 1986, World Music Singer
Harry Danning, 1911, Baseball Player
Hazardous, 1997, YouTube Star
Horatio Greenough, 1805, Sculptor
Ian Puleston-davies, 1958, TV Actor
Idris Elba, 1972, TV Actor
Jacob Gauthe, 1997, Vine Star
Jacques Fath, 1912, Fashion Designer
Jaden Myles MacPhee, 1998, R&B Singer
Jake Brown, 1974, Skateboarder
James Litherland, 1949, Guitarist
James Whitham, 1966, Motorcycle Racer
Jamie Cudmore, 1978, Rugby Player
Jane Addams, 1860, Civil Rights Leader
Jane Carrey, 1987, Pop Singer
Jane Curtin, 1947, TV Actress
Janis Danner, 1994, Model
Jay Ruckley, 1998, TV Actor
Jeff Foxworthy, 1958, Comedian
Jeffrey Green, 1962, Race Car Driver
Jernade Miah, 1991, R&B Singer
Jhendelyn Núñez, 1988, Instagram Star
Jiami Jongejan, 1999, Blogger
Jill Ellis, 1966, Soccer Coach
Jillian Hall, 1980, Wrestler
Jimmy Reed, 1925, Blues Singer
Jo Anne Worley, 1937, TV Actress
Joana Sanz, 1993, Model
Jody McCrea, 1934, Movie Actor
Joe Burns, 1989, Cricket Player
Joel Lok, 1994, TV Actor
John B. Kendrick, 1857, Politician
John Dalton, 1766, Scientist
John Godwin, 1962, Reality Star
John Herald, 1939, Folk Singer
John Manalo, 1995, TV Actor
John Mitchum, 1919, Family Member
John Wall, 1990, Basketball Player
Jose Socrates, 1957, Politician
Joseph Maull, 1781, Politician
Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., 1888, Entrepreneur
Julian Kelly, 1989, Soccer Player
Julian Newman, 2001, Basketball Player
Julien Green, 1900, Novelist
Justin Whalin, 1974, TV Actor
Justina Machado, 1972, TV Actress
Karen Baldwin, 1963, Model
Katy Hearn, 1991, Instagram Star
Kelli McCarty, 1969, Model
Kelsey Fowler, 1996, Stage Actress
Kendrick Meek, 1966, Politician
Kenneth Kennedy, 1913, Speed Skater
Kerry Katona, 1980, Reality Star
Kevin Willis, 1962, Basketball Player
Kim So-Eun, 1989, TV Actress
Kylend Hetherington, 1997, Stage Actor
Lauren Froderman, 1991, Dancer
Lauren Lapkus, 1985, TV Actress
Lee Archer, 1919, War Hero
Leila K, 1971, Pop Singer
Lindsay Albanese, 1980, YouTube Star
Lindsay Jones, 1989, YouTube Star
Louis Silvers, 1889, Composer
LoveRance, 1989, Rapper
Low Ki, 1979, Wrestler
Luis Federico Leloir, 1906, Scientist
Lupita Jones, 1968, Model
Lyn Collingwood, 1936, Soap Opera Actress
Lynsey Hipgrave, 1979, Radio Host
Maartje Verhoef, 1997, Model
Macy Gray, 1969, Soul Singer
Mait Malmsten, 1972, TV Actor
Mallory Thompson, 1995, Vine Star
Mantas Kalnietis, 1986, Basketball Player
Maria Grinberg, 1908, Pianist
Mark Chesnutt, 1963, Country Singer
Mark Goudeau, 1964, Criminal
Mark Teahen, 1981, Baseball Player
Mark Warburton, 1962, Soccer Coach
Mark Wilkerson, 1976, Rock Singer
Marshall Bouldin III, 1923, Painter
Marta Riumbau, 1987, YouTube Star
Mary Amons, 1971, Reality Star
Mathew Horne, 1978, TV Actor
Matt Lampson, 1989, Soccer Player
Matt McAndrew, 1990, Pop Singer
Matthew Hann, 1980, Soccer Player
Max George, 1988, Pop Singer
Max Schreck, 1879, Movie Actor
Mel McDaniel, 1942, Country Singer
Michael Gordon, 1909, Director
Michael Winslow, 1958, Movie Actor
Michaelle Jean, 1957, Journalist
Michellie Jones, 1969, Triathlete
Mildred Harnack, 1902, War Hero
Morgan Joyce, 1992, YouTube Star
Naomie Harris, 1976, Movie Actress
Naomie Harris, 1976, Movie Actress
Natalia Cigliuti, 1978, TV Actress
Naveen Jain, 1959, Entrepreneur
Ned Collette, 1979, Folk Singer
Nigel Westlake, 1958, Composer
Nils Rondhuis, 1987, DJ
Nina Persson, 1974, Pop Singer
NORE, 1977, Rapper
Norman Joseph Woodland, 1921, Entrepreneur
Oleg Perepetchenov, 1975, Weight Lifter
Otto Liiv, 1905, Scientist
Paddy Boom, 1968, Drummer
Pat Lundy, 1991, Drummer
Pat Nevin, 1963, Soccer Player
Paul Rubell, 1952,
Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, 1961, Guitarist
Pearce Joza, 2002, Movie Actor
Pejman Montazeri, 1983, Soccer Player
Penelope Menchaca, 1968, Game Show Host
Phil Markowitz, 1952, Pianist
Pippa Middleton, 1983, Family Member
Rakesh Roshan, 1949, Director
Ramiele Malubay, 1987, Pop Singer
Red Faber, 1888, Baseball Player
Reham Abdel Ghafour, 1978, Movie Actress
Rhett Miller, 1970, Country Singer
Rhys Ward, 1989, TV Actor
Richard Muller, 1961, Teacher
Rickey Minor, 1959, Composer
Robert Ayers, 1985, Football Player
Roger Waters, 1943, Bassist
Roman Palumbo, 1993, Instagram Star
Rosie Perez, 1964, Movie Actress
Ryan Malaty, 1989, TV Show Host
Ryan Shazier, 1992, Football Player
Sabrina Salvador, 1980, TV Show Host
Saeed Anwar, 1968, Cricket Player
Sage Nelson, 1999, YouTube Star
Samuel Hui, 1948, Pop Singer
Samuel Peter, 1980, Boxer
Sarah Danielle Madison, 1974, TV Actress
Sarah Strange, 1974, TV Actress
Sargun Mehta, 1988, TV Actress
Scott Travis, 1961, Drummer
Selim Sahab, 1941, Composer
Sergio Aragones, 1937, Cartoonist
Shady Jeff, 1978, Rock Singer
Shankar Roychowdhury, 1937, War Hero
Simon Reeve, 1955, TV Show Host
Skye Gyngell, 1963, Chef
Steve Hardwick, 1956, Soccer Player
Steven Eckholdt, 1961, TV Actor
Swoosie Kurtz, 1944, TV Actress
Sylvester, 1947, Pop Singer
Sylvia Garcia, 1950, Politician
Takaya Honda, 1987, TV Actor
Taylor Belle, 1998, Pop Singer
Thales Leites, 1981, MMA Fighter
Tim Henman, 1974, Tennis Player
Todd Palin, 1964, Family Member
Tom Pappas, 1976, Decathlete
Tony DiTerlizzi, 1969, Illustrator
Tony Duquette, 1914, Production Designer
Trey Wood, 2000, Skateboarder
Trina McGee-davis, 1969, TV Actress
Ty Wood, 1995, TV Actor
Tyler Austin, 1991, Baseball Player
Tyler Case, 1995, TV Actor
Vendela Vida, 1971, Novelist
Veronica Gilroy, 1985, Family Member
Veronica Jaspeado, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Vince Dimaggio, 1912, Baseball Player
Webbie, 1985, Rapper
Wendi Richter, 1961, Wrestler
Wendy Kaufman, 1958, Reality Star
Wesley Safadão, 1988, World Music Singer
Will Adams, 1988, Choreographer
William Duvall, 1967, Rock Singer
Winston McCall, 1981, Metal Singer
Zoltan Ribli, 1951, Chess Player


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