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September 21 Famous Birthdays

September 21 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 21 are people who keep their true feelings all to themselves. Privacy is a good thing but when there’s something that needs to be said, they could do their body and psyche a favor and say it. Don’t be afraid to be open. As they say, it’s much better out than in.


On the other hand, famous September 21 celebrities can handle themselves once they get used to a person. They prefer to be in a relationship. To keep it renewed, they plan little surprises for themselves and their significant other. It’s funny how they remember birthdays and anniversaries but can’t keep track of their doctor’s appointments.


A Virgo such as the September 21 born needs to take good care of the mental and physical aspects of their bodily needs. They could enjoy practicing yoga together with their partner or partake in a nice full body massage.


When it comes to their profession, they would be expected to do well in areas where numbers are concerned. They are a detailed kind of person. So likely they will use this ability to be of an asset to their career goals.

Famous people born on September 21st could be the Virgo who people come to for advice. Mostly, they are someone who goes by the rules. They will make a fine parent or role model. They can be affectionate but providing security to their family is essential.

September 21 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

21 September Good Traits:

  • Prepared
  • Conscientious
  • Thorough
  • Hardworking
  • Trendy
  • Loyal
  • Personable
  • Dutiful

21 September Bad Traits:

  • Timid
  • Secretive
  • Vulnerable
  • Shy
  • Anxious
  • Reserved
  • Stubborn

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September 21 Famous Birthday Personalities

A Linwood Holton Jr., 1923, Politician
Abby Lee Miller, 1966, Reality Star
Acelino Freitas, 1975, Boxer
Adrian Buchan, 1982, Surfer
Akshay Dogra, 1981, TV Actor
Al-Farouq Aminu, 1990, Basketball Player
Alapati Leiua, 1988, Rugby Player
Aleksa Palladino, 1980, Movie Actress
Alex Bailey, 1983, Soccer Player
Alex Hernandez, 1989, TV Actor
Alexandra Cassavetes, 1965, Screenwriter
Alfonso Ribeiro, 1971, TV Actor
Allison Scagliotti, 1990, TV Actress
Alma Kuc, 1998, Gymnast
Amanda Marie Scott, 1985, Model
Amir Tataloo, 1987, Rapper
Amparo Baro, 1937, TV Actress
Andrei Gavrilov, 1955, Pianist

Andy Duncan, 1964, Novelist
Andy Lange, 1983, Music Producer
Angus Macfadyen, 1963, Movie Actor
Ann Elder, 1942, Screenwriter
Anna Gardner, 1990, YouTube Star
Anne Burrell, 1969, Chef
Anne-Marie Green, 1971, News Anchor
Ante Rebic, 1993, Soccer Player
Anthony Vincent Valbiro, 1987, YouTube Star
Antonio Bastardo, 1985, Baseball Player
Arie Luyendyk, 1953, Race Car Driver
Arlene Silver, 1971, Family Member
Artis Gilmore, 1949, Basketball Player
Asa Patrick, 1996, Movie Actress
Audrey Dana, 1977, Movie Actress
Autumn Reeser, 1980, TV Actress
Ben Richardson, 1983, Cinematographer
Bernard Williams, 1929, Philosopher
Bianca Matthews, 2000, TV Actress
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, 1988, Politician
september 21 famous birthdaysBill Kurtis, 1940, News Anchor
Bill Murray, 1950, Movie Actor
Billy Porter, 1969, Stage Actor
Billy Ray, 1974, Screenwriter
Bjarni Tryggvason, 1945, Astronaut
Blake Mills, 1986, Guitarist
Bob Huggins, 1953, Basketball Coach
Bobby Tench, 1944, Guitarist
Bradford Anderson, 1979, Soap Opera Actor
Brady Poppinga, 1979, Football Player
Brandon Odums, 1985, Multimedia Artist
Brianna Keilar, 1980, Journalist
Brooke Banker, 1987, Model
Bryce Drew, 1974, Basketball Coach
Brytni Sarpy, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Caleb Deschanel, 1944, Cinematographer

Carlos Martinez, 1991, Baseball Player
Carol Wright, 1960, Reality Star
Carolina Bang, 1985, Movie Actress
Cass Sunstein, 1954, Politician
Cecil Fielder, 1963, Baseball Player
Cedric Smith, 1943, TV Actor
Chany Jeanguenin, 1975, Skateboarder
Charles Clarke, 1950, Politician
Charlie Shaw, 1885, Soccer Player
Chen, 1992, Pop Singer
Cheryl Hines, 1965, TV Actress
Chris Gayle, 1979, Cricket Player
Christian Serratos, 1990, TV Actress
Christine D’Clario, 1982, Pop Singer
Christopher Graham, 1950, Politician
Chuck Jones, 1912, Director
Cigoli, 1559, Painter
Clara Alonso, 1987, Model
Clara Westhoff, 1878, Sculptor

Claudia Vergara, 1989, Family Member
Cole Becker, 1995, Punk Singer
Corinne Drewery, 1959, Pop Singer
Craig Thompson, 1975, Novelist
Dagi Bee, 1994, YouTube Star
Daniel Bostic, 1992, Instagram Star
Danny Batth, 1990, Soccer Player
Danny Kass, 1982, Snowboarder
Darnell Stapleton, 1985, Football Player
Darva Conger, 1965, Reality Star
Dave Coulier, 1959, TV Actor
Dave Gregory, 1952, Guitarist
David James Elliott, 1960, TV Actor
David Jude Jolicoeur, 1968, Rapper
David Mazzucchelli, 1960, Cartoonist
David Silveria, 1972, Drummer
David Wenham, 1965, Movie Actor
Dayne Davis, 2000, YouNow Star
Denise Bovee, 1982, Instagram Star
Denny Jones, 1910, Politician
Diane Rehm, 1936, Radio Host
Dipika Pallikal, 1991, Squash Player
Don Dunstan, 1926, Politician
Don Felder, 1947, Guitarist
Doug Baldwin, 1988, Football Player
Doug Howlett, 1978, Rugby Player
Doug Moe, 1938, Basketball Coach
Drift0r, 1988, YouTube Star
Dwayne Bowe, 1984, Football Player
Edgar Valter, 1929, Children’s Author
Emma Watkins, 1989, Dancer
Eric Michael Cole, 1976, Movie Actor
Erin Fitzgerald, 1972, Voice Actor
Ethan Coen, 1957, Director
Ethan Estrada, 2001, TV Actor
Evelina Voznesenskaya, 2005, Model
Faith Hill, 1967, Country Singer
Faith Jenkins, 1977, Reality Star
Fannie Flagg, 1944, Novelist
Faris Badwan, 1986, Rock Singer
Francois Cluzet, 1955, Movie Actor
Gail Russell, 1924, Movie Actress
Gareth Owen, 1982, Soccer Coach
Garin Wolf, 1965, Screenwriter
Gina Bonelli, 1987, YouTube Star
Giulia Watson, 1995, YouTube Star
Goodz, 1983, Rapper
Greg Jennings, 1983, Football Player
Greg Wells, 1968, Music Producer
Grete Eliassen, 1988, Skier
Gulshan Grover, 1955, Movie Actor
Gustav Holst, 1874, Composer
Gyorgy Sandor, 1912, Pianist
Hamilton Jordan, 1944, Politician
Hans Wilhelm, 1945, Children’s Author
Heather Brewer, 1973, Young Adult Author
Henry Butler, 1949, Pianist
Henry Gallagher, 2002, Pop Singer
Henry Gibson, 1935, TV Actor
Henry L. Stimson, 1867, Politician
HG Wells, 1866, Novelist
Home Run Johnson, 1872, Baseball Player
Hubert Julian, 1897, Pilot
Ike Ibeabuchi, 1973, Boxer
Isabella Blake-Thomas, 2002, TV Actress
Istvan Szechenyi, 1791, Politician
Ivan Dorschner, 1990, TV Actor
Ivelisse Velez, 1988, Wrestler
Jack Brisco, 1941, Wrestler
Jack Collins, 1923, TV Actor
Jacob Mourujärvi, 1993, eSports Player
Jacques-edouard Alexis, 1947, Politician
Jaiquawn Jarrett, 1989, Football Player
James Ashmore Creelman, 1894, Screenwriter
James Lesure, 1970, TV Actor
Jan Handzlik, 1945, Lawyer
Jared Evan, 1989, Rapper
Jason Derulo, 1989, Pop Singer
Jason Lancaster, 1983, Rock Singer
Jason Valentine St Juste, 1985, Soccer Player
Jaymee Ong, 1979, TV Show Host
Jeanne Robertson, 1943, Model
Jena Frumes, 1993, Instagram Star
Jerrika Hinton, 1981, TV Actress
Jerry Bruckheimer, 1943, Film Producer
Jesse Ed Davis, 1944, Guitarist
Jessica St. Clair, 1977, Comedian
Jillian BabyTeeth4, 2005, YouTube Star
Jimmy Clausen, 1987, Football Player
Jimmy Young, 1921, DJ
Joel Geist, 1982, TV Actor
Joey Sap, 1992, Pop Singer
John Bunny, 1863, Comedian
John McAdam, 1756, Scientist
John Wesley Hardrick, 1891, Painter
Johnnyboyxo, 1991, Pop Singer
Jon Kitna, 1972, Football Player
Jordan Hasay, 1991, Runner
Jordan Phillips, 1992, Football Player
Jorge Drexler, 1964, Composer
Joseph Mazzello, 1983, Movie Actor
Josh Thomson, 1978, MMA Fighter
Juan Delacierva, 1895, Pilot
Julio Gonzalez, 1876, Painter
Kareena Kapoor, 1980, Movie Actress
Karl Slover, 1918, Movie Actor
Karl Willetts, 1966, Metal Singer
Kate Stoltz, 1990, Reality Star
Katie Cleary, 1981, Model
Kay Ryan, 1945, Poet
Keith Harris, 1947, Comedian
Kenneth Morrison, 1985, YouTube Star
Kevin Gallen, 1975, Soccer Player
Kevin Lieber, 1983, YouTube Star
Kevin Rudd, 1957, Politician
Khyan Mansley, 1987, YouTube Star
Kirsty Gilmour, 1993, Badminton Player
Kristina Arnaudova, 1979, Pop Singer
Kwame Nkrumah, 1909, Politician
Kwon Mina, 1993, Pop Singer
Kyle Even, 1985, Rock Singer
L. Heisler Ball, 1861, Politician
Larry Hagman, 1931, TV Actor
Laura Govan, 1979, Reality Star
Laura Hall, 1961, Composer
Laura Neiva, 1993, Movie Actress
Lavan Davis, 1966, TV Actor
Leonard Cohen, 1934, Folk Singer
Liam Gallagher, 1972, Rock Singer
Lil Rob, 1975, Rapper
Lindsey Stirling, 1986, Violinist
Lorenzo Brino, 1998, TV Actor
Louis Jolliet, 1645, Explorer
Luke Patterson, 1982, YouTube Star
Luke Wilson, 1971, Movie Actor
Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, 1989, Skateboarder
Macey Gaines, 2014, YouTube Star
Maggie Grace, 1983, TV Actress
Manny Harris, 1989, Basketball Player
Manny Marroquin, 1971, Music Producer
Marco Navas, 1982, Soccer Player
Marguerite Roberts, 1905, Screenwriter
Mario Bunge, 1919, Philosopher
Mark Levin, 1957, TV Show Host
Mark Scharf, 1956, Playwright
Marsha Norman, 1947, Playwright
Maryam Hassouni, 1985, TV Actress
Maurizio Cattelan, 1960, Sculptor
Max Immelmann, 1890, Pilot
Melissa Ferrick, 1970, Pop Singer
Mic Christopher, 1969, Rock Singer
Michael Adamthwaite, 1981, Voice Actor
Michael Bustamante, 1989, Soccer Player
Michael Corcoran, 1827, War Hero
Michael Kinney, 1967, TV Actor
Miguel Tanfelix, 1998, TV Actor
Mika Kaurismaki, 1955, Director
Mike O’Shea, 1970, Football Coach
Mike Webb, 1956, Religious Leader
Mizz Twerksum, 1992, YouTube Star
Momma Dee, 1963, Reality Star
Nancy Travis, 1961, Movie Actress
Natalie Pinkham, 1978, TV Show Host
Nayeon, 1995, Pop Singer
Nick Castle, 1947, Movie Actor
Nick Knowles, 1962, TV Show Host
Nicole Richie, 1981, Reality Star
Nikolas Brino, 1998, TV Actor
Nina Nelson, 1993, YouTube Star
Nina Santiago, 1984, YouTube Star
Noor Jehan, 1926, Movie Actress
Odilo Scherer, 1949, Religious Leader
Olga Knipper, 1868, Stage Actress
Oney Syers II, 1980,
Oscar Casas, 1998, TV Actor
Oswaldo Sanchez, 1973, Soccer Player
Parvati Shallow, 1982, Reality Star
Pat Smith, 1970, Wrestler
Paula Baena, 1991, YouTube Star
Paulias Matane, 1931, Politician
Paulo Costanzo, 1978, TV Actor
Penny Smith, 1958, TV Show Host
Peter van Inwagen, 1942, Philosopher
Petri Valentin, 1990, Rock Singer
Phoebe Ryan, 1990, Pop Singer
Phoenix Marie, 1981,
PlasticDale, 1994, Instagram Star
Preston Tucker, 1903, Entrepreneur
Qias Omar, 1988, YouTube Star
RadioJH Auto, 2009, YouTube Star
Randa Nelson, 1993, YouTube Star
Ray Foley, 1980, Music Producer
Raymond Garlick, 1926, Poet
Reece Williams, 1985, Rugby Player
Reggie Rucker, 1947, Football Player
Reza Norouzi, 1982, Soccer Player
Richard Childress, 1945, Race Car Driver
Richard Dunne, 1979, Soccer Player
Richard Ellison, 1959, Cricket Player
Richard Hieb, 1955, Astronaut
Ricki Lake, 1968, TV Show Host
Rimmi, 1981, Movie Actress
RJ Molinere, 1961, Reality Star
Rob Morrow, 1962, Movie Actor
Robert Hoffman, 1980, Movie Actor
Robert Patrick Benedict, 1970, TV Actor
Roger Wilson, 1981, Rugby Player
Ronna Reeves, 1966, Country Singer
Ronny Deila, 1975, Soccer Player
Rowan Vine, 1982, Soccer Player
Roy Devyn Marble, 1992, Basketball Player
Rudy Youngblood, 1980, Movie Actor
Ryan Guzman, 1987, Movie Actor
Ryan Hawley, 1985, Soap Opera Actor
Samantha Power, 1970, Politician
Samuel Hammond, 1757, Politician
Sandor Earl, 1989, Rugby Player
Sara Roosevelt, 1854, Family Member
Scott Evans, 1983, TV Actor
Scott Lee Kimball, 1966, Criminal
Sean Snyder, 1969, Football Coach
Serena Scott Thomas, 1961, TV Actress
Shayley Bourget, 1987, Metal Singer
Shinzo Abe, 1954, World Leader
Sidney Moncrief, 1957, Basketball Player
Sigrid Valdis, 1935, TV Actress
Simon Mayo, 1958, DJ
Slam Stewart, 1914, Bassist
Stephanie Matto, 1990, YouTube Star
Stephen King, 1947, Novelist
Steve Beshear, 1944, Politician
Steve Damstra, 1981, Songwriter
Sue Vertue, 1960, TV Producer
Sunshine Garcia, 1985, Dancer
Susie Dent, 1967, Game Show Host
Tab Ramos, 1966, Soccer Player
Taral Hicks, 1974, Movie Actress
Ted Daffan, 1912, Country Singer
TeeAyeOh, 1994, Vine Star
TJ Duke, 1993, Race Car Driver
Tom Brown, 1860, Baseball Player
Tracy Reed, 1942, Movie Actress
Travis Wear, 1990, Basketball Player
Treyvon Khalil, 1997, Pop Singer
Troy Loney, 1963, Hockey Player
Tyler Stewart, 1967, Drummer
Tyler Summitt, 1990, Basketball Coach
Vicci Martinez, 1984, Pop Singer
Wale, 1984, Rapper
Walter Breuning, 1896,
Wang Junkai, 1999, Pop Singer
Will McDonald, 1998, TV Actor
William Tate, 1903, Teacher
Yusaku Matsuda, 1949, Movie Actor
Zoe Weizenbaum, 1991, Movie Actress


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