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September 7 Famous Birthdays

September 7 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 7 play by the rules. This Virgo has some issues with change. They are certainly traditionalist. Confident yet sensitive, they are actively in pursuit of happiness but they tend not to show their feelings so obviously. they like having the control over situations and sometimes, people as well. However, this could present some stress.


Famous September 7 celebrities usually have some form of stomach upset to warn them that they need to relax. Their attitude is contagious. Their appearance is flawless. they pay attention to those small fine points which makes them a thorough person.


For a lover, famous people born on September 7 look for this classy person to match their desires and goals. They tend to not like messy conditions or people. For them, a career in the legal field would be ideal as they are a fair professional. As an alternative, they could counsel those in need of personal repair and restoration. When it comes to being reasonable, they have the ability to see both sides of a situation.


Famous people born on September 7th, are a Virgo who are extremely active. It could be hard for them to chill or to take time for themselves. Their brain sometimes goes into overload. However, they are grounded individuals who are conscientious and have tremendous potential for success.

September 7 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

7 September Good Traits:

  • Realistic
  • Confident
  • Perceptive
  • Meticulous
  • Go-Getter
  • Passionate
  • Logical
  • Sensible
  • Industrious

7  September Bad Traits:

  • Disapproving
  • Shy
  • Conservativ
  • Cruel
  • Unexpressive
  • Controlling
  • Impatient

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September 7 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Palushaj, 1989, Hockey Player
Abdou Diouf, 1953, Politician
Al Christy, 1918, TV Actor
Al McGuire, 1928, Basketball Coach
Alan Woodward, 1946, Soccer Player
Aleksandra Wozniak, 1987, Tennis Player
Alex Kurtzman, 1973, Screenwriter
Alexandre Falguiere, 1831, Sculptor
Alyssa Diaz, 1985, TV Actress
Andre Berto, 1983, Boxer
Andre Dirrell, 1983, Boxer
Andrew Harwood, 1945, Game Show Host
Andy Hug, 1964, Boxer
Angie Everhart, 1969, Movie Actress
Annalee Belle, 1988, Model

Annika Bakes, 1996, Model
Anthony Quayle, 1913, Movie Actor
Anton Khrebto, 1998, Vine Star
Antonio McDyess, 1974, Basketball Player
Anzu, 1996, YouTube Star
Arthur Ferrante, 1921, Pianist
Aubree Skye Lind-Houska, 2009, Reality Star
August Kekule, 1820, Scientist
Aurea, 1987, Soul Singer
Austin Jack Lynch, 1982, Family Member
Baudouin of Belgium, 1930, Royalty
Beckii Whiting, 1997, YouTube Star
Ben Hollingsworth, 1984, TV Actor
Benmont Tench, 1953, Pianist

september 7 famous birthdaysBob Hartley, 1960, Hockey Coach
Breno Mello, 1931, Movie Actor
Brian Emmett, 1969, Chef
Brian Kibler, 1980, Game Designer
Briana Scurry, 1971, Soccer Player
Bridie Gallagher, 1924, Pop Singer
BroFresco, 1996, YouTube Star
Bruce Barth, 1958, Pianist
Bruce Richard Reynolds, 1931, Criminal
Buddy Holly, 1936, Rock Singer
Callum Jackson, 1994, Cricket Player
Cameron Ocasio, 1999, TV Actor
Cameron Roberts, 1978, Australian Rules Footballer
Cartman, 1978, Comedian
Chad Sexton, 1970, Drummer
Charles Camilleri, 1931, Composer

Charlie Davis, 1949, Basketball Player
Chris Kelly, 1983, Screenwriter
Chris Owens, 1961, TV Actor
Chrissie Hynde, 1951, Pop Singer
Chrissy Monroe, 1973, Reality Star
Clyde Lovellette, 1929, Basketball Player
Corbin Bernsen, 1954, TV Actor
Cuneyt Arkin, 1937, Movie Actor
Dane Reynolds, 1985, Surfer
Daniel Brottier, 1876, Religious Leader
Daniel Inouye, 1924, Politician

Daniel Prenn, 1904, Tennis Player
Danielle Brooks, 1990, TV Actress
Dannielynn Birkhead, 2006, Family Member
Danny Chan, 1958, Pop Singer
Danny North, 1987, Soccer Player
Dario Argento, 1940, Director
Darius Henderson, 1981, Soccer Player
Darko Pancev, 1965, Soccer Player
Darren Bragg, 1969, Baseball Player
David Levithan, 1972, Young Adult Author
David Packard, 1912, Entrepreneur
Dean-Charles Chapman, 1997, TV Actor
Demetrius Jackson, 1994, Basketball Player
Denis Istomin, 1986, Tennis Player
Dennis Thompson, 1948, Drummer
Dennis Walcott, 1951, Politician
Destinee Hooker, 1987, Volleyball Player
Devon Sawa, 1978, Movie Actor
Diamante, 1996, Rock Singer
Diane Farr, 1969, TV Actress
Diane Warren, 1956, Pop Singer
Do, 1981, Pop Singer
Dominic Poleon, 1993, Soccer Player
Don Curry, 1961, Comedian
Don Messick, 1926, Voice Actor
Donald Curry, 1961, Boxer
Doug Bradley, 1954, Movie Actor
Earl Manigault, 1944, Basketball Player
Eazy E, 1963, Rapper
Ed Warren, 1926, Novelist
Edith Sitwell, 1877, Poet
Edward Bell, 1987, Pop Singer
Ela Bhatt, 1933, Civil Rights Leader
Elia Kazan, 1909, Director
Elinor Wylie, 1885, Poet
Elizabeth I of England, 1533, Royalty
Emma Moffatt, 1984, Triathlete
Emma White, 1988, Pop Singer
Emre Belozoglu, 1980, Soccer Player
Erica Brown, 1966, Non-Fiction Author
Erik Williams, 1968, Football Player
Evan Rachel Wood, 1987, Movie Actress
Fedde Le Grand, 1977, DJ
Flora Martinez, 1977, Movie Actress
Francisco Varela, 1946, Philosopher
Fred Moore, 1911, Cartoonist
Frederick Sommer, 1905, Photographer
Gabriel Milito, 1980, Soccer Player
Gabriel Traversari, 1963, Movie Actor
Gabrielle Weiss, 2004, YouTube Star
George Bailey, 1982, Cricket Player
George Hirst, 1871, Cricket Player
George Putnam, 1887, Family Member
Gianna Antico, 2001, Cheerleader
Giuseppe Zangara, 1900, Criminal
Gizem Karaca, 1992, Model
Glenn Ljungstrom, 1974, Guitarist
Gloria Gaynor, 1949, Pop Singer
Grandma Moses, 1860, Painter
Guy Manos, 1959, Screenwriter
Hadley Belle Miller, 2004, Voice Actor
Hampton Delruth, 1879, Screenwriter
Hank Parker Jr., 1975, Race Car Driver
Harper Simon, 1972, Rock Singer
Harris Heller, 1988, Vine Star
Harrison Craig, 1994, Pop Singer
Heather Garozzo, 1984, eSports Player
Hugh Mitchell, 1989, Movie Actor
Ian Chen, 2006, TV Actor
Igor Sechin, 1960, Politician
Imran Siddiqi, 1957, Scientist
Indio Falconer Downey, 1993, Guitarist
Irina Baeva, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
Isabel Burr, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
Ivy Baker Priest, 1905, Politician
J Smith-Cameron, 1957, Stage Actress
Jack Shea, 1910, Speed Skater
Jacob Lawrence, 1917, Painter
James Van Allen, 1914, Scientist
Jasmine Willis, 2001, Pianist
Jason Isringhausen, 1972, Baseball Player
Javad Nekounam, 1980, Soccer Player
JD Pardo, 1980, Movie Actor
Jean-Yves Thibaudet, 1961, Pianist
Jeff Rosenstock, 1982, Punk Singer
Jennifer Egan, 1962, Novelist
Jennifer Veal, 1991, TV Actress
Jermaine Stewart, 1957, R&B Singer
Jerry LaVigne, 1984, YouTube Star
Jessica Nelson North, 1891, Poet
Jim Gannon, 1968, Soccer Coach
Jimmy Cable, 1957, Boxer
Jimmy Urine, 1969, Rock Singer
Jocelyn Wildenstein, 1945, Family Member
Joe Harris, 1991, Basketball Player
Joe Klein, 1946, Journalist
Joe Newman, 1922, Composer
Johan Tobias Sergel, 1740, Sculptor
Johannes Zukertort, 1842, Chess Player
John Cornforth, 1917, Scientist
John Mcdouall Stuart, 1815, Explorer
John Middleton, 1953, Soap Opera Actor
John Phillip Law, 1937, Movie Actor
Joon Kim, 1991, YouTube Star
JP Morgan Jr., 1867, Entrepreneur
Julie Kavner, 1950, Voice Actor
June Harding, 1940, TV Actress
JuniorTV, 1993, Vine Star
Justin Lee, 1977, Activist
Kay One, 1984, Rapper
Kelsey Nixon, 1984, TV Show Host
Kelsey Scott, 1990, YouTube Star
Kenneth Nixon, 1985, Rock Singer
Kenny Vazquez, 1984, World Music Singer
Kevin Love, 1988, Basketball Player
Kim Gingras, 1987, Dancer
Kim Jones, 1969, Journalist
Kristin Griffith, 1953, TV Actress
Kurt Hugo Schneider, 1988, YouTube Star
Kyle Danielle Ocampo, 2005, TV Actress
Ladell Parks, 1990, YouTube Star
LaShun Pace, 1961, Gospel Singer
Laura Ashley, 1925, Fashion Designer
Lazy Masquerade, 1991, YouTube Star
Leo Recipon, 2008, Blogger
Leroi Moore, 1961, Saxophonist
Leslie Jones, 1967, Comedian
Lois-Ann Yamanaka, 1961, Poet
Lonnie Zamora, 1933, Law Enforcement Officer
Louise Suggs, 1923, Golfer
Lucas Jade Zumann, 2001, Movie Actor
Luigidragon, 1993, YouTube Star
Luisa Omielan, 1982, Comedian
MacDonald Harris, 1921, Novelist
Mammootty, 1951, Movie Actor
Manuel Komroff, 1890, Novelist
Marcel Desailly, 1968, Soccer Player
Margaret Landon, 1903, Novelist
Mark Isham, 1951, Composer
Mark McCumber, 1951, Golfer
Mark Prior, 1980, Baseball Player
Mark Turpin, 1987, YouTube Star
Mateen Cleaves, 1977, Basketball Player
Matt Cooke, 1978, Hockey Player
Matt Ritter, 1974, Scientist
Max Emerson, 1988, YouTube Star
Meg Wilbur, 1990, Makeup Artist
Melissa De la Cruz, 1971, Young Adult Author
Micah Stampley, 1971, Gospel Singer
Michael Elias DeBakey, 1908, Doctor
Michael Emerson, 1954, TV Actor
Michael Feinstein, 1956, Pianist
Michael Schindler, 1988, Rapper
Michelle Creber, 1999, Voice Actor
Michelle Paver, 1960, Novelist
Miguel Perez, 1957, TV Actor
Mike Guymon, 1974, MMA Fighter
Mike McFadden, 1964, Entrepreneur
Miniminter, 1993, YouTube Star
Mira Furlan, 1955, TV Actress
Mira Rajput, 1994, Family Member
Miranda, 1984, Soccer Player
Mohit Gaur, 1991, World Music Singer
Molly Holly, 1977, Wrestler
Montana Fishburne, 1991, Model
Monte Durham, 1956, Reality Star
Namika, 1991, Rapper
Natasha Martinez, 1991, News Anchor
Nathan Hindmarsh, 1979, Rugby Player
Neri Naig, 1985, Movie Actress
Nicky Bomba, 1963, Rock Singer
Nigar Jamal, 1980, Pop Singer
Oliver Hudson, 1976, TV Actor
Omar Karami, 1934, World Leader
Owen Pallett, 1979, Composer
Paul Brown, 1908, Football Coach
Paul Iacono, 1988, TV Actor
Paul McCoy, 1981, Rock Singer
Paul Tobey, 1962, Pianist
Peggy Noonan, 1950, Journalist
Peter Lawford, 1923, Movie Actor
Phillip Rhee, 1960, Movie Actor
Piri Weepu, 1983, Rugby Player
Rafinha, 1985, Soccer Player
Rahul Patel, 1991, Instagram Star
Renato Sobral, 1975, MMA Fighter
Rob Evans, 1946, Basketball Coach
Robert Snodgrass, 1987, Soccer Player
Rodolfo Arotxarena, 1958, Cartoonist
Rosie McClelland, 2006, Pop Singer
Ross Hornby, 1988, YouTube Star
Roy Demeo, 1942, Criminal
Rudy Galindo, 1969, Figure Skater
Rusney Castillo, 1987, Baseball Player
Sam Craske, 1990, Dancer
Sammy Moore, 1987, Soccer Player
Scott Harrison, 1975, Entrepreneur
Scotty Dynamo, 1989, YouTube Star
Shane Mosley, 1971, Boxer
Shannon Elizabeth, 1973, Movie Actress
Sheryl Isako, 2005, Dancer
Siddiq Barmak, 1962, Director
Sisowath I, 1840, Royalty
Slug, 1972, Rapper
Soh Pei Shi, 1995, Blogger
Sonny Rollins, 1930, Saxophonist
Sophia Lucia, 2002, Dancer
Stanley David Griggs, 1939, Astronaut
Stephane Henchoz, 1974, Soccer Player
Stewart Finlay-Mclennan, 1957, TV Actor
Susan Blakely, 1948, Movie Actress
Taylor Caldwell, 1900, Novelist
Taylor Gray, 1993, TV Actor
Thusitha Laknath, 1983, Movie Actor
Toby Jones, 1966, Movie Actor
Tom Everett Scott, 1970, Movie Actor
Tomas Berdych, 1985, Tennis Player
Tomas Skuhravy, 1965, Soccer Player
Vera Zvonareva, 1984, Tennis Player
Vuong Trung Hieu, 1959, Novelist
Wade Davis, 1985, Baseball Player
Wanda Pratt, 1967, Family Member
Yasmin Karimi, 1986, Reality Star
Zac Pullam, 2001, TV Actor


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