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September 5 Famous Birthdays

September 5 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 5 are a very good friend. As a Virgo, they are dedicated and want the very best for their loved ones. As a possible shortcoming, they have a tendency to be a bit of a purist. The love nature and for things to be in order.


When they are in love, they tend to feel a little apprehensive about things. This could prevent famous September 5 celebrities from doing the things they love. They need to try to let their guard down a little as the relationship grows. They prefer to be in control, I know, but they need to have a little fun! Being financially secure is one of their  top priorities.


Famous people born on September 5 are intelligent. They could be a leader that teaches or works in the medical field. Their health is usually not a problem as they know exercise is important. They typically don’t have to be told to eat their veggies as it is likely that they don’t eat a lot of meat.


Famous September 5th celebrities are a people’s magnet but they do not wait for things to happen. They work for the things they have and typically enjoy life. Otherwise, they are accused of being someone who complains a lot. They should learn to relax.

September 5 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

5 September Good Traits:

  • Magnetic
  • Smart
  • Graceful
  • Lively
  • Dedicated
  • Pragmatic
  • Loyal
  • Analytical
  • Devoted

5 September Bad Traits:

  • Strict
  • Complaining
  • Fussy
  • Critical
  • Scared
  • Bashful

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September 5 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Springer, 1973, Cartoonist
Abdullah Abdullah, 1960, Politician
Achero Manas, 1966, Director
Adam Guerra, 1983, Model
Adam Hollioake, 1971, Cricket Player
Al Stewart, 1945, Folk Singer
Alcee L. Hastings, 1936, Politician
Aleksandar Jovanovic, 1984, Soccer Player
Alexander Slobodyanik, 1941, Pianist
Alexandra Kay, 1991, Pop Singer
Alicia Banit, 1990, TV Actress
Ameera Belle, 1991, Vine Star
Amr Khaled, 1967, Civil Rights Leader

Amy Beach, 1867, Composer
Amy Newbold, 1986, Movie Actress
Amy Perez, 1969, TV Show Host
Anamaria Canseco, 1967, TV Show Host
Andrew Ducote, 1986, TV Actor
Andriyan Nikolayev, 1929, Astronaut
Angela Hartnett, 1968, Chef
Angy Fernandez, 1990, Pop Singer
Antoinette Miggiani, 1937, Opera Singer
Anton Diabelli, 1781, Composer
Arnel Pineda, 1967, Rock Singer
Arthur Koestler, 1905, Philosopher
Ashleigh McIvor, 1983, Skier
Autumn Sharif, 1995, Pop Singer

september 5 famous birthdaysAyaan Ali Khan, 1979,
Balaram Stack, 1991, Surfer
Baro, 1992, Rapper
Ben Broman, 1986, Twitch Star
Ben Youngs, 1989, Rugby Player
Bill Mazeroski, 1936, Baseball Player
Billy Kilmer, 1939, Football Player
Bob Newhart, 1929, TV Actor
Bob Spencer, 1957, Guitarist
Brad Hopkins, 1970, Football Player
Brad Rusin, 1986, Soccer Player
Brad Wilk, 1968, Drummer
Brian Morris, 1963, Lawyer
Brittany Furlan, 1986, Vine Star
Bruce Cumings, 1943, Teacher
Bruce Davidson, 1933, Photographer
Bryn McCrystal, 1998, YouTube Star

Buddy Miles, 1947, Drummer
Candace Carrizales, 1996, YouTube Star
Carice Van Houten, 1976, Movie Actress
Carlester Crumpler, 1971, Football Player
Carol Lawrence, 1932, Stage Actress
Caroline Sunshine, 1995, TV Actress
Cathy Guisewite, 1950, Comic Book Author
Chloe Wilburn, 1989, Reality Star
Chris Gore, 1965, Journalist
Christopher Drew Carter, 1981, Football Player
Claudette Colvin, 1939, Civil Rights Leader
Clay Regazzoni, 1939, Race Car Driver
Cliff Pribble, 1998, YouTube Star
Colt McCoy, 1986, Football Player
Connor Taylor, 1992, Soccer Player
Courtney Sixx, 1985, Model

Dahvie Vanity, 1984, Pop Singer
Damian Martin, 1984, Basketball Player
Darryl F. Zanuck, 1902, Film Producer
Daryl Sattler, 1980, Soccer Player
David Brabham, 1965, Race Car Driver
David Carter, 1987, YouTube Star
Dayo Wong, 1960, Comedian
Debbie Turner, 1956, Movie Actress
Dennis Dugan, 1946, Director
Dennis Scott, 1968, Basketball Player
Dweezil Zappa, 1969, Guitarist
Eddie Carroll, 1933, Voice Actor
Edward Molyneux, 1891, Fashion Designer
El Uriel, 1995, YouTube Star
Elena Delle Donne, 1989, Basketball Player
Elize du Toit, 1981, TV Actress
Ellie Smith, 1996, Pop Singer
Erik Huseklepp, 1984, Soccer Player
Erin Krakow, 1984, TV Actress
Eugena Bey, 1994, Instagram Star
Ezra Furman, 1986, Rock Singer
Felipe Caicedo, 1988, Soccer Player
Filippo Volandri, 1981, Tennis Player
Florencia Benitez, 1986, TV Actress
Frank Huang, 1978, Violinist
Frank Yerby, 1916, Novelist
Freddie Mercury, 1946, Rock Singer
Gage Golightly, 1993, TV Actress
Gaijin Goombah, 1984, YouTube Star
Gareth Hock, 1983, Rugby Player
Gciimessi, 1994, YouTube Star
George Boateng, 1975, Soccer Player
George Lazenby, 1939, Movie Actor
Giovanni Pernice, 1990, Dancer
Goffredo Mameli, 1827, Poet
Graham Yost, 1959, TV Producer
Gustavo Rojo, 1923, Movie Actor
Gwen Stewart, 1963, Stage Actress
Hal Stein, 1928, Saxophonist
Helena Barlow, 1998, Movie Actress
Humphrey Cobb, 1899, Screenwriter
Igor Saringer, 1996, YouTube Star
Iris Van Berne, 1990, Model
Jack Daniel, 1850, Entrepreneur
Jack Valenti, 1921, Entrepreneur
James Norwood, 1990, Soccer Player
Jared Warth, 1986, Bassist
Jeff Brantley, 1963, Baseball Player
Jeff Goodman, 1971, Journalist
Jerri Manthey, 1970, Reality Star
Jerzy Wróblewski, 1926, Lawyer
Jesse James, 1847, Criminal
Jesse Janedy, 1985, DJ
Jessenia Vice, 1984, Model
Joan Sydney, 1936, TV Actress
Joe Long, 1941, Bassist
Joey Brezinski, 1981, Skateboarder
Joey Kern, 1976, Movie Actor
John Bartholomew, 1986, Chess Player
John Cage, 1912, Composer
John Carew, 1979, Soccer Player
John Danforth, 1936, Politician
John Foust, 1951, Politician
John Stewart, 1939, Folk Singer
Johnny Briggs, 1935, Soap Opera Actor
Jon Richards, 1963, Politician
Jonathan Beck, 1998, YouTube Star
Josh Ryan, 1974, Photographer
Joyce Hatto, 1928, Pianist
Julianne Michelle, 1984, Movie Actress
Justin Dentmon, 1985, Basketball Player
Kat Graham, 1989, TV Actress
Katharina Damm, 1994, YouTube Star
Keith Harris, 1976, Music Producer
Kevin Simm, 1980, Pop Singer
Kim Hye-soo, 1970, Movie Actress
Kim Yu-Na, 1990, Figure Skater
Kreshnik Fazliu, 1984, Rapper
Kristian Alfonso, 1963, Soap Opera Actress
Lance Stephenson, 1990, Basketball Player
Larry Neal, 1937, Essayist
Laura Bertram, 1978, TV Actress
Laura Story, 1978, Rock Singer
Lester Allen Pelton, 1829, Scientist
Liam Lynch, 1970, Rock Singer
Liz Jones, 1958, Journalist
Loudon Wainwright III, 1946, Rock Singer
Louis XIV, 1638, Royalty
Lucy Decoutere, 1970, TV Actress
Luke Beans, 1994, YouTube Star
Madelyne Spang, 1997, Dancer
MademoiseilleGloria, 1999, YouTube Star
Malcolm Allison, 1927, Soccer Coach
Marc-Andre Hamelin, 1961, Pianist
Margaret Howell, 1946, Fashion Designer
Mark Ramprakash, 1969, Cricket Player
Markel Williams, 1995, Model
Matt Lane, 1977, Runner
Matthew Meadows, 1938, Politician
Matthias Sammer, 1967, Soccer Player
Mavis Leno, 1946, Family Member
Melissa Haro, 1987, Model
Michael Akers, 1970, Screenwriter
Michael Keaton, 1951, Movie Actor
Mike De Force, 1985, Family Member
Mike Tokes, 1993, Rapper
Minna Planer, 1809, Family Member
Mohammed Rafique, 1970, Cricket Player
MrHurriicane, 1993, YouTube Star
Nap Lajoie, 1874, Baseball Player
Nathan Lambert, 1996, Pop Singer
Nazr Mohammed, 1977, Basketball Player
Nicanor Parra, 1914, Poet
Nuri Sahin, 1988, Soccer Player
Paddy Considine, 1973, Movie Actor
Patrick Bamford, 1993, Soccer Player
Paul Breitner, 1951, Soccer Player
Paul Spadafora, 1975, Boxer
Peter Glaser, 1923, Scientist
Peter Levy, 1955, TV Show Host
Peter Wingfield, 1962, TV Actor
Phillip P Keene, 1966, TV Actor
Pierre Casiraghi, 1987, Royalty
Pragyan Ojha, 1986, Cricket Player
Rachid Boudjedra, 1941, Novelist
Raquel Pennington, 1988, MMA Fighter
Raquel Welch, 1940, Movie Actress
Robert Fergusson, 1750, Poet
Robert Gibb, 1946, Poet
Rose McGowan, 1973, TV Actress
Ryan Guy, 1985, Soccer Player
Samgladiator, 1991, YouTube Star
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, 1888, Politician
Shawn Hook, 1984, Pop Singer
Sim Kee Boon, 1929,
Skandar Keynes, 1991, Movie Actor
Sondre Lerche, 1982, Pop Singer
Stasys Lozoraitis, 1898, Politician
Steve Kmak, 1970, Bassist
Stuart Freeborn, 1914, Makeup Artist
Sway, 1982, Rapper
Terry Ellis, 1963, R&B Singer
Thomas Mikal Ford, 1964, TV Actor
TJ Warren, 1993, Basketball Player
Victoria Moroles, 1996, TV Actress
Ward Just, 1935, Novelist
Werner Erhard, 1935, Novelist
Werner Herzog, 1942, Director
Wess Morgan, 1973, Gospel Singer
Will Hunt, 1971, Drummer
William Devane, 1937, Soap Opera Actor
Willie Gault, 1960, Football Player
Zach Walters, 1989, Baseball Player
Zak Irvin, 1994, Basketball Player


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